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  1. Rob plucked me a box of PSP Siglo Is from God knows where lol (they seem to be in very short supply). They arrived this morning, and I couldn't stop myself from smoking one. Bloody good it was too!
  2. I need to start looking for a purifier too. But I wonder if any purifier will ever totally remove the lingering odour from a room. I think cleaning the air is the easy part - trouble is, it gets stuck in the curtains, carpet, and other furnishings. It's probably not possible for any purifier to remove those odours.
  3. I only have the one watch - and it took me a while to find one I liked. Then I had to choose between the white face and the black face! I went with the black one in the end: I would love one of these at some point, but it's hard to justify spending so much (£5000): Hope that lip clears up fast rmill3r!!
  4. Welcome Sir! The best recommendation when joining this forum is to buy a bigger humidor.
  5. This most reflects how I am. I do like to try things I haven't tried before. But let's say I was only allowed to buy 1 more box of cigars, or even 10 more boxes for that matter, I would definitely get 10 boxes of my favourite 1 or 2 cigars. You never know when they're going to discontinue something, or when there will be a long period of poor production.
  6. Just an update on these: What a load of rubbish! This stopped working properly after I refilled it. The flame barely reaches 5mm now, way too small to be useful, and not wind-resistant in any way. Unless you find yourself locked in a wardrobe, and need to light a Joyita, you won't use it. This one is definitely going in the bin, and I might even stamp on it a few times first - just for good measure. Well, they weren't lying! This is a great lighter. It produces a large, reliable jet, and is perfect for using outside. The reservoir is quite large and provides a good run time. I paid around £9 for the first one, but then found it on eBay for only £2.87. Obviously there are 6 more on the way, just to have around the place. The optional 'soft flame' is another good feature of this lighter. The only downside is that the adjustment to the flame size is very limited. Although it has a setting for strength, if you set it either very high or very low, it won't work. This just means, that if you want to light a smaller ring gauged cigar, you need to hold the torch quite far away! Still, highly recommeded - especially at the price. It's called the 'Honest 503' Torch - here are some more pics:
  7. Is that the hotel in Vegas, or some backstreet vendor with an Italian accent and a fez?
  8. Welcome welcome! Hopefully your long wait for freely available Cuban cigars will be over soon.
  9. Welcome from Ontario! I am sure this is the most well represented location on FOH hahah. Weclomed at least 3 new members from Ontario this week
  10. That's charming! I didn't get an invite. Welcome welcome Pailong!
  11. Thanks for covering up my faux pas by showing that at least some of us are educated on this board.
  12. I was never a big fan of hers, but my favourite movie, in which she stars, is My Fair Lady.
  13. I haven't smoked enough of each to score them on consistency - I was just basing my preference on each cigar at its best. I'm not happy to learn that the BCJ & Party Shorts vary so much lol.
  14. Diplomaticos had escaped me until very recently, which I suppose is somewhat understandable given that they only have the single vitola these days. I finally tried a Dip 2, and it was absolutely amazing! In fact, I became quite upset at the fact that I would never get to smoke their other vitolas. But then I am a 'glass half-empty' type of person. And also a 'glass one-quarter' empty type of person lol. Best Upmann I've had was a Mag 50 recently.
  15. I've seen all of these except Stalag 17 - I'll have to check it out. Witness For the Prosecution is in my top 10! The Hustler is in my top 2 movies of all time!! I just recently rewatched it with the commentary provided by your mother - we are so lucky to have access to these recordings, and I'm really grateful that she took part because she provided several interesting bits of trivia for a fan such as me! From your credits, I obviously love Goodfellas & Casino, and both have great soundtracks. I was 15 when Casino came out, and I remember seeing it in the cinema more than once. Actually there's a line in that movie that gets curiously faded prematurely, I have often wondered about it lol. It's the one where De Niro says 'Nicky found out about it from a teller who owed him money'. Remember? I loved Paths of Glory!!
  16. Nice idea. The only issue might be people not wanting to share their address with the current holder of the book. Otherwise I think it's good. What did you have in mind as the ultimate destination for the book once it is filled?
  17. I would double check your humidor. You might find 21 cigars missing.
  18. I would like to share my opinion of these with you, but I will not have the chance now. You were in front of me in the queue and you stole my damn tubos! Let me know how they were lol.
  19. I know what you mean - I only have boxes of Bolivar & Cohiba, with one Montecristo purchase that I would like to undo lol. I'm not sure that it's loyalty as such - as Shlomo says, because the brands are not individually owned/produced there is no real reason for loyalty. I think these two brands just happen to be my favourite. Variety & preference is an interesting topic. Let's say you had to compare two cigars that you enjoy...which one is your favourite? So, why bother smoking the other one in the future? The only reason to buy others is for variety of course. If you ate your favourite meal every day, you would probably crave something else quite quickly. Still, I personally don't need a huge variety. For me, the main reason to have several different cigars is because their size varies. Most often the cigar I choose to smoke is based on how much time I will have to enjoy it (hence the need for different sizes). Having said that, I am soon planning to get some Dip 2s also. I found them to be one of the most unique tasting cigars I have tried so far.
  20. Welcome Sir! Ok, how come we have 3 new members from Ontario? lol. Is Rob doing a recruitment campaign over there? EDIT - I just realised that one was a double thread! But that's still a lot of Ontarians (Ontarios?) for one night lol.
  21. That's 4. You must be using the same abacus as Rob What I find interesting about the totals, so far, is the large discrepancy in brands. For example, Bolivar is clearly the winning brand, but has relatively few vitolas out there. RyJ have the biggest selection, and they barely register on the chart! As someone who is still exploring the different cigars that are available, I find this quite surprising. Partagas takes top spot with the shorts and has two other cigars mentioned, but then they also have a very large selection on the market. Montecristo is the best selling brand but hasn't done very well in terms of popularity here.

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