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  1. Actually this is not so rare for me. Perhaps I need to check my settings!
  2. Tried the El Principe recently, and it was nice - I would put them on par with the Monte 5s. But for me, neither of them can compare with the Bolivar Coronas Junior or Partagas Shorts. They have more flavour and I personally like the extra strength too. Nice pic though! I'd say there were about the same in strength as the Monte 5s or perhaps the tiniest hair less full. Definitely not below medium though.
  3. Agreed. They should really crack down on conduct violations. A lot of players tend to stretch certain rules, and nothing is ever done about it. Kyrgios has been on the news here time after time. And not for anything good. Personally I would also like to see Andy Murray banned. Rarely will you see such an ill-mannered, foul-mouthed, bad-tempered display on a tennis court.
  4. I remember the first time I saw this. I found myself horrified and slightly aroused, all at the same time lol. Here's the photo:
  5. No clue how Rob is going to choose out of so many options!! When I make burgers at home, I focus mostly on the meat, but as you already have that covered.... Bun: An ordinary, round, white bun that must have sesame seeds on, and it should always be at least as large as the meat that is going in there. I suppose this is different with brisket (never tried a brisket burger), as you cannot really over fill the bun. But I hate getting a whopping burger inside one of those 'idiot buns' that is half the diameter of the meat. Bun should be caramelised or toasted on the inside surfaces only. Nothing is worse than all the sauces and meat juices soaking into the bun and making it soggy. The caramelisation helps with this, and also adds a nice taste. I like the outsides of the bun untoasted as it advertises soft fresh dough! Toasting buns on the outside is usually an attempt at disguising staleness. Oh, the bun needs to be very cleanly sliced through so that you get clean toasting on the surface. I suppose if you're making hundreds, then pre-sliced buns will be the best option. Cheese: I use a thin slice of very mature cheddar. None of that processed crap please! I guess this needs to be provided as an option, rather than compulsory. In that case, it wouldn't be that much more effort to offer two different cheeses - perhaps mild & mature cheddar. Onions: Nothing attracts hungry customers more than the aroma of fried onions! Chopped into thin slices, slowly caramelised, then drained for a short period - this is what works best for me. Salad: I use a mixture of grated carrot, very finely chopped baby spinach, and very finely chopped onions. The fine chopping is what makes it easy to dress the buns with the salad, and this particular recipe offers a nice crunch. Most hamburgers use lettuce in place of spinach, but I find the taste a lot better. Ketchup: You need to use my home-made ketchup, but unfortunately you don't have the recipe. How many boxes of Diplomaticos 4s can you get your hands on? hahaha. Well, this needs to be a dark, thick ketchup with a sweet edge to it - just a small amount, and it should go directly on the meat, never on the bun! I dress my cheeseburgers from bottom to top in this order (which helps to prevent the bun getting soggy): Bun Heel Cheese Onions Meat Ketchup Salad Bun Crown For me this is the best recipe - simple to make and a classic taste. The thing is, in order to make the best choice of fillings, it's pretty important to taste the meat that is going in there. Next time I'm passing, I shall pop-in for a sample
  6. Thanks for posting this!! I enjoyed watching those again - although I'm pleased to say that I'm not old enough to remember all of them lol. Photobooth is still my favourite. That last one surely never made it onto TV? By a strange coincidence, I happened to smoke a Siglo II after breakfast today. I think it's the first one I've ever had - definitely one to revisit.
  7. I read somewhere on this forum that the drastic change in temperature in and out of the fridge might cause some moisture to form in the cigar - well, I guess when it comes out of the fridge, back into a warmer environment. No clue if this is plausible or not, but if so, it might defeat the purpose somewhat. I would imagine that 'baking' a cigar gently in the oven for 10min would be a good way to dry it out. Anyone tried this? Also, I recently received a new monitor, and in the box there were some huge packs of silica crystals to soak up any moisture. Anyone tried using these to dry out a cigar? I might try this with all the plugged cigars that I keep getting.
  8. Welcome Sir! Hope you manage to stay out of the red.
  9. I've tended to avoid the Limited Editions mostly. I don't want to fall in love with a cigar that is only available in limited numbers. Of course, this means I miss out on the occasional great smoke. But I think there are enough amazing 'regular production' cigars to keep me happy. Mind you, I still get tempted to try some of them from time to time. Lately I have been wanting to try the Diplomaticos Regional release for Cuba - but that's mostly because of the scarcity of Diplomaticos these days. I could never be tempted by a LE for a brand like RyJ or Partagas, given the huge range and variety that these brands already have.
  10. Best resource is this one: and going to each individual vitola will tell you how many cigars were made.
  11. This happened to me a while back, but luckily it was only with a single cigar lol. It was a RASS that I carefully allowed to rehydrate for about 6 months. I have to say, it was quite horrific! I felt ill after attempting to smoke it. But, I agree with those who said that you should smoke them if they seem ok, and throw them if they don't taste good.
  12. That video is funny, but your thread title was even better.
  13. Yeah, it was a good event really. I don't mind Holm, she has a lot of credit with me after beating Rousey lol. But Misha deserves it too I agree. Wouldn't mind Cat Zingano getting her hands on the belt at some point either. Now, I just need them to put Aldo with McGregor at UFC 200, and we can all live happliy ever after.
  14. Nate Diaz is my favourite person in the whole world!!!!!
  15. Have to sort out my PC. Wanted a new monitor with 2560x1440 resolution. It meant installing a new graphics card, which has caused no end of problems. Along with this I am finally accepting that free upgrade to Windows 10, which means another 5000 man-hours to configure it into something usable. But then I saw this..... I forgot all about that show! I might have to sit and watch that. Highlight of the weekend is UFC 196. McGregor is fighting, and although it is unlikely to happen, I hope to see his face smashed in lol. Mind you, his opponent is not my favourite person either. I guess it's a 'no lose', because one of them is almost guaranteed to be KOd inside 2 rounds.
  16. Ah, yes. This is why people shouldn't ask questions after several bourbons. I hadn't thought of it like that. Cheers! It's Superconductor's fault. He started talking about Bourbons earlier today, and it all went downhill after that.
  17. We all know that if you remove the cap from a cigar, the wrapper will begin to unravel. God, how annoying is that??? Cutting too deep was a mistake I made several times at the start of my cigar-smoking days. Anyway, my question is: Why does the wrapper never unravel from the foot of the cigar? Even with excessive handling. I've never had a wrapper begin to unravel from the foot. But when watching videos of cigar rolling, they don't appear to take any extra measures to adhere the wrapper at that end. Take this video for example. The lady rolling the cigars only appears to use 'goma' on the inside of the wrapper at the head of the cigar. The head also gets a cap on it, with plenty more glue. The foot has nothing to help keep the wrapper in place! Come to think of it, why do we have the cap at all? If they can make a foot that doesn't unravel, why not have feet at both end, and save us the trouble of cutting?
  18. Haven't tried all of them, but my favourites are the Media Corona and the Edmundo.

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