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  1. Cracking game today and glad to see Japan get their first quarter final spot as group winners no less. I normally support the home nations but I can’t resist an underdog! Will we see a repeat of 2015 against South Africa now?
  2. Although I’m very interested in getting a box of these it’s a steep price point. These are priced higher than lanceros and close to siglo VI. I will wait and see, if they aren’t snapped up too quickly I may pick some up
  3. My plans for today fell through with the rugby being cancelled. So I’ve had a chilled afternoon and found some time to enjoy this Epicure Especial.
  4. I enjoy the San Juans a lot. Need to try the Rio Seco too
  5. I prefer Gervais as a comedian but I went with Jerry in the poll. I don't think I could cope with Gervais for that long in such as small space, Jerry seems like an easier guy to get along with
  6. I went for the artists bag. Looking back now I should have tried to guess something a bit less logical!
  7. I’ve had this box of Monte 4s now for quite some time and it’s been interesting seeing how they’ve developed. There’s been some variance in strength throughout the cigars from this box but they have all been very satisfying. Some have had a strong coffee and cream flavour, while others have had elements of pepper in them. hopefully this would be more like the former. I used a straight cut and it gave a good, slightly firm ‘cuban’ draw. I don’t tend to think too much about cold draw flavour so I just lit it up. Initial draws were just under medium body with a very smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Mild milk coffee flavour and generally very pleasant. Paired well with an espresso. There wasn’t a clear transition between thirds but the body slowly picked up as I smoked through the cigar. The milk coffee flavour became a bit darker with a bit of a cocoa edge. Overall a very pleasant cigar without being exceptional. I would give it a solid 89-90 which is pretty consistent for all of the cigars from this box. Certainly an old faithful that justifies it’s place in my regular rotation.
  8. I think I may have got confused with my answer choice. Alien life existing I’m fairly confident is a yes. Visiting earth is a definite no for me.
  9. It’s been a great World Cup so far. The refereeing has been fairly poor though. While Cheika shouldn’t whine in the post match interview, he was spot on when he said that world rugby’s open criticism of refereeing in the first week has put undue pressure on them. The Kerevi penalty was a strange one today, but I remember seeing Parisse given a red card for something very similar last year.
  10. One of the best Monte 2s I’ve had for a while. From September 16 if I remember correctly.
  11. A tough one. Hipster beards and everything that go with it are pretty bad, but the way mobile phones have taken over people’s lives is awful. Seoul have put warning signs up to remind people to look up from their phones when crossing the road! CMPHO to go
  12. So with the World Cup kicking off at the end of the week what are everyone’s thoughts? I actually think it’s going to be a very close tournament. I don’t think New Zealand have hit their peak this year and they look their most beatable in recent memory. The New Zealand South Africa game on Saturday should be a cracker! I think if South Africa win they could build enough momentum to go all the way.
  13. A petit Edmundo for me yesterday. I’ve found these to be really consistent. I’m not really convinced by the orange juice combo though!
  14. An early evening Lancero for me last night with a whisky or two. I can think of worse ways to spend a Friday night!
  15. Great review guys. When I smoked through one of each of the 1935’s I found the Maltes to be the weakest of the 3. I found the Dumas to be a big one punch flavour bomb, the Leyenda was classy with interesting complexity, but the Maltes seemed like it was a mix of both without hitting the heights of either. I will have to revisit it.

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