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  1. It’s been a typical British summer here recently. Rain all day yesterday followed by blue sky today. So I made the most of it and went for a walk in the hills.
  2. Feeling pretty indulgent, second box this week out of the locker with a third on the way. Some OPS May 17 PSP/HQ Juan Lopez number 1s. These still need a bit of a rest for my tastes but will sample a couple over the next 12 months.
  3. It’s going way against the current opinion but I went to save Harry Potter. If it were just the first three Star Wars films then it would be straight forward. But with the prequel trilogy and the latest Disney efforts there are too many bad apples for me. The Harry Potter films weren’t good but the books were fantastic (in my opinion)
  4. I often persevere with books I’m not enjoying until the end. Catch 22 I just could not get into and gave up about 100 pages in. I will go back to it though.
  5. Pretty please to have these turn up! They’ve been sat in my locker for quite some time so I’ll be glad to get round to trying one in a few months. AMO Oct 16 Lanceros.
  6. Such awful news. I didn’t know him personally but was well aware of his postings and he seemed to make some great contributions quite regularly. My condolences to his family and friends
  7. This was a tough one but I would save Lord of the Rings. The books are fantastic and the whole trilogy of films are wonderful. Godfather 3 was a let down and made the choice easier.
  8. Juan Lopez for me. Although I don’t think I’ve given the Boli a fair go, I may pick up a few at some point
  9. I bought a cheap small punch a few years ago. I don't use it too often but it never fails me when I do. It's also great because it looks like a key ring and I've never had an issue when travelling with it on my keys!
  10. Unless I am on holiday I will usually smoke 1 or perhaps 2 cigars a week. If I have a couple of busy weeks I find it can easily be a month or two between cigars. I try to make sure that first cigar after a break is a good one!
  11. I think Smith’s batting display has been one the of the greatest I can remember from a test match for quite some time. I didn’t think England would fall apart like that after the first innings but well done Australia. Looking forward to the second test now!
  12. Juan Lopez No.2, Raphael Gonzalez PC and Diplomaticos No.2 for me. DC would be a tie up between the Punch DC and the Lusi.
  13. Got to be the Matrix, I remember watching it loads when it came out. I thought the latest Mad Max was superior to the original
  14. I thought it was for some added final third flavour!?

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