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  1. There’s only one explanation...... internal plume! You probably should have paid double for a stick like that 😜
  2. David88

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Had family come to visit so saw some of the sights around town. Then had a work trip in the week, some are worse than others I suppose!
  3. I’m a believer that we went there but I would be over the moon if it turned out to be a conspiracy.
  4. David88

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    An April 13 Siglo 6 to celebrate my birthday yesterday. Paired it with an orange juice after seeing the FOHrensics this week. Certainly interesting!
  5. While I love 'traditional' combustion engine cars I understand and see the desperate need for a lot of people to convert to electric vehicles. Many governments now seem to be pushing towards this and are setting ambitious aims for the course of the next 10 years with regards to electric car sales. How likely this is, is another question. The infrastructure isn't in place currently to support such a big change, but it has to start somewhere I suppose. When I move back to the UK (sometime in the next 10 years) I will look to buy an EV. Fuels costs are just too high now, I dread to think what they will go up to. It is certainly going to be interesting to see what governments do when they take a big hit in fuel duty!
  6. David88

    Siglo ii

    I would say if you have bought from Dubai Duty Free then it is genuine. I've bought quite a bit from there and never had any issues. Band printing errors happen
  7. Well I didn’t see that coming! I need to put this to the test myself this weekend
  8. I would go with B. I like having different cigars for different situations/smoking time at the moment. Also if they had many marcas all rolled in just one size, I would put a small fortune on it not being a petit corona. Would you really want to be limited to just petit robustos or montescos?
  9. Although these cigars have plenty of age the aroma at cold is pungent. Strong musky tobacco, should be good! The draw is excellent. I know a lot of people avoid cigars from these years like the plague but every one from this box has been absolutely fine, admittedly I’ve not tried anything else from this period. The cigar opens with plenty of smoke billowing out. The flavour is dominated by a creamy cedar note. Some pepper comes in and out but it’s easy on the retrohale. I’m not the best at picking out defined flavour but this is quite complex. The second third sees more of the same with no noticeable change. Body is a touch under medium. The smoke is fairly sweet. The last third sees the sweetness disappear completely and some power come to the fore. Body jumps to over medium and the creamy texture fades to the background. Overall a pleasant cigar. A score of 90 overall. I would have been interested to try one of these fresh. With the age much of the flavour had melted into quite a complex smoke. I would imagine this could have been quite harsh in its first few years. But I guess I’ll never know!
  10. David88

    1960's Punch Air France (PQRW)

    Thanks for this review. I had never heard of these so it was certainly interesting. It would have been a great way to fly!
  11. Thanks for the review. I have a 2016 box on the way that I’m looking forward to now!
  12. I smoked this Friday evening, the temperature is heating up here but I’ve been a bit under the weather so didn’t want too long a smoke. Im not a big collector or even smoker of RE cigars, but the price on these is quite fair in France and they were readily available back in October. Construction seems good and the wrapper is fairly dark with a decent amount of oil. I paired this with water and a large black coffee. I don’t often think about the cold draw but this was noticeably sweet and just firm enough, a good sign I hoped! The cigar is too small to talk about thirds and indeed there was little change from the beginning to end. I would describe the flavour as a sweetened nut with coffee and aromatic wood. Certainly very pleasant, body is mild but the flavour quite pronounced. Although the cigar is short and I didn’t expect any changes or serious complexity, I was slightly disappointed that the second half didn’t see any increase in body. If you’re after a short n sweet cigar for a quick break (and you happen to be passing through France in the not too distant future) then do pick some up. For a RE they’re not badly priced. Final score would be a solid 90
  13. Great review. Probably my favourite double corona!
  14. Wow that sounds pretty decent and helpful of them. Although I pity the next poor soul that they called over, they would have needed to treat someone pretty awful to get their karma back into balance!
  15. David88

    Worst Airports?

    I found LAX pretty grim. Charles de Gaulle was poor but i hope I just ended up in a poor terminal, as the others did look better when I drove past. Kuala Lumpur airport was awful when I was departing from there at the start of the year. I had a very late flight, but they closed all of the food outlets and shops just after 11, leaving only a Burger King open that was in no rush to serve 100+ people. There wasn't even anyone around to complain to! I have been to airports much worse than these, but I think my expectations were a lot lower which makes it almost acceptable.
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