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  1. David88

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A 99 punch corona for me. Going to a charity ball tonight so having an hour or so to myself before it starts!
  2. David88

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    How long are you in town for?
  3. David88

    Cigar Boom in BEIRUT

    Beirut is a great place for cigars and the casa at the airport certainly has some good stuff! Although most of the boxes on the shelves are fairly fresh.
  4. https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-union/46382937 So Australia were going to have discussions with Jake White about taking over the top job, but cancelled when it became public knowledge? Oh dear. Although things are looking bleak for the Wallabies at the moment, I am sure they will turn up in Japan and be a serious contender with or without Cheika.
  5. Yeah that’s the one! Although the owner is a great guy and isn’t averse to an after hours lock-in!
  6. No there isn’t a lcdh in UB. There is a shop that sells cigars and has a lounge called habanos, but it certainly isn’t a la casa and you would need to be careful with what you buy from there.
  7. I’m currently in Cairo but I was living in Mongolia for the last two years, there isn’t a McDonald’s or Starbucks in the country let alone a lcdh!
  8. I’ve had pretty good luck with CoRos and have had very few duds. I typically won’t touch them without a bit of age though (2 years+)
  9. I do enjoy a good famosos but just like John slides to, they haven’t made their way into my regular rotation for whatever reason. They’re definitely worth sampling though and as we have found out it is a use it or lose it with Habanos. If people aren’t buying them, they’ll be for the chop!
  10. David88

    Next FOHrensics topic

    Possibly a humidity investigation? I know there was a vid when a dry boxed cigar was compared to one stored prooperly, but something comparing the same cigar stored at 70%, 65% and one stored at 60% or dry boxed (for example) could be interesting. You could look at taste and burn
  11. David88

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    I’ve been given a long weekend. Just finished my end of term class reports so I’m enjoying a genios, beer and sun at the beach. Happy thanksgiving all!
  12. David88

    Floral Notes

    Like others I would say Raphael Gonzalez, both the pc and Perla I find to have a floral character. Also the HdM elegantes was noticeably floral when fresh
  13. David88

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    It’s a national holiday here so enjoying a JL no.2 It’s rather warm for November!
  14. The adverts look cheaply done but I would have thought that they were created by Phoenicia rather than HSA. Why would HSA create adverts to sell REs for Phoenicia? Those cigars are bought and paid for by the distributor, HSA get paid whether they sell or not. Although I'm no fan of the ring gauge, it must be what sells. I will be heading to Beirut in the new year and the price isn't too awful at $200 for a box of 10. Maybe I'll pick some up to try.
  15. It’s definitely a great place. I went in there for a drink and a cigar while I was in San Francisco last year. Wasn’t that impressed with the occidental but thought the cigar bar and grill was excellent. Friendly staff, good drinks, good food and a welcoming atmosphere, what more could you want!

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