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  1. Thanks for the reply. Since I had previously wiped everything down with grain alcohol is there another recommended cleaning solution?
  2. Hey All, It's been a minute. Those health problems I had in 2017 reared their ugly head again last year and almost took me out. Me 2 - Death 0. Anyway, my sticks were let unattended for quite a while, again, and a severe mold problem has reemerged in my wineador. To provide some history, I was using cat litter to manage RH previously and had some mild mold issues. Once I was up and around I wiped off all the sticks and dry boxed them while I used grain alcohol to disinfect my cedar drawers & wineador. After about 2 weeks I refilled the wineador and filled it with new 70% RH beads. Got back to the wineador this weekend to find an even more invasive mold problem than before! Almost all of the non-cello sticks have some degree of mold. All the cello sticks appear fine. I was surprised since I have hygrometers in the top, center & bottom drawers all reading 69* & 68% RH So looking to the experts for suggestions. Any chance of saving anything or should I just chuck the all? Suggestions for ridding the fridge & drawers of any lingering mold problem? Thanks in advance
  3. What can I say I'm an underachiever.But it in my defense it was CC related.
  4. Notice you don't see Sly putting that dog rocket in his mouth.
  5. By far the funniest cigar related content I have ever read! Full article at the link below. “The reputation of Cuban cigars has worsened over the years among true cigar aficionados. While you may still find a great regard for Cubans, it is not unlikely to find those that invest in cigars completely convert to only Gurkha’s once they have experienced our cigars,” says Danny Carroll, brand ambassador for Gurkha Cigars. “I have found that, quickly, their perceptions of where the best cigars come from are shattered.”
  6. I set-up a daily google alert for cigars and each day at lunch I got list of cigar article links. I would say 85% of the articles link back to Halfwheel, but there is a smattering of press releases, cigar deals & cigar info.
  7. Looks great, congrats! All this vinyl talk may get me spinning more often.
  8. AMARONE 1st, BAROLO second and you can keep the rest,
  9. I'd like to post a politically incorrect meme here about cyborg, but one of my New Year's resolutions is to be more kind. I thought from the start cyborg was too strong for HH, but her ability to go 5 rounds was impressive especially since she lost 3 of her last 4 fights heading into the match.
  10. For me I was heavily into the hobby (obsessed) for about 4 years going from no humidors to 5 of them. I read every cigar blog, website, forum, even had a Google news alert for the word "Cigar." I've had some pretty significant health problems this year with my last cigar smoked this past January. I still keep up with it by quickly dropping into a forum or two, but the obsession has pretty clearly dissipated. I'm sure when and God forbid "if" I can start enjoying them again the obsession will return. For now I am just living vicariously through all of you.
  11. The best thing I ever made was a home made ravioli stuffed with snow crab, corn & shiitake mushrooms and topped with a homemade lemon grass sauce. When we ate it we could not believe we actually made it ourselves it was just so amazing. Weirdly, I've never made it again, mostly because the plethora of ingredients are really hard to come by where we now live.
  12. Its A Long Way To The Top Thunderstruck For Those About To Rock Back In Black Ride On

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