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  1. I would be surprised. I tried this myself and then just put in a second fan and filter. I don't want the neighbors complaining of smoke smells coming from out house. It comes down to the cubic feet of your room and how many times you want that air changed in there. The right size fan and filter are key its always better to go over kill on this and have a speed controller to dial it down if needed....most likely. its your house and you don't want it to have unpleasant smells.
  2. If those are all your kids I am suprised you can find time to do anything. GOOD FOR YOU!! Hopefully you have pics of that crazy campfire. NOW THAT'S A FIRE!!!
  3. Filter isn't going to quiet it down. There are u tube videos on how to quiet them down safely. There is a lot of info out there on how to use these discreetly. Tornado fans and Can-Filter tried tested and true....out preform others I have tried over the years
  4. You can also add a fan speed controller or buy a fan that has one or it. It will allow you to turn it down if needed
  5. 480cfm inline fan pulling through a "Can-filter" model #50 in a 5.5x7.5 room/garden and can smoke anything without residual smells. This is noisy. If you could have the fan mounted in another area or have the fan housed/mounted in a sound dampened box/cabinet you will be fine. I have used the Vivosun but prefer the get what you pay for.
  6. what would a lighter like that be worth? Approximately. Forgive my question I just didn't realize this was collectable. I have two that are similar and also don't work
  7. Nature and solitude. Camping is the winner. I am not comfortable staying where others have done the nasty. Even if the sheets are clean.
  8. JLP Cremes discontinued unfortunately. I found aging did nothing if you get decent ones there good from the get go and when they are and you figure I will put some down for later you realize that was a wasted effort. These are the cigars I have friends search for in Cuba. 25$ a box ggod yard, walk, windy/cold day cigars...if they get tossed no resentment. To step it up a little I would say HU Majestics are good from the get go (once humidity is in check) and often improve with age...very affordable try then buy 2 boxes at a time for less then most and always have decent cheap gars on hand that are at different ages. Also cheap enough that there is not much resentment when you get a mediocre one and pitch it.
  9. Looks more like a Lada to me but I am no car expert. Trabants usually have the headlights on the outside of the grill area. As I said I am no expert
  10. Most recent cigar purchase and first NON Cuban cigars I have purchased in many years. now I didn’t try them but my dogs loved them...... “Inhaled them” almost whole and honestly learned a new way to remove the cap but I would not recommend nor try what I witnessed. cheers. great products for dogs
  11. Finally picked out new puppy it has been a long wait
  12. You now him personally? Or just bashing him. WOW I for one of many have found his videos good...harsh but informative
  13. We are WELL on our way unfortunately. On the brighter side it possibly created a secondary market for boxes. Of course I just broke down about ten empties. I only keep the arty parts.
  14. I hate to admit it but I did what your friend did. At the time I rarely smoked cigars. A client gave me 1300 US$ to buy two boxes of Cohiba. I thought this was crazy but I would help him out, which I did. I also thought at the time I would help this guy out by getting him an extra box with a reduced savings....30$ a box at the resort. Once back home I gave him his cigars and the bonus box which he was quite happy to get. He gave me three cigars from each box. I was HOOKED and schooled that under no circumstances regardless of how good the story sounds DO NOT BUY cigars anywhere other then LCDH. My original comment was complete sarcasm
  15. On the brighter side he probably saved you a lot of money
  16. Great video. Thanks for sharing
  17. Looks like I have some free time so I will be looking to enter something in for the "B/Freshwater" class

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