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  1. Most likely a repacking and the original box replace.
  2. Those usually come in in a cardboard box with the code But I think these are repackage to be sold in metal tin containers so the code is gone with the box, it doesn’t matter imo since they are short filler.
  3. Vegas Robaina Unicos it’s was the best I had in a long time
  4. Outside it’s been always better for me, every time I smoke indoors I get a nasty headache. only bad thing from smoking outside it’s the bugs.
  5. Just smoke one if you don’t like them set them aside and don’t touch them again in a while. Just because you don’t like one doesn’t mean the whole box is gonna be bad. Patience is a virtue In the cigar world.
  6. Coronitas en cedro are pretty good for about $100.
  7. A pic from hunters & frankau early 1900s you can see some cabinets and cajones.
  8. I wouldn’t buy anything on the Mexican side of the border unless it’s a LCDH. been in Tijuana and some shops are shady as the can be avoided like the plague.
  9. Personally Ramon Allones and Cuaba are the two brand with no flavor whatsoever, at least for me, I have tried so hard to like them like Montecristo, Partagas or RyJ. I read somewhere that our taste buds changes every 10 years or so, maybe in the future I will like them but I have been smoking cigars for 15 years so I don’t think I will ever have the chance to enjoy a RASS or one of those Cuaba Diademas that I have been saving for a special occasion.
  10. Every person that smoke nothing but fakes as a tendency to get upset if you tell them something about their cigars, and all of they always say the same: " they smoke like a dream" " i just love how smooth they are", "pretty good deal I just paid $200 for a whole box", etc.
  11. Last year got a box of PC, they weren't that good but tried one last week and it was really good considering they are short filler.
  12. Montecristo No.1 absolutely delicious, I should start stocking up a few boxes before they get discounted.
  13. My sentiments exactly, I just finish a 2500 historical novel trilogy, there's nothing like reading a book and smoking a cigar to release stress. its a good thing my 6 years old daughter and my 10 years old nephew both are excellent readers, hopefully that won't change as they get older.
  14. From my earlier smoking days been sleeping in the humidor for more than a decade, fantastic smoke: just smooth sweet toasted cacao beans...

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