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  1. getnon

    Cohiba LCDH?

    lol Very interesting. First time seeing this Cohiba LCDH.
  2. Im actually a locker member of one of my local B&M, although now I dont smoke much NC anymore, I still keep my membership active just in case of any bad weather. And no, they dont care what I bring or smoke inside, but I still buy a cigar once or twice a month just to be supportive.
  3. getnon

    The Mystery of Punch Joe

    Great read.
  4. getnon

    Box codes and dates

    2014 for sure... i have a few boxes w/ MUO 14 box code
  5. getnon

    Factory Codes?

    Sorry for digging up this old post, but is there a new most updated code list like this anywhere on the internet? I kinda want to look up a few box code due to curiosity.
  6. i like that lighter, can i only purchase that?
  7. getnon

    Dallas TX

    Thank you guys... i actually already started on the dark side... and i heard people talked about this forum so I joined to take a peek. Im no expert when it comes to CC, just trying to enjoy every single one of them that come across my front yard.
  8. getnon

    Dallas TX

    Hi, Im Calvin. Been smoking cigar for 5 ish years, I've heard of FoH for a long time, finally decided to stop by and say hi. I like to smoke cigar period, theres no bad cigar in my dictionary, and i like to try new things all the time. Hit me up for some smoke if youre in Dallas.
  9. HI everyone, I'm Calvin from Dallas Tx, been smoking cigar for 5 years, 5 years isn't long, and I still havent find my favorite smoke yet, and that goes with my pairing beverages as well. I usually drink stout when i smoke, I'd also drink bourbon or scotch depends on what im smoking, and the weird part is I'd pick a water if I'm smoking something I know is higher end or HTF. Anyways... I'm always open to ideas and wilLing to learn more, so don't hesitate to correct me and I will not be offended.

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