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  1. GranToro

    Best moment in the Haunting of Hill House

    Good horror is hard to find. Everything these days are “Jump Scares”. You know...eerie music, dark room, turn a corner and out pops a ghost or shadow. Nothing original anymore. To this day one of my favourite horrors is “The Others” because it had a unique take or twist. Nothing since...
  2. GranToro

    Best moment in the Haunting of Hill House

    As a huge fan of the horror genre, I enjoyed and appreciated the effort put into this series. The storytelling and character development went hand in hand with perfect pacing and memorable moments. Despite jumping around in the timelines, you always knew where you were and who you were with. Agreed with one of the best moments being when the “Bent-neck lady” said “no” over and over again and understanding why. Such a powerfully sad moment. Another moment for me was the Red Room reveal and the explanation of the shadow feet seen through the gap of the door and floor. Fantastic the way they brought it all together.
  3. Hoping you managed to snag a box or two!?
  4. It may have been the November 26th 24:24 marked as clearance. They were supposed to be *mostly MEL May 17 but, I recived the same LGR Jun 17 and was slightly bummed not to get the MEL's. Most of my Upmanns are MELs and gorgeous. Glad to hear the LGR's are smoking great! Cant wait for some decent weather to try them. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. GranToro

    Thanks for the travel tip

    Gorgeous!! The resort looks good too... Have a safe trip home!
  6. Thanks TNT! Glad to hear and looking forward to it. For now, they have been shoved to furthest corner of the wineador. -20C in Toronto so will wait for a perfect day this summer for a sample.
  7. Just managed to grab some pics... One of my gifts from the wife who picked up from a local shop.!
  8. My little princess on her first Christmas! I lost the meaning of Christmas a while ago but, this year we had the carols playing all day and night. The smells and sounds of the day reminded me of those moments when I was young and it all meant more than fighting the crowd at the malls, parking lots and highways. Merry Christmas to you and yours, fellow brothers and sisters!
  9. I am in Canada and my customs hangs onto things for a while deciding on excise taxes. Usually 2-3 weeks from shipped email to box in hand. 14 boxes so far and all have been in near similar condition as those in my humis. With essentially 2 layers of wrap (packing paper and bubble wrap) and the box itself, I would think it would take much longer to get to a worrisome state.
  10. GranToro

    Salutations from virginia!

    Welcome aboard!
  11. GranToro

    Newbie to FoH from SoCal

    Welcome aboard! Gorgeous pup!!!
  12. GranToro

    Greetings From The Man Cave (MD, USA)

    Welcome aboard! Will check out your vids!
  13. GranToro

    New from Virginia

    Welcome aboard!

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