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  1. Ok that makes sense. If you saw the picture I put up earlier, I have several cabs down there and what looked like more width. It doesn't seem like it, but 4" makes a difference. My last artistocrat was a modified plus I got from a friend, Bob built it 'sideways' (doors on side not front) for fitment in his office. It was 22.5" deep. The 26.5" I have now seems cavernous. The boxes on the right go back 4-deep with gaps for airflow and they don't hang off the back of the shelf.
  2. Is that an MXT? Mine is 40" wide 60" tall and that seems smaller.
  3. To answer the question before with hard numbers... I have a hall closet I was going to convert. It has a total of 11.5 square feet of floor space and vent vertically to ceiling height. Pricing for the shelf setup I wanted, cedar paneling, and with his set-and-forget hunidification for that size of space (tanks, controller, 8 fans) was $900. The only reason I didn't bite the bullet was concerns for household storage space if we had a kid. We got pregnant not 3 months later. I was concerned with ripping out the Sheetrock and installing fresh for the cedar to cover. Bob told me I could inst
  4. Hopefully you actually smoke cigars.
  5. First, bob at Aristocrat can build you whatever you want. Any size. He builds custom humidors to order. Secondly, Bob does a ton of work with businesses and personal clients building walk-ins using whatever humidification device that's needed. I priced him when I considered a walk-in conversion for my closet and it was stupidly cheap. Third, the MXT 26.5 holds 200 boxes.
  6. What did the blonde say the first time someone said, "let's make breakfast" and poured her a bowl of Cheerios? "Oooooooooooo! DONUT SEEDS!"
  7. Absolutely. I have $20 invested into each of my tupperdors. They hold 68-69% for pretty much 8 weeks before I recharge the humidification devices (French for add water to kitty litter) and are perfect for long term aging. My Aristocrat cabinet stays at 66% and is where my usual rotation resides.
  8. See, therein lies my problem: I don't want to get hooked on a discontinued cigar. I absolutely fell in love with the Ramon Allones Robusto Corto (2013 RE Paises Bajos) and it was hell scoring a cab recently. The once relatively easy-to-come-by cigar fell off the face of the earth as retailers ran out. I'd hate to love the Robo T, because (with my naturally addictive nature) I'd kill my bank account sourcing them out!
  9. I bought a box of Monte 5 off of you guys for my wife. She loves them and their size (she takes forever to smoke a cigar). Literally I can knock out a BRC in the time it takes her to burn down a Monte 5. I think it's a fantastic cigar for a Habanos novice who's looking for the smaller format because it's so flavorful and also very Cuban Montecristo.
  10. I'm terrified to do it, but I'm going to use that Google doc and add them up when I get home to my laptop. Thank you to FOH!... not only for welcoming me to Cigar Budget Hell but providing a tool to track my downward spiral.
  11. I've never been a big fan of Diplomatico for the above-mentioned reasons. They always left me feeling a bit let down. Just too mild for my tastes.
  12. I would say, with some Tetris-style storage arrangement at work, 21-24 boxes would be feasible (including enough room for a humidification device).
  13. If I shared I would cry myself to sleep. Got them on a trade from a buddy with some RS12s, Du Roi, Hoyo church and TyJ church all from 2000. Also got a sealed LFDC 5 pack of petit coronas from 1996.
  14. I've got 4 left from a 2000 box. Terrific cigars. I agree with that sentiment!

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