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  1. 2014 Siglo iv with a cafe con leche last week in cuba and a 2015 Serie D No.4 with an espresso in Cuba ?? They just seem to taste better down there for some reason ?
  2. Thanks for that. My dad saw them and he asked so when are we smoking that one lol. So it looks like it will be sooner than later.
  3. I got it mainly for keep sake. Not sure if I'll ever smoke it. Maybe. Never know. I think they are very unique looking
  4. We took a ride on the bus to LCDH at Pueblo Estrella (the market) met with Eddy (manager) he offered to open before buying, so I agreed I would have asked to open before hand but he offered he was also nice to look for a little bit of his older stuff for me most boxes are early 2016 but the trini Reyes are from 2015. Stock wasn't great but I also didn't expect a lot since it's the only one at Santa Maria. They did have the new RE Cuba at the airport but I didn't want to take a chance, since it was just on a normal shelf by some jewellery cases and cologne lol
  5. Just returned from an amazing trip to Cayo Santa Maria. Didn't have much stock but got a few new items for me. Partagas Culebras, Hoyo Epi 2, Punch Punch, Trinidad Reyes, Upmann Royal Robusto and a 5 pack of Trinidad Coloniales (not shown) Wanted: Vigia, topes, Coro, elegantes, monte 2, mag 46, punch 48 (no stock ?)
  6. Final weigh in...... 202.8 lbs. almost 18 lbs gone. Feel better, look better and definitely feel stronger. Good luck to everyone.
  7. Having the boys over for the game. Smoking some ribs and will be BBQ some wings and my amazing wife will be making fries, coleslaw and honey beans. Play some dominos while watching the game and finish off with some coffee, cognac and some Portuguese custards ?? Go patriots! Hope you all enjoy the game. I will provid pics at a later time.

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