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  2. Was just in Havana and I exchanged USD to CUC and then when I was leaving I was told to exchange my CUC as they are only accepting USD or anything other than CUC once past the security scanners, so I exchanged before the scanners at the exchange window and ask for USD and they would not exchange back to USD only other foreign currency. They are trying to hoard all USD as the dollar is very strong there for some reason. Then when I exchanged to Euro I tried to buy a drink and they couldn’t cash my EURO for my damn purchase SMH! PLUS the exchange rate USD to CUC is .967 at the airport.
  3. Maestro sells for 40 CUC in Havana and I would ask him for proof of purchase aka factura from Havana shop where he bought that box. It's not a box that would be a regular fake but hard to tell. If he gets you the bottle of Maestro for $40 hes actually losing money as currency exchange would put the bottle at $45. Good luck
  4. I had the card from stonegate out of Arkansas and when I ask limit no matter what the limit was only $700 which would do me no good plus it was a debit card. There credit card I hear works better but I havent heard anything else about this. So I cancelled my card. If you need to exchange USD for CUC I can get you a better rate than the .87 to the 1.00 the currency exchange spots do in Havana. Just hit me up!
  5. Yes this card works however they only limit you to $700 per day to charge.
  6. I will be there this year. Would have been last year until I had my 1st seizure in Partagas VIP bathroom. So jumped flight quickly home!
  7. I have access to a few boxes at 1250 euro UAO 17 Box Code. They are Diplomatic boxes I'm being told. Never have seen a box like this. Nice looking cigars.
  8. I believe it's just a scare tactic and a way to get more intoyou belonging to look at your stuff without needing a warrant or anything. All tobacco will smell the same or to close for the dog to know its illegal.. Lol. Also I just bought a bunch of stuff which criminal organization does my money go too? Can I choose?... Lmao
  9. @GotaCohiba thank you for the awesome words. Arturo is a great friend. @thecrowder
  10. @El Presidente I have met John De Costa on many occasions while in Havana. I just failed to get his info when I needed it. Great guy I first met him at Partagas festival then 3 times after that. I actually met him just two weeks ago. Thanks for info I will tell him FOH referred me as well. Thanks guys. Robert
  11. Hello FOH'ers I know traveling to Cuba with usd currency is cheap as you lose money from the 3% exchange fee and the 10% USA penalty. I have found a new way to get your bang for your buck while there and may help other countries currency as well. I just recently sent my driver/friend that lives in Cuba a money transfer via Western Union and found out that WU charges very small fee plus you get USD $0.97 cents to the usd dollar compared to the $0.87 cent per dollar after penalty and exchange fee. Just an fyi Robert Rogers
  12. If anyone is looking for a great driver that will pick up at airport or port and is a great guy please let me know. There has been several on here and friends that have used his services. He speaks Spanish and English and retired from Habanas s.a. In Cuba and moved to Canada for Habanas s.a. as well. He knows everyone in Cuba that has anything to do with Cigars which makes it very nice. He's reasonably priced and most of the time he will get you custom cigars free to smoke at the shops. He's precise and always on time. Great guys just let me know if your interested and I will give you his info
  13. Hello my friends I have a question. I'm interested in buying a gold or silver cigar band ring. Not sure where to find these at and well.. I got fat hand/fingers got fat so my wedding band doesn't fit anymore and I ask wife if that would be a good wedding band.... ? she said yes so I'm trying to find someone that makes them. Thanks. Robert Rogers
  14. Very nice Robert. Love this version vitola as I smoke this vitola on a regular basis. I typically go to Havana on average every 10-14 days per month. Love the island and have made many friends there. I've actually hooked up some FOHers with my driver when they travel there. Have you figured out the price on these sticks and do you just pick up while in Havana or will you have available in FOH? 7k is a lot for 1 roller each month especially with their repeat customer, will you be having more shops rolling these or are you just trying to stick with one main roller? PS I've spoke to La Marca bout
  15. Havana is 70-85° this time of year. Very nice temp. I go to Havana every 2 weeks and will be there in few days Feb 11-13. Again Feb 22-25 and again for the Habanos festival Feb 27- Mar 2. Cheers Robert
  16. @Elpresidente do we have a price on these yet sir? PS I got ahold of La Marca about getting some tattoo work done. Cheers mate! Thanks Robert Rogers
  17. @GotaCohiba usually to call its either 011 then number or +535623#### to text Give those a shot if you are looking for a good driver I have one I use every time.
  18. Awesome I've travel to Havana every couple weeks and will remain doing so. Therefor I can help contribute to this post. Cheers
  19. Hell FOH'rs I will be Havana, Cuba again January 13-17 and if someone has time and will be in Havana these dates let's get together for drinks and cigars. If not these dates I go every couple weeks. Can call me on my Cuban cell or US cell. Message me to get the #. Thanks Robert Rogers
  20. Hello fellow brothers / sisters I will be traveling to Havana Jan. 13-17 2018 if anyone will be in Havana let me know we can meet for drinks and cigars. If you will not be there during those dates let me know when I travel to Cuba every two weeks. Thanks Robert Rogers
  21. When going to Cuba you will be offered cigars by individuals walking around just say no thanks. Stick with the LCDH as most are in Hotels or close. When purchasing cigars they will give you a factura for a purchase of 50 cigars or more. Generally they will not give you one on anything less than the 50. If purchasing custom rolls they cannot give factura on customs rolls however they will give you a receipt of purchase. When going to Cuba I generally bring my passport however I will just give them a copy of it.
  22. Generally they will give you the factura on a purchase of 50 cigars otherwise they generally do not. If purchasing custom rolls they cannot do a factura however they will give you a receipt.
  23. Yes I caught the last day of the Partagas Festival and met few people. I am heading back to Cuba Thursday for 4 days. Have met few Cuban fellas that wanna have few drinks and lots of cigars. Merry Xmas to you all.

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