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  1. Was a little disappointed in the cigar granted I smoked it right after another.I bought multiple boxes and have much better examples.The wrappers on this box were below average and the blend suffered.Great draw and construction is about the best I can do for the moment.The other boxes have beautiful wrappers and I’m hopeful they will make a big difference.I will try one of those shortly and with a clean pallet.Will post when I do.1048 yes-I have spent many hours there.Great jazz and blues club and a Montgomery Landmark.Great to hear from you.Perhaps I saw you play there.
  2. I bought 19 boxes of Tatuaje T110’s a couple of weeks ago.Habano,Sumatra,Broadleaf.I’m stocked for the foreseeable future..
  3. Sounds like a good time to go fishing.🙌
  4. RASS and PSP box of Romeo Churchill’s
  5. UAO 17 Coro or ARS 17 Vigia.Loving the Vigia with coffee in the morning.

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