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  1. Bolivar Libertador MSU May June 18 codes excellent cigar with good aging potential
  2. Coronas Especiales 1998 and Lanceros 1999 Hoyo du Roi 2005 HDM Double Corona 1997 Romeo Y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No. 1 1996 Hoy du Roi 2003 Partagas Charlottes 1997 Punch Double Corona 1999 Petit Coronas del Punch 1996
  3. Don't know which factory is but I have two excellent boxes from it with end 2017 dates Cohiba Robusto TEO SEP 17 Magnum 54 TEO DIC 17
  4. Sorry, has not been dispatched yet! Hope it does not take a year1
  5. You can order the Por Larranaga from LCDH Hamburg, . I have one box in the mail.
  6. Speaking on RR try to get a hold of a 50 cigars cab of Por Larranaga Coronas Regional Edition Alemania (Germany) 2018
  7. Montecristo Especiales No. 2 REG ENE 18 Excellent!!! MSU and UAO 2018 codes excellent also so far
  8. Started smoking from a box code RMU May 16. Excellent right now will be amazing in a couple of years.
  9. Was in Portugal two weeks ago and one employee of La Casa Havaneza advised me to get the last box of Coloniales they had since there will be no more in the future!
  10. Actually the old Davidoff store, where Lindt chocolates store is now had a much wider selection of CC, including limited editions, along with hard to find cigars such Cohiba Lanceros and/or Especiales. This one is in a corner inside the Duffy store at the end of the store and you have to ask to find it..
  11. Being there last week. Don’t believe the hype! Poor selection of Cuban cigars, no limited editions and price wise more expensive than LCDH shops in Germany, Holland and Portugal!
  12. Thanks for the info. So they are not rolled at El Laguito for sure!
  13. Today got two boxes of Talisman with MSU NOV17 code. Does anybody know anything about this code?

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