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  1. Illusione epernay, flavor bomb. My friend is having a monte #4
  2. I've only smoked one or two of these a long time ago, and don't remember the flavor profile. A box of 25 is cheap, but would like to hear your thoughts on these before I buy. Worth a box purchase? sweet spot in terms of age?
  3. Was at the Athens df this past Sunday. Picked up a box of Vigia. It’s a small walk in humidor with plenty of cheap and cheerfulls. Lots of rg corona boxes. Mag 54. Vigia. Rass. Not many regionals though. Decent prices. No Quai D’orsay, which was what I was looking for.
  4. There are a couple of lcdh in Cyprus. I visited the one in Paphos. Nice place with a good selection and good prices.
  5. Avo synchro nicaragua on a fine Jerusalem evening
  6. On a mini vacation, started with a plmc, which was plugged. Ditched it and lit up an epi 2. Big difference. Couple of hookas for the wife and cousin, and a bite to eat.
  7. Visiting la casa in Yerevan. Unfortunately they are low on stock. But bought a single plp.
  8. Coro. Tight draw. Had to chuck it. Too bad.
  9. Take a look at those coros in the humidor and tell me what you think.
  10. Is this Siglo ii legit? The C in Cohiba touching the line below. Is this common? This came in a fancy tube from a 3 pack from Dubai duty free.

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