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  1. Herfing with a friend. Gave him an ryj short churchill and I’m having one of my favorites, epi 2. Smoking great.
  2. Always a pleasure smoking a padron, quality stuff.
  3. Yes photos are loading, thank you.
  4. Same problem here. I can read the posts, but no pics.
  5. Yes I tried one with 3 months rest in my humidor. Nothing special, just an ok smoke. I’ll have to try one again with a longer resting time, and then I’ll get a better idea of how it is.
  6. Hdm petit robusto ute oct 15 on this cool November evening. This is pretty complex, savory and oily. Good stuff.
  7. Illusione epernay, flavor bomb. My friend is having a monte #4
  8. I've only smoked one or two of these a long time ago, and don't remember the flavor profile. A box of 25 is cheap, but would like to hear your thoughts on these before I buy. Worth a box purchase? sweet spot in terms of age?

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