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  1. Only one dud that did not produce much smoke out of half a box I've been through. I like them alot.
  2. Coro, I have to give them 5yrs, but I get it. Monte 2, I get it when they're on, but they're wildly inconsistent within the same box and I don't get that. BBF, It's taken me 5yrs to smoke half a 2014 box, a handful have been shared and supposedly enjoyed by others. I don't get it. Mag46, I like Upmann, the size is classic. The older the better. I get it. Monte 4, one of habanos best sellers but there are/were way better cigars out there. HUPC, BPC and PLPC. I don't get it.
  3. I have a couple left from a 2014 hand picked box I started smoking in 2016. I tried 1 or 2 per year and they were kind of boring until the 5-6 year mark. The last few have been so good I recently pulled the trigger on an HQ box.
  4. ETP NOV 15 RASS Half way through this cab in 7 months. I'm going to pull them out of regular rotation and limit myself to 5 a year from here on out as I think the best is yet to come. It's always exciting to dig for something new to fill the spot. I look forward to revisiting these down the road.
  5. '17 JO Celestial Finos. First one from the bundle, very nice so far.
  6. Another beautiful day here as well so I pulled one from the top shelf, a Bolivar Tiempos(I think). I picked up 3 singles in Paris a while back. This is the first one I've tried and it has been superb.
  7. Great review, also thanks for the pics. I pulled a OCT 14 Lusi box out of long term storage last night. Smoked a few out of it 5 yrs ago and they were great so I decided to bury them. Had the time to smoke one today. Another great cigar, top notch construction in this box. Time has been good to these but they deserve more. I'll pull a few for the singles tray and bury the box again.
  8. 50 cab on the Monte will be too hard to pass up. I'm in for anything Upmann. Looking forward to these.
  9. Not officially, but you know how there's a fat one in every box especially PCs. I'm smoking a fat HUPC right now, it's about 45rg.

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