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  1. PL Montecarlos, they are always in stock and less than $3/stick the last few months. Why everyone doesn't have 5+ boxes resting is beyond me.
  2. Did they nail that box together with the little dress box nails? I love it!
  3. I was in London last June, there are plenty of vintage cigars available in that price range but not the Dunhills or Davidoffs. My favorite 2 that fit your price were some 2001 HUpmann Monarchs from the Davidoff store on St James Street and 2002 HUpmann No2 from Sauters Cigars. Not sure if they sold singles of the Dunhill or Davidoffs ( I didn't ask) but a couple of the shops had a few boxes of them priced 2500-6000 gbp.
  4. I have a little tupperdor in my locker, right now it has Connie A, RASS, JL2 for on the course (usually only one) and LGC MdO4 for after if I'm lucky. I really enjoy a cigar on the golf course so when my next box of CoRos come of age they will be my top choice.
  5. I missed this one but I have sat through a few previous auctions and even bid on a few lots. The other auctions have been all over the place too which brought the quality of some lots to question. Auctions are crazy, that's what draws the buyers and sellers.
  6. I'll take those light Colorado wrappers on a Montecarlos and Party Shorts, even if they are a little veiny and rough. I'm smoking through an EMA JUN 15 box of Montecarlos with light wrappers and every one has been impressive. Same with a '14 Shorts cab. I really like the mello creaminess vs the sharper spiciness of the darker oily wrappers for these two cigars in particular. I haven't smoked enough aged (5+ years) examples yet to give an opinion.
  7. 1 Because have a box of lighter PSP wrappers and I'd like to compare them over time.
  8. I'll take a PL Montecarlo or BPC over a Monte 4 or PLPC. The former have been more consistent than the latter 2 for me. I haven't tried any of these with less than 2yrs, they are all better with 5yrs or more.
  9. My last two cabs of HDM DCs were purchased in Dec 2017 sourced elsewhere and from 24:24 this year. I remember missing them once or twice then finally scoring one on 24:24 so must have been the June sale. Both ROE DIC 16. These cabs have deffinately been scarce. I can only imagine how beautiful a recent production cab would be with the leaf they are using today versus what the had to work with in Dec of 2016.
  10. 1. Partagas Shorts 2. Cohiba Robusto 3. Por Larrañaga Montecarlo 4. H Upmann Sir Winston
  11. Pres mentions that he smokes half the cab, puts the rest away for a several years. Sounds like you need to start acclimating another cab. Patience pays with PLPC.
  12. AGO 16 Por Larrañaga Panetelas I'm smoking are great right now, short and inexpensive. As @canadianbeaver mentioned, San Cristobal El Principe are really good. Partagas Shorts are always a great smoke if your looking for something with a little more oomph than the two mentioned above. '14/15 H Upmann Half Corona were a favorite of mine but the two '16 boxes I've smoked have been mediocre at best. I'm hoping to hear good reports of the recent production so I can get them back into my rotation.
  13. I'll buy "aged" boxes to age of certain cigars. I'm rarely disappointed in a 10+yr old cigar, I'm frequently disappointed when I smoke cigars less than 2yrs old. I don't smoke many fresh cigars anymore. Time changes cigars, whether for better or worse is a matter of personal preference.

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