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  1. I'll second this. Didn't enjoy the first couple shortly after release, they smoked like a strong Nicaraguan cigar. Pulled one out last month and they are definitely coming around. Legs for a decade or 3.
  2. This the first from the box, no signs of youth but it seemed like there is plenty of room for the woody notes to evolve into more complexity.
  3. Pismo Beach, CA. Smoked a single in London a few years ago, liked it and stocked a few boxes. This will dethrone the HUHC for a short smoke. I'm gonna stock a few more.
  4. El Rey de Mundo Demi Tasse '17 First of the box, I'll post the code when I get the box in hand. Beautiful day, mid morning paired with coffee on a short walk. Sugar sweetness, rum and woody notes were very pleasant. I'd say it lasted 25-30 minutes. 9/10
  5. UTE DIC 16 meh. AUM MAR 15 always solid, never a regular.
  6. I think it's more a half-ass effort by by a bunch of politicians that don't agree on much. They can't help, no government can with the military run state of control, they can only enable which will eventually make it worse.
  7. Corona Gigantes I've enjoyed the Best Western Arroy Robles a couple times with my wife. It's on the edge of town and they have rooms with private balconies and beautiful red rock views. One of the better settings I've enjoyed a cigar.
  8. So you're telling me there's a chance. Thanks for pointing this out. I forget about the little guys sometimes. @LordAnubis thank you for providing the stats. Very interesting.
  9. I don't think there's much of a chance that they'll bring back or add any reasonably priced cigars under 50rg.
  10. I've used books layered on the sides to reform bundles. It's nearly impossible without supporting the cigars on the sides on bottom rows.
  11. Went through everything a few months ago and came across a few boxes I totally forgot about. I go by memory and a piece of masking tape with notes on boxes. I only thoroughly check my long term storage containers every year or 2 or 5 so there's always a few surprises. I always try find alternate housing for cardboard packs and bundles before they nap which adds to the excitement on inspection days.
  12. 30 CoRo fit perfectly in a Shorts cab and I like surprises so it's a win win.

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