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JZBdano's Feedback

  1. zigarrenziggy left Positive feedback   

    Was super easy to trade with. Definitely recommend

    JZBdano was Trading

  2. ChangBang left Positive feedback   

    I lucked out with JZBdano able to help me out with my first trade! Would trade with again - Thanks!

    JZBdano was The Seller

  3. zepp69 left Positive feedback   

    Traded some dog rockets and dude set me up with some nice cigars. I wouldn't hesitate to buy trade or sell to this fine gentleman. thanks bro.

    JZBdano was Trading

  4. Erm310mce left Positive feedback   

    Daniel is a great asset to FOH, will not hesitate to do another deal with. Good communication and a pleasure to work with.

    JZBdano was The Buyer

  5. MahDooRow left Positive feedback   

    Smooth dealings with Daniel. Top notch split host. Excellent communication, fast shipping and awesome cigars. Thanks!

    JZBdano was The Seller

  6. nonameno left Positive feedback   

    wonderful FOHer to work with. Beautiful cigars in trade and shipped like a pro! This guy knows his cigars and is a lot of fun to work with.

    JZBdano was Trading

  7. jwr0201 left Positive feedback   

    Definitely a pleasure to trade with Daniel. Thank you!

    JZBdano was Trading

  8. Profmd left Positive feedback   

    Nice dealing with Daniel. Great cigars, and communication also. Thanks again!

    JZBdano was Trading

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