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  1. First of a LAU NOV 15 box. At the nub now, 1hr25min. Great cigar. Especial No.2
  2. Finance the humidor and spend all liquid funds on cigars.
  3. I have a box of those dark wrapper TOS 15 in Monte No2 and Dip No2. It seemed to be a pretty special run of those No2s coming out of the Partagas factory at that time. Started on the Montes a few months ago but haven't tried the Dip yet. The first 8-10 Montes out of the box have been great.
  4. I don't often get the chance to visit a B&M and I've only tried about a dozen young cigars in the last 6 months. All of them were enjoyable but the best was a Media Luna single. Lots of praise for 2019/20 production on the daily smoke thread. I like to pick the ones that catch my eye and fit my schedule when I have the opportunity to visit a B&M.
  5. A classic, true to the marca and very consistent and a great value.
  6. I blame it on not enough sunlight and fresh air. Too much time on lockdown in the basement. Computer nerds need to get out into the real world sometimes or they come up with wacko stuff like this.
  7. It's really up to your taste but 3 years is just a start.
  8. H Upmann are the worst. No.2, Sir Winston, Connie A, B, 1, 2, Mags... Dont try em. Dont buy em. Smoke Bolivar instead.
  9. Nothing like greasy taquito fingers fondling Behike 56s
  10. Bad week. Great weekend! '12 Sir Winston yesterday afternoon. '06 Double Corona this evening.
  11. Need to try a vacuum chamber for the overfilled cigars and let them expand a bit. Anyone out there with a vacuum chamber? Last time I've seen one was in high school science class.
  12. Nice score @Trapper99 much more unique Esplendido or Sir Winston.
  13. I like the variety of sizes, minuto to montesco but mostly robusto...ish.
  14. I'm just finishing my first Media Luna I got in a trade. I believe it's a TLU ABR 20 as well. Nice firm draw, straight cut, great construction and burn. Good cigar, young but really good. Very nice room note as well.
  15. I've got an 09 box of Lusis that won't put out any smoke on the draw and require constant relights. They look great, not over filled but do have a firm draw. 9 of the first 11 over 5 years were complete failures, last 2 were smokable but a chore. I'll keep trying, maybe the bottom row was rolled by a different person, 🤞. Other notable bad boxes have been Picadores, HUHC and a flat boring LUB ABR 14 50 cab of Mag 46, ok for a yard gar but nothing like 46 should be especially from that code.
  16. @philipl you're a genius. I've got a Tainos in need of major surgery.
  17. I'll second this. Didn't enjoy the first couple shortly after release, they smoked like a strong Nicaraguan cigar. Pulled one out last month and they are definitely coming around. Legs for a decade or 3.
  18. This the first from the box, no signs of youth but it seemed like there is plenty of room for the woody notes to evolve into more complexity.

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