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  1. For those unfamiliar Mr. Overton was Americas veteran and lived to the age of 112. He attributed his longevity to drinking whiskey and smoking cigars daily, 10-12 to be exact! Sadly he passed two days after Christmas in 2018, fortunately some cigar store owners in East Austin found a way to pay tribute to the life and accomplishments of an icon.
  2. Understood. That's why i said if you ever decide to do another run let me know.
  3. Looks like I missed the boat on this one. If you should ever open up to do another please let us know.
  4. Right at $230 a box. Supply was not plentiful during Partagas week. I bought two boxes at Havana Libre and saw a single box at store on Obispo street.
  5. Came back through Houston a few weeks ago without issue. The agent asked if I had purchased tobacco when I said yes he asked "how many?" I told him I have 75 in this bag, He said "Ok" and "welcome back." I didn't seem like the appropriate time to mention the substantially larger quantities in my checked bags.
  6. No issues. I pack the bulk of the boxes in one checked bag. I put as many customs as possible in a large Xikar case with 2-3 boxes in another and the same in my carry on. It's sort of a shell game to make big numbers look smaller.
  7. My Cuba haul fresh from the freezer. Customs from Alex, Papo and others.
  8. They were not easily available on the island. If you asked the right person or were friendly with a house roller they could be found. I managed to source 6 boxes, including one I blindly walked into at the Vegueros factory in Pinar. Asking for them usually drew responses ranging from flat out no, supposed to get some (pick a day), to sold out or not released yet.
  9. The best BBQ in Dallas by far is Cattleack BBQ. They are only open Thursday and Friday, so show up early as the line gets long and do sell out. Well worth the wait.
  10. I'll say so. I was feeling pretty good about picking all 15 games correctly until I realized 4 others had done so! ?‍♀️
  11. The best breakfast in Texas prepared by 84 year old Pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz. Why BBQ for breakfast? In 2008 Snow's BBQ was to be rated the best BBQ in Texas by Texas Monthly magazine. Prior to the magazine being printed a fact checker called and asked the owner what time they opened. Kerry (the owner) replied that they normally got there at 8 am on Saturdays (only open one day a week). After the magazine came out they felt compelled to stick to the hours that had been printed. It's so good and so popular you just about have to show up at 8 to get some.

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