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  1. Has there been anything "official" in regards to dates?
  2. We are waiting to hear from a restaurant manager on availability, I'll let you know when we hear back.
  3. I can't imagine anyone better for the job.
  4. No shame in kissing the Franklin ring. Aaron paved the way for the bbq renaissance we're seeing today. But I wholeheartedly agree that both Micklethwait and La BBQ are as good or better. La BBQ is amazing for their consistency. Their pitmasters leave (frequently) and open up successful restaurants of their own and somehow the consistency and quality never changes.
  5. You name the weekend and I'll meet you there!
  6. Schedule it for next Saturday (they are *only* open on Saturdays) and I will join you with some good bourbon and some nice cigars. Gratuitous picture of the amazing ribs at Snow's.
  7. @cmbarton Micklethwait is another great option in Austin. You should check out their new location in Smithville when you get the chance. In my opinion the best BBQ in Texas is a tie between Truth BBQ (Brenham & Houston) and 2M Smokehouse (San Antonio). Both are amazingly consistent with all their proteins and the sides carry their weight as well. Truth is a little closer to traditional Central Texas style while 2M brings a TexMex twist to the staples. 2M's Oaxaca cheese and serrano sausage may well be the best in the state. @mdinius Pinkerton's is amazing. I consider myself fortunate to be able to call the owner Grant a friend. On Friday he won Grand Champion in beef at Memphis in May. An amazing accomplishment competing against some of the best in the world.
  8. @THEMISCHMAN Stiles Switch is a great option in Austin. They have quality food from open to close (open all day and cook for a dinner service unlike Franklin) and serve the single best dish in the state; "The Notorious R.I.B." Its a 1+ pound beef rib served over a bed of tater tots smothered in house made smoked jalapeno sausage queso. It used to be a weekly Friday special, but is now only served during SXSW.
  9. Texas BBQ is my passion. I have traveled the state and tried all the Texas Monthly Top 50 joints in pursuit of smoked carnivorous perfection. I agree with @CooGAR that Snow's in Lexington, TX is among the absolute best. The atmosphere, the building, the food and especially Tootsie the 84 year old pitmaster are all legendary. Tootsie's pork steak is in my opinion the single best bite in the state. Coogar you really need to make it to one of our local herfs, I always bring que from the better joints in Houston. So far we have had Roegels, Pinkerton's, Truth, and Corkscrew. There is always good food and better company.
  10. I am aware. I was given false hope as 3 friends ( also members of this forum) ordered and received theirs.
  11. If you make it to LCDH Hamburg please beat the proprietor about the head and shoulders until he produces either a 50 Cab of PL Coronas or the $600 USD he owes me. At this point I'm not too particular about which he chooses to part with.
  12. SignalJoe


    Does FOH Auctions signal the end of members clearing inventory through locker sales on 24:24? I can't recall the last one but always enjoyed them when they popped up, and was fortunate enough to purchase from several.
  13. SignalJoe

    It's April Fools....

    About three weeks ago I installed a wireless mouse on my coworkers computer via a USB port on the back. Then proceeded to periodically use it to take over her computer. I would minimize windows she had open, open windows willy nilly, randomly right click or just frantically move her cursor around her monitor . She would call out to those around "look it's doing it again!" whils holding her hands flat on her desk. Since everyone around was in the prank they fed her various theories from the batteries in her mouse running low to needing to have her mouse digitally "calibrated." This morning she brought in a replacement wireless mouse to solve the "problem." Ironically the "problem" was watching her over the cube wall and waited patiently until she installed the mouse and...surprise, surprise the problem(s) persisted. After the failed mouse swap I pointed out that today was April fools day, she responded with "You're not going to get me." I let her believe that until lunch when I called her over to my cube to show her something. I told her to look at her monitor while moving the cursor erratically around it. The light bulb came on followed shortly thereafter by her calling me a bastard and a son of a bitch (which I found to be contradictory) as well as accusing me of engaging in carnal activities with someones mother (though she didn't specify whose).
  14. I am kind of partial to LGC.
  15. Same here, I didn't know whether I should be impressed, indignant or suspect.

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