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  1. First break of the day... people are supposed to go on vacation in July! Nice 2015 QDO Corona.
  2. Love it. Will be there all of August. Let me know if you are around..... cigars and wine/cocktails at the ready!
  3. Been a while since posting.... Lovely Rioja, brought back in my suitcase a couple months ago and an amazing Boli 2014 EL. Hot here in the Carolinas... perfect pairing!
  4. I love a Monte Media Corona/#5 or JL2. I like to get through 2 or 3 per round. 1 to start off prior to the round, 1 on the front and 1 on the back.
  5. Bolivar Super Corona 2014 EL. Great cigar! Monte Media corona. Hanging out at Boisdale CW.
  6. A day wandering Paris smoking all sorts of cigars! Ryder Cup here I come!
  7. Happy Labor Day to the US folks! Only a couple left from this box of gems... thanks Prez! MGA NOV 10 Monte Grand Edmundos EL.
  8. Great morning on the course! POU MAY 14 PD5 from our host. Excellent.
  9. Starting the night out in NYC. MEG NOV 15 from our host. Even for someone that enjoys larger rings gauge, this is large. It’s smoking tits right now though....! Thank you for the awesome stock @Elpresidente
  10. Best ever Cohiba PE I’ve had..... grabbed from Boisdales box in Canary Wharf... 2014 and can’t remember the box code.
  11. Favorite cigar in one of my favorite cities. 85 degrees in Paris.... terrace time!
  12. Good afternoon and evening in London. First ever Partagas Presidente.... great smoke! Great burn, flavor profile changed 3 times and a nice generous amount of smoke to fill the palate!
  13. Night out in Miami.... liking this regional, but could do with a bit more Traditional Boli taste, flavor and strength. Still a nice smoke to start with for the evening. V2 for the night in Miami. Let’s see if we get a bit more Boli out of this Boli!

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