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  1. We all know what dog feces smells like, and we've described things as tasting like it.....but I truly hope none of us have ever actually tasted it! I think the driftwood analogy is similar. You don't have to have ever had it in your mouth to know.
  2. Outdoors, indoors just wrecks my sinuses
  3. Topo Chico Twist of Lime goes well with a good cigar.
  4. -Mayo. -Beans. -Chicken on the bone. -Cabbage cooked in any way shape or form. -Vinegar, or anything that smells strongly of Wing sauce.
  5. scap99

    best rums under US$50.

    It's all I buy, so maybe that's why it's not on the list. 🤣
  6. Never forget the beat down that old man Nolan Ryan gave to that young pup that thought he could charge the mound. 😂
  7. UFC - go back to the original eye gouging, no biting, and no fish hooks. For championship bouts add Eskrima Bastons.
  8. Bought tickets and went to a local pub to watch Travis Meeks play. Big fan of his Days of the New works.... Would have been a great show, had he bothered to show...guess he thought he was too good to play that dive.
  9. scap99

    email of the week.

    Depends on what your definition of the word "is" is....
  10. Ha! This happened last weekend. She loaded up and left Friday morning and didn't get back until Monday afternoon. I smoked cigars all day Saturday. Grilled some fajitas. Ate and drank too much, then had a cigar smoking buddy come over and we hung out on the back porch "Ken and Rob" style.
  11. Those little plexiglass boxes in Frankfurt were all I saw for smoking late last year....not sure I'd consider that a smoking lounge. They looked pretty ripe on the inside. But if you gotta light up, I guess it is better than nothing.
  12. Got to love international discourse communities!!! As an American, I read Merc as
  13. scap99

    Happy 4th of July!!!

    I didn't snap that pic, it was a meme going around locally.... My backyard had so much water you wouldn't have needed the slip and slide.

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