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  1. Swerve sweetener and heavy cream make for some great whipped cream. Put it over some fresh cut strawberries, or other low glycemic fruits.
  2. In the States, I love me some Lemon Icebox pie. In Italy, tiramisu. It's like heaven in a bowl.
  3. I've been overrun with brown widow spiders since hurricane Harvey. You can come grab all you want.
  4. scap99


    Zafra 21, I buy it by the case.
  5. You do know to shuffle your feet in the water, right? Long as your shuffling, you can't step on the back of a 'ray. That how most people get hit, and it's just instinct on the ray's part.
  6. Nice one, Bud! Hope Grands had more than one pig, though. 😂
  7. Early spring morning...Slight drizzle...Fresh brewed coffee...It's a Punch Punch morning! Dog is asleep on my lap, cigar is firing on all cylinders, and I'm reminded that I need to get more of boxes of Punch Punch. It's got the twang, that I do crave. Pairs well with black coffee. And while I can't pick out flavors, it just tickles my palate just right.
  8. That's actually tame, if you compare it to the guys that were naming their cigars after (glorifying) cartel leaders.
  9. Starbucks (aka 5 bucks) is NOT coffee. I'm born and bred in the USA, Texas to be exact, and I'm a bit of a coffee snob. Every morning I grind beans from my local roaster. More often than not they are microlots from Ethiopia. Then I brew my magic elixir using a Chemex pour over. I find it next to impossible to find any commercially available coffee on par with what I make at home. You just can't mass produce something that takes time and love to craft.
  10. I can honestly say I've never done this. If I get that polluted, which is incredibly rare, I'm not shopping.

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