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  1. This info is fantastic. I recently realized I need to control my temp to avoid RH swings and to have a consistent smoking experience. I have a few questions: 1) What is the ideal moisture content (MC) for Cuban tobacco (seems like this is not well documented)? - It appears that the answer will be related to a few variables a) What is the ideal MC for aging? b) what MC do I prefer? - Does anyone have a feel for this so I can pick the temp / RH range to maintain my collection? 2) Is there an instrument to measure moisture content in cigars non-destructively? - I would like to measure MC to find out what I prefer the most. - I have found some inexpensive instruments to measure MC in wood. Perhaps these will work. Suggestions?
  2. has anyone tried recent ones? perhaps '16 or '17? I have some 2015, and find them very floral, not characteristic of RA
  3. Ever since this study has been posted, all the plume left my cigars. I used to have samples, I think I smoked them all Has anyone validated/verified plume yet? The "glod fleck" pics from Grower1 look convincing.

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