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  1. Hey dicko, I'm a huge fan of the UFC! My son got me hooked about 7 years ago. I'm pretty sure Dos Anjos is fighting Covington. RDA has really looked great after the move up in weight class. The fight I'm most looking forward to is Stevie Thompson v Darren Till. What a crazy match that should be! I'm also a big Conor fan. I am hoping he and Khabib will get to fight. That's an interesting contrast in styles.
  2. What a nice shop Carol built. What a shame. I'm more than happy to help out. Best of luck Carol
  3. 1-HU Regalias, being they cut the PC why not this one? 2-Bolivar Gran Belicoso, I really enjoyed the one from 2010 that I smoked
  4. Good one! Maybe not on that level, but Sofia Coppola as Mary Corleone in Godfather Part III was atrocious.
  5. Without seeing the cigars, the placement of the habanos and warranty seals screams fake. Sorry.
  6. Yes, it is a ceramic jar. I believe it was a German release, 25th Anniversary of 5th Ave products limited to 1500.
  7. Nice dark, aged Monte 2. No idea of box code, best guess is it's from late 2000s.
  8. Hard for me to answer specific years. Was away from cigars due to health for roughly 8 years. The loose Monte 2s I've been smoking are most likely from 2003-2006. I have never been a keeper of that data, I draw this conclusion from the fact that the 2 boxes of cigars I still have from those days are BBF 03 and RASS 04. Hard for me to say how many Monte 2s I've had; but recently aged over 10 years, roughly 15 and they were all really enjoyable. Smooth cocoa.
  9. The rich, dark, oily wrappers on the Monte 2 for me, while tasty, are quite strong when young. I have found these types to mellow quite a bit over time. Aged ones hit me like a relaxing smooth caffe mocha. Having recently had to give up cigars for a number of years, I was luckily forced into aging some cigars including quite a few Monte 2s. In the past year I've tried to purchase different quality from Rob of my favorite cigars (RyJ Churchill, Monte 2, BBF). I decide what to age by the cigars appearance. Works for me as I have supply to smoke while the others age. Far be it
  10. Ah, Monte 2! One of my favorites. How long to age is obviously a subjective topic, so there is no right answer. For my preference, I judge by the actual examples. For a Dark, Oily wrapper I like to let them sleep for 5 years minimum. I currently have a few of these beginning their 2nd year of rest. The lighter wrappers I find are ready to go in a year (maybe less) from the box date. Again, just my opinion.
  11. My head has spun numerous times from reading through your thorough explanations/recommendations regarding humidification systems. While I am a highly educated man, I wish I could grasp all the intricacies you speak of so knowingly. I also wish I had the talent to take on a self-build humidor. Alas, I do not and can accept this. One thing I can understand: That is remarkably consistent performance. Congrats!
  12. I smoked cigar number one last week. All I can say is it's a cigar I've never had before; and, if I get one out of the five cigars correct it is pure luck.
  13. I'll go with the RyJ Capuletos. A buddy bought a box and I joined him for a smoke last weekend. It was really good.

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