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  1. It’s warming back up this week! Get your sticks ready!
  2. Haribo

    LCDH Taipei, Taiwan

    Found a box of la escepcion selectos finos there two years ago. Paid premium though.
  3. Haribo

    Behike 52

    I stopped purchasing behikes due to some grade A fakes floating around the market. I recieved a box of behikes (from a reputable lcdh) with one cigar missing the bottom gold band. Same goes for the Cohiba medio siglo!
  4. Haribo

    Fake Behike band?

    I have a box of behike 52 purchased from a reputable lcdh that has 2/1/2 boxes in hologram
  5. Haribo

    Hello from Taiwan!

    Hello all, my name is Han. I live in Taipei, Taiwan and I have been smoking cigars on and off for about 5 years and have been reading this forum for a couple months. Thanks for letting me be part of this!

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