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  1. I agree with the youth aspect towards the end. You can tell it still needs maybe 6 months to a year to fully develop.
  2. Cold draw: firm, hay, grass, citrus notes 1st third: hay, lemon, ginger spice through the nose. Towards the end of the first 3rd, the cigar shifts to a creamy white pepper spiciness. The citrus flavors are gone but the grass/hay aspect is there although muted. Stupid ash fell off before 2nd third. Medium body/strength hands down. 2nd third: The hay is back, mixed with that creamy pepper at the end of the 1st third. For a Cohiba petit corona, this thing certainly packs a flavor punch. The spice is bold and in your face and lingers on the back of the tongue and nose. While the spice is there, it is well balanced by a nice creamy smoke. And just like that, 3-4 puffs into the 2nd third, the pepper is gone, replaced by a nice creamy citrus body. I'm also getting an edge of honey mixed in there as well as a faint sourdough bread vibe. Very good. 2nd third was definitely smoother than the first. It reared its head and took off like a rocket at first, now it's cruising. Time for the final third. Mild to medium bodied. Final 3rd: Everything has dropped by the way side and the cigar is still cruising. At the outset of the final third I'm left with a nice toasted tobacco flavor with citrus hints. The aroma of this thing is to die for. It's what a cigar should be. Brings me back to my childhood, smelling that nice cigar smell on my grandfather, reminiscent of a time long past. Light pepper just kicked back in which I like. I love pepper in a cigar. This reminds me of a nice peppery steak, maybe because I grilled a killer tri-tip tonight. Few puffs later I hit what tastes like mint especially through the nose. Interesting. And...the mint is gone. Nice creamy toasted tobacco for the rest of the ride. 1hr 15 minutes total time. Very good. The first half of the cigar changed all over the place. The last half was smooth sailing with little infusions here and there. Hands down one of my top 10 smokes. Buy some if you can find some!
  3. I'm an Olympics junkie! When those 2 weeks come around the tv and dvr become mine. I'd take 2 weeks of vacation if I could just so I could watch as much of it as possible. I'm considering going to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics!
  4. I honestly use a drill bit and drill a few holes through the cap. Then as I smoke I'll massage it to work out any residual knots and whatnot
  5. Bummer dude! Just saw this post a day late! I'm always down for a NorCal FoH Herf!
  6. Personally KH's attitude is what will prevent me from ever buying a Gurkha again. I do not stick solely with CCs as I do enjoy many NCs. The main problem with Gurkha is they have SO MANY different blends going on. Most of these blends are straight trash. Literally unsmokable trash. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. The blends they do get right can be very good IMHO. For instance, Gurkha Yakuza is one of my favorite cigars. Would a pay sticker price of $25 each? No, and I don't because I don't feel it's worth $25. Ill only buy them at auction for around $5 a piece because at the end of the day, they are a Gurkha and on principle I want to stick it to KH.
  7. Welcome Kemuri! This is a wonderful and vibrant community with a lot of passion! Btw, I used to live in Yokosuka back when I was in the Navy. I was there for 5 years and I have missed it ever since I left. Tokyo is easily one of my favorite places! Cheers and welcome aboard! Luke
  8. Easy. In Vegas over the weekend and was able to finally get my hands on an Opus X double robusto. Absolutely divine.
  9. Fuente Opus X Double Robusto with a Macallan 12 at Casa Fuente in Las Vegas

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