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  1. I was a cigar guy long before both marriage and children. I believe my first cigar was at 17. After my wife and I had two kids my cigars became less frequent for family time. At some point my kids won’t want me around as much and it will be as much fun watching them grow at their older ages as it has been so far on this journey. The reason we all love cigars is for the journey they take us through when we get to sit back and relax for an hour or so. Right now my journey is much different than it was and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I bought many cigars after my kids were born because other things I liked to do got put aside for family. When I bought I bought a few boxes to try, then a few more of other marcas to keep wondering where these cigars would go in 3-4 years, 5-10 years, and 15+. Most definitely over did it.... but I know my journey will change yet again. Now more than ever I smoke less and less cigars to not miss out on family. So I buy way less now... maybe 3-4 boxes a year. Hope this was helpful.
  2. I miss the clip on the cap from the first release more than anything.... but have found both to be just as good clearing out a plug.
  3. F: Edmundo Dantes Conde 109 K: Montecristo Open M: Cohiba Esplendido
  4. Weather here has been dreadful lately. So much rain I can’t get on my tractor to cut grass on weekends and the golf courses are unplayably saturated. The bright side is... my son and daughter now love riding their bikes through puddles with their Dad. Anyway... got together earlier in the month with two friends from my local shop, who I haven’t seen in a while at the house. I had a Talisman waiting for them each as we have been patiently waiting for a chance to give them a go. While still young the cigar was phenomenal and the four pillars bloody Shiraz gin went down just as easily. A great cigar paired by great people certainly enhances the day for hands down my best cigar experience Sept. “19”.
  5. Golf - eliminate the handicap system. Play straight up. No more giving shots to make it "fair". You want fair - put in the time and practice.
  6. Ken - thanks for the input and I took your advice. Largest fluctuation I have seen so far is +2 degrees. The area outside of the cellar is heated (faintly) and cooled, so summer its gets AC to keep it steady - winter the heat it shut down to that area and it stays rather consistent. If I see further fluctuation I'll keep you posted. So far so good.
  7. My wife has known about this for years. It’s actually a breast cancer fund raiser similar to no shave November.
  8. Agree with this 100%. But like @cigcars said... it's a good thing I don't gamble either. Just hoping their all good fights. UFC Pittsburgh from September.... one of the better series of fights I've seen in a while. Must have been something like 8 of 11 fights ending in knockouts.
  9. Yes, a cab together. As soon as I opened to check on them I noticed the holes, immediately closed it back up and began bagging (after a few expletives).
  10. One of the risks of collecting. While it hurts losing a portion of my collection is better than losing all of it. I figured I would get everything into a deep freeze ASAP, then check again once I have them back into "tempered" conditions. Do you have any additional recommendations for cleaning the humidor itself?
  11. So, I found this during my quarterly check earlier this week. ULA MAY 14 Siglo VI. I immediately bagged all contents of the humidor and put the first round of maybe three in the freezer. The link above states 6 days at 0C for adults. At -17C (0F), what do you think duration should be to be as safe as possible? I have placed round two in a refrigerator for the time being at 4C to hopefully slow the degradation or quicken the freezing time period. Thoughts? Also - in cleaning my humidor, I have vacuumed every shelf, nook, ledge, etc. Will wiping it with distilled water and vacuuming again help while I was for the acclimatizing process to begin yet again? This all stems from a few weeks of cooler temps in the AM, when my wife (Not placing blame on her whatsoever) turned the AC off in the house. When I went to do my quarterly check the humidor temp was nearly 24C. Clearly - I should splurge for a cooling device in my humidor. Typically temperature never exceeds 20C. What other precautions should I take in prep to get back to normal?

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