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  1. congratulations on your upcoming move. i am in southern middle tennessee, about an hour south of nashville. i get up at least every other week (more during football season), and always spend as much time in the joints on broadway as i can. obviously, nashville is ground zero for country music, and the industry is booming right now. there really is a pretty broad spectrum going on in addition to mainline country -- a lot of jazzy/blues mix, a huge throwback movement to 40's through 60's western country, and a banging rock scene, thanks to some nashville origin bands (kings of leon) and some recent implants (jack white, kid rock). the local cigar market is decent, with a few nice places since cao relocated operations here. there are a few of us that you may know or have seen other online boards. give me a shout and we'll meet up when you get here. but you'll have to ditch the scotch and get used to bookers - you'll be in bourbon country now.
  2. i've enjoyed watching haynesworth play over the last few years, and before then in college. he is a great player. still, its an even greater decision by the titans front office to not match that offer.
  3. the whole serie du con line is the type of cigar that i don't smoke very much, so the boxes and singles that i have tend to sit for a while until i reach for something different from my mainstays. in that context, they are exceptional cigars.
  4. looks good. stupid idea. but still, a 54 ring guage parejo? not for me no matter what it is.
  5. do you know this for a fact? there are a number of theories that have been raised as to why more recent production cigars are more "smokeable" at a young age - aged tobacco, "cooking" the tobacco, using dryers and other modernizations in the barns and warehouses..... i've read and heard persons who claim to know for a fact that each one of the three is the truth....
  6. not much love for the choix supreme. as one reviewer commented, i'm not a big fan of the rey del mundo marque, either. still, the choix supreme is a regular staple in my humidor. i smoke them almost solely in the morning hours. they are mild young, and may just bump on medium with time. the flavor is not strong, but still pleasant. truthfully, there isn't much i do smoke before 10:30 am unless its a choix supreme or a plpc or the like. still, i don't really understand the reviews here. if you grade subjectively, then the comments made by the reviewers should have dictated a lower score. if the attempt was made to grade on some objective basis, just against other "mild" cigars, or those cigars preferred by "5 year old girls", then i guess that justifies the ratings. i agree with Colt45 that i would not consider the choix supreme a good entry habano. i have never found them overly complex, sublimely flavorful, or strong enough to leave a lasting impression against other cigars. as an aside, i was interested to hear the pronounciation of "choix". i've been in several discussions where no clear consensus was reached on whether it was like "choice", "cho-ix", or a french "schwa".
  7. funny you ask. there has been an ongoing discussion about these elsewhere today. today's rass seem different than the production of the late 90's and early 2000's. in those production years, young rass were frequently disliked by many as being harsh, unapproachable, or just not good. personally, i liked the flavor, but it wasn't my favorite. once a few years had passed on them, however, they became phenomenal cigars - with almost universally accepted great flavor and blend. as i have already commented today, i know of no other cigar that went through such a dramatic transformation with age. literally, it was a different cigar altogether. an aged rass is my personal favorite robusto, bar none. recent production, however, has been much better young. i have read a number of reviews of relatively new smokers who love the cigar, even when they might not care for the ramon allones marque or even against other offerings in that vitola. if you read much about the rass, the dislikes tend to come from persons who tried them several years ago, had young examples, and haven't been back. the first impression dominates. the big question is what this means for the current production. some say the rass, even though much better young, will continue to develop into the great cigar its older production was. i, along with some others, tend to think the difference will most likely mean that the cigar will get better with age, but may not reach the same bar as older models. as said by a good friend, i guess we will find out.
  8. good to see you here. i am in pulaski/lawrenceburg.
  9. Bolivar -- Royal Corona Cohiba -- Robusto Cuaba -- Divino Diplomaticos -- No. 4 El Rey del Mundo -- choix supreme Fonseca -- cosaco H. Upmann -- Mag46 Hoyo de Monterrey -- probably the Epi2. Juan Lopez -- Sel. no. 1 La Gloria Cubana -- Tainos Montecristo -- esp. no. 2 Partagas -- psdc2 Por Larranaga -- plpc Punch -- ss2 Quai d'Orsay -- corona (claro) Rafael Gonzalez -- panetelas Ramon Allones -- RASS Romeo y Julieta -- Ex. 4 Saint Luis Rey -- Serie A San Cristobal de la Habana -- la fuerza Sancho Panza -- Belicoso Trinidad -- reyes Vegas Robaina -- unicos
  10. what part of arkansas? i duck/goose hunt in the colt/wynn/stuttgart area.
  11. sorry i missed this earlier. its good to have another tennessean on board. i am in southern middle, just below you. i end up in nashville and franklin several times a week. perhaps someone should organize an event. note -- an event that does NOT conflict with titans games.
  12. face paint? closeup pics with carcass heads? post kill "stuffing"? WOW -- yall really do do things different in the eastern third. lol. nice bird.
  13. hello from further south of nashville, in lawrenceburg. i think we may have spoken previously, through other forums. i will admit that, when i saw your steelers pride, i threw up in mouth a little bit. go titans. welcome.
  14. All patients know that April is » the time that the dentist plays hooky.;-) lol. my receptionist has a way of nicely telling folks that my schedule is "very fluid" during april.
  15. alright - post em. saturday morning at 7:05 - 22.1 pounds, 10 1/4" beard, 1" spurs. sunday afternoon (didn't kill; called up for a buddy) - 20.8 pounds, 10.5" beard, 1 1/4 spurs.

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