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  1. Hunterd16

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Hard to beat a PSP RJ Churchill.
  2. Earlier today I smoked a wonderful Fonseca No.1 dated UTL JUL 17. I received this box only a few days ago from 24:24 and though I usually wait the 60-90 days..I couldn't resist lighting one up. The cigar started off a bit muted but still had a very nice balance to it and also had a very "velvety" mouthfeel and flavor....until the halfway point. About 40 mins into the cigar I started tasting what I believe to be ammonia and the mouthfeel of the cigar started to change as well. I then had to set the cigar down and very quickly and got a headache that took hours to shake. So all that to say, is it ammonia that caused the cigar the taste funny and give me a headache or maybe just the RH and/or nicotine? Thanks!
  3. Major correction, Colorado*. My apologies! This site seems to have it in stock if you are interested.
  4. Ould Tom Gin distilled by Downslope distilling in Chicago. Insanely excellent and complex.
  5. Hunterd16

    Pappy Van Winkle prices

    Slight correction- Anything under 2 years cannot be called a “straight bourbon whiskey”. The term “straight bourbon whiskey” is when the spirits reaches and exceeds 2 years in the barrel. And 4 years to be a “bottled-in-bond”..with a few other requirements.
  6. Thomas Shelby- Peaky Blinders
  7. Hunterd16

    Beetle holes

    Thanks for the quick info, they were purchased from our host here. They were also a HQ/PSP box. After hearing everyones feedback i will definitely freeze them!
  8. Hello everyone I received a box of RJ belicosos and one of the cigars on the bottom row has a large beetle hole in the wrapper that digs down to the filler. I have taken that cigar out and isolated it. I checked all the other cigars and the feet look fine and the wrappers are fine as well. This box will be smoked within a years time...should I be worried? This isn't my first beetle problem, just the first time it's 1 cigar and not 4 or 5!
  9. Hunterd16

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2001 Cohiba Lancero. Surprisingly flavorful despite the bland and ugly wrapper. The only flavors coming through on a strong retro is milk and cedar notes. I can only imagine a oily wrapper on this would make it a lot better. Oh well! Still awesome 😁
  10. Hunterd16

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    15’ PSD4 paired with some Alabama Straight Bourbon. Delicious
  11. Hello from Mobile Alabama! Ive been a member here for several years and browsed even longer for knowledge sake. I began my cigar smoking journey way before the age requirement and with non-cuban cigars. I have smoked nearly every core line of every high-end non-cuban cigar and many boutique cigars. Over the past few years I have delved heavily into spirits and in particular, whiskey. During that process I was able to refine my palate and lost the taste for non-cuban cigars as cuban cigars were slowly introduced. No spice, (relatively) no harshness, and there is FLAVOR. Cuban cigars are just bliss. I am currently a senior at the university of Mobile. I also work at a premium cigar shop in lower Alabama. My family owns and operates a small craft distillery that makes Alabama Bourbon! But not just any Alabama Bourbon, Alabamas FIRST bourbon using 6 grains and local corn. I have worked there on and off for the past 3 years and can't wait to graduate and make Alabamas finest spirit. A few of my regular and favorite Cigars (right now)- Bolivar coronas junior/petit, Diplomaticos El embajador, PSD4, PLPC, Ramon Allones LCDH, Hoyo De Monterrey LCDH, RASS, and Punch Punch.
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