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  1. Smoking well, probably won’t revisit these for another 6 months. They have transformed tremendously since I bought them from foh back in 16. First couple years they were unsmokable for me. Just started to smooth out this year. box code is TEA OCT15
  2. From the OR. Stunning wrappers in person, lightly brindled Colorado rosado.
  3. Same here and it could, you’re right. 5+years on tho and I get no sense it’s going anywhere. It tastes like all Ligero and volado -unbalanced.
  4. Mag 48 - hated when I first got them, forgotten in a corner of the cabinet for years. Now quite a nice smoke. should have been 2” longer tho.
  5. Cigar: anything below 40 or above 54 and short fat REs other: ancient astronaut theorist deniers.
  6. PSE2 jun18 no sign of youth. Last third got a little grubby, first two were Fantastic.

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