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  1. As it turns out, these guys didn’t read the terms of service either...
  2. Glad you enjoy em bro! Had one this morning myself.
  3. Glad to hear it bro! Like them both myself, but the monte is quite special.
  4. Enjoyed it quite a bit actually. To me it had that classic vintage tobacco quality to it. No burn issue at all, construction was great. I wish they would bring this vitola back. very, very nice cigar.
  5. Many thanks to @Jbhunter223 for the opportunity to try this cigar! 01 Diplomatico #3
  6. Smoking well, probably won’t revisit these for another 6 months. They have transformed tremendously since I bought them from foh back in 16. First couple years they were unsmokable for me. Just started to smooth out this year. box code is TEA OCT15

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