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  1. I hardly ever pull these big cigars out anymore, it’s now strictly 42rg and under and fresher the better. But, if there was ever a time, Sunday morning seems right to me. One of the notable regionals from my decade of collecting and one of the best imo.
  2. The price has kept me from going to back them for sure, they were a decent stick for $5. Funnily enough I’m not much for the monte4s, I’ve found better luck with monte5s. I put this down to large production runs on the 4s, but who knows.
  3. First two cabs I bought were amazing, some of the best cigars I’ve had. The next 6 cabs were not as good, 1 was downright terrible. When on they are a treat. I’ve often dry boxed these fresh, for a week or so, with very good results.
  4. I mark it up to the difference in filler size as those two are long filler cigars with different construction methods.
  5. I’ve never aged them as they are short filler cigars -but I suppose you can. I’ve been smoking rgpe for over a decade, but smoked at least 2 of these a day since the pandemic started. So been through 30+ boxes in the last year and a half. I feel pretty safe saying these are one of the best value cigars available and one of the worst constructed cigars I’m aware of, which is a testament to how good the tobacco is. It is generally superb tobacco and worth overlooking the hideous construction and zero Qc.
  6. They are plugged pretty close to 50% of the time. It’s unbelievable that any cigar could have that kind of plug rate but here we are. The PEs still might be one of the best values out there if you can get past the truly dismal construction. As short filler, I have little problem cutting these in half and usually I get something worth smoking out of it. Flavor can be all over the place, but I have had ones that would blow any cigar smoker away. True Cuban flavor for cheap but.. be prepared for literally zero quality control.
  7. I didn’t realize it was distributors and retailers who collectively raised the price, I thought it came from the motherland. It’s too bad because my cigar budget has not gone up, so less choices..
  8. I can’t believe what a box of party shorts is going for, even on sale now. Totally not worth it anymore IMO. There are a few others. Can’t believe the price on rgpe now either. C&cs should be $4 or less, and for me, no cigar is worth much more. Higher than $4 and it’s all hype and bs. This increase was an act of desperation by Cuba. There is nothing to justify it as far as I see.
  9. Too bad I missed this one, hope to be back there by the end of the year.
  10. I use 58 bovedas and my rh settles around 60. Don’t have NCs
  11. given to me many many years ago, and I’m afraid the donors name has been lost to time. Thank you my friend, whomever you may be.

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