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  1. Prefer the mag46 vitola but the #2 is consistently better flavor. Personally I will always choose flavor over vitola.
  2. Fast becoming one of my favorite cigars. 17 San Juan
  3. its a result of shocking the cigar. if stored cool and brought into very warm temps (exacerbated by being in the sunlight)) , like a 30*+ temp swing in a few minutes and if the cigar was a little moist and brought into a dry environment or if the cigar is dry and brought into a humid environment , the cigar is shocked by the fast movement of moisture into or out of the cigar. causes it to sometimes swell and crack or just fall apart.
  4. I nominate dip ammunition for regional of the year. Damn good cigar.
  5. yep the fan is made by Vivosun (I got a refurbished one for $37) and the filter is from GHydro paid $35. there are many manufacturers and they look to be all more or less the same. Air wick is the name of the brand.
  6. @LonesomeHabanoAficionado I also use an air wick which is battery operated and automatically releases a spray of deodorizer every 1/2 hour or so and occasionally some incense. After I leave the room, I will turn the the fan up to max and leave running for at least a few hours. I could add a timer I suppose but havent really felt the need to as of now.

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