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  1. Too bad I missed this one, hope to be back there by the end of the year.
  2. I use 58 bovedas and my rh settles around 60. Don’t have NCs
  3. given to me many many years ago, and I’m afraid the donors name has been lost to time. Thank you my friend, whomever you may be.
  4. So weird, I literally smoked one of those about 2 hours ago.
  5. By Jeremy Young: (professor at a University in Utah) We can now read the report on COVID-19 that so terrified every public health manager and head of state from Boris Johnson to Donald Trump to the dictator of El Salvador that they ordered people to stay in their houses. I read it yesterday afternoon and haven't been the same since. I urge everyone to read it, but maybe have a drink first, or have your family around you. It is absolutely terrifying. The New York TImes confirms that the CDC and global leaders are treating
  6. here's the problem I have: "With the current covid-19 pandemic, a corona virus, he’s turning the hashtag into a event only line." "The cigars were rolled in the first week of January and have been resting in the factory aging room since. But with the world reacting strongly to the virus, Riatevski said it was almost a calling to launch the cigars now." I didn't say and don't wish him the worst, I said I personally would never buy any of his cigars. Anyone who uses the death of people to sell a product is unethical.
  7. Riste came on the scene right about the time I gave up on NCs permanently. I heard some bad rumors of his disposition and such at the time. So jsk wants to grapple to the bottom with the likes of Caldwell et al..? Congrats, you've just brought the cigar world to a new low.
  8. I've seen some pretty poor and distasteful marketing over the years, but this one takes the cake. I personally have never and will never... ever... smoke any jsk cigar Your thoughts? JSK RELEASES THE VIRUS Mar 12, 2020 | 0 comments JSK releases the virus. In an email to Ministry of Cigars, Riste Ristevski from Jas Sum Kral told that he will release another event only cigar. For years Jas Sum Kral has used the hashtag #jskvirus. With the current covid-19 pandemic, a corona virus, he’s turni
  9. I kind of do- I think. its because people (and I'm not saying fatherofpugs, whom I agree with on many things) have become so skeptical of the media, it has become difficult to discern truth from fiction, or an agenda driven story. Similar to the boy who cried wolf, we are fed such deception, over and over, that finally we don't believe anything from the media anymore. We see now, how dangerous this predicament has become. I'm not saying left or right here, both sides are miserably guilty of this.

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