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  1. Yea I roll em with a powermatic, takes me less than 5 minutes to roll a pack, literally less time than it takes to go in a store and buy em. I buy all organic whole leaf tobacco, de-stem and shred it myself though which adds a bit more time but it costs me about $1.50 make a pack. It couldn’t be easier and the taste improvement works too.
  2. Thanks guys. All my cigs contain 5% plugged Rafael Gonzales panatelas. The RG has a beautiful floral aroma if you shred it and jar it for a week or so. Good in the pipe too.
  3. I recently gave up on commercial cigs and decided to try my hand at rolling my own but, I needed a place to store all the loose cigs- came up with this. There are 4 layers of cedar inserts in the bottom and 2 layers on the sides. Exterior is finished with hemp seed oil and the interior is natural. I also loosened up the action on the slide lid and made it magnetic. When I showed the wife she just rolled her eyes but, I like the way it came out, so thought I’d share it with people who understand….
  4. I do use a 9mm punch on all my larger cigars and rarely have this problem, but it does happen. I’ve often made an additional straight cut on the last 1/3 to remove tar buildup around the initial punch hole. I’ve also found that wetter cigars seem to buildup tar quicker than were I like to smoke them. Tighter cigars also tend to buildup more tar towards the end. Sometimes you can taste a cigar that’s still too wet, just by tasting the unlit cigar wrapper at the cap. I find this especially noticeable with younger cigars and much less, if at all, with aged cigars.
  5. I know what you meant, no worries. I’ve been through a stage where I just didn’t see the point in smoking smaller cigars. Now I almost smoke them exclusively.
  6. See, I don’t look at it as quick fixes throughout the day. I see it more as shorter gaps between cigars.
  7. I don’t get the party shorts fever either. I much prefer the format of an aristocrat or psp for the price. Not trying to be dick here, but, almost all of them. In fact I’m having trouble thinking of a milder minuto than p shorts.
  8. More party aristocrats, just can’t get enough of them lately.
  9. If you mean Phish kept Plattsburgh on the map because of their proximity to Nectars in Burlington, then yes.🤣🤣 I was there but, the Air Force base shows across the lake were epic. the only other thing that kept Plattsburgh on the map was the Plattsburgh marine operator and squelch.
  10. Not smoking one ROTT, is undue masochistic torture. It’s depriving yourself of a potentially great cigar moment. Sometimes you can feel the cigar is too moist, but even then, my curiosity often gets the better of me. I usually feel for the loosest cigar in the bunch and smoke that one first. Every now and then, I’ve been totally blown away by a cigar rott.
  11. RG panatelas MIGHT be the best $2 cigar on the planet when they’re not rolled too tight. Great follow up to this morning’s du depute, which have just been smoking superbly fresh and dry boxed.
  12. I loved PLPC at 5 per stick. I just can’t bring myself to pay much more than that for them unfortunately. They were a great cigar and a bargain.
  13. I’d go with du depute, m#5 and the perlas. My Recent boxes have been good of hoyo and monte. I scored boxes of 13,14 and 15 rg perlas a few months back that were all spectacular.
  14. I hear you! My price paid per cigar hasn’t changed much, but my cigar has gotten noticeably slimmer. I don’t take many chances with expensive cigars either but dry box everything with less than 10years on it.
  15. I’ve always heard this a well, even in the NC world. I’ve also heard magnesium content in soil plays a big part. I did come across an interesting patent a while back regarding ash color:
  16. Well I’d agree with a lot of what you said, but: Cigars need to be rested rott -if they are wet. Sometimes shipping in the right conditions, at the right time of year, can effectively dry box your cigars in transit and they can can smoke superbly rott. So I would advise no cut and dry method to treating you cigars rott, other than smoking them to see if they need more time down. I often think that “aging” is really about reducing moisture content in the cigar.- that’s it, there is no magic in it. Having said that, reducing moisture content slowly, over time, nets the best results. Some might call this aging.
  17. came back to give an update on the Quintero tubulares with a mini review: I’m new to Quintero but have been smoking Cuban cigars for 30 years. I’ve been through many, many boxes of RG panatelas, mainly for the price and great flavor when they’re not rolled too tight. Problem is, it’s a huge percentage that are rolled too tight. So Ive been looking for a cheap, short filler cigar and decided to give these Quintero tubulares a try. This is some really good tobacco! Rott they were wet, so I de-tubed them all and put them in a desktop to settle down. I get a bit of a metallic taste when short filler cigars are too wet, both with nc or cc, and, at the halfway point, I usually chuck em as they turn bitter. Flash forward 4 weeks and they are coming out of the desktop nice now. I was debating getting these tubos (which are a petite corona ) or the londres extra, that have a thinner rg. I’ll be getting the thinner rg next time only because these get really mushy and hot towards the end. Flavor has really surprised me with me these. They are sweet and unmistakably Cuban. I think I actually prefer the flavor of these over the rg panatelas. i was genuinely pleased with these cigars … And don’t let anyone tell you different: Cuba makes the best cigars for under $6 -bar none, not even close.
  18. Keep it simple and to the point, Friends of Haha… People are already smiling at HSA for this one.
  19. Thanks, I’ve got some tubulares en route and LEs are next I think. I’ve found so many good C&Cs since covid and the price hikes left me searching in this class of cigars. It’s probably the only good thing I can say about covid. The economy forced me into this C&C market -and I couldn’t be happier about it.
  20. Thanks for that. The Nacionals look a great size for me. The Londres Extras are just shy of that size and prices seem pretty much exactly the same. I think all QyH are hand rolled short filler, so I suppose it’s a wrapper:filler ratio that would make a particular vitola shine with these. I look forward to them, don’t know why I’ve taken so long to try one.
  21. Du depute has been a superb performer for me. They don’t need much time down imo and I’ve been through several boxes that smoke well ROTT.
  22. Aging is something I’ve altered quite a bit since first starting out. I used to just throw boxes in the deep storage and pull em out after 5 years but I’ve now changed tactics considerably. If the cigar is enjoyable now, I smoke it now. I once thought ‘ that wow this is great, I wonder what it will be like in 5 years’. I don’t do that any longer because it is a huge risk. It doesn’t always get better and sometimes they get worse. A good cigar in hand is worth two in storage to me now. I’ve had superb cigars with less than a year on them, and when I find them like this, I smoke them, don’t wait. So really only cigars that don’t taste great right now go into my storage anymore. It’s just me and probably not conventional, but having done the serious aging routine, and been let down as much as I’ve been impressed, I’ve changed my routine with storage. Don’t know if this helps someone starting out but would say, trust your pallet, if it smokes good now- smoke em.
  23. Would you mind sharing what your favorite QyH is? Never tried one but I’m leaning towards the LE or Nacionales but don’t know enough to pull the trigger.

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