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  1. For me lately Most consistent - Dip 2, RASCC, Reyes, RyJ Cazadores, Connie A Least consistent - Punch Punch, Monte 4, HURR, PSD4, El Principe
  2. Basically unaffordable to buy from B&M’s here in the first place, but this looks like the final nail in the coffin. Sad.
  3. Currently this would be my Top 5. Undoubtedly will change in the next year or two. 1. Ramon Allones 2. Cohiba 3. Trinidad 4. Diplomaticos 5. Bolivar
  4. ComancheKeen

    Share your Cuban haul

    Dumas 224, Maltes 276, Leyenda 314 If you were curious, Cheers!
  5. If you have time please post a pic. I haven’t seen too many boxes with a lighter shade of wrapper. Haven’t sampled any yet myself and will probably wait a few years to dig into my box. Will have to buy an extra single or two in the meantime just to see where they are at.
  6. ComancheKeen

    What's your plugged cigar rate?

    Way more plugged than under filled lately for me. I’d say 10-15%. Many of them plugged so solid when I try to use PerfecDraw (ever so gently) the wrapper blows apart between the head and band. Then I’ll drill 3 or 4 holes through the entire thing and really butcher it, and usually toss it 5 mins in because it is still such an uncomfortably tight draw. I store at 60-62% and 65F. I’ve got a box of Monte 4’s and two boxes of Monte 3’s all from 2015 where 3/4 of them are basically unsmokable.
  7. ComancheKeen

    2014 PLPC

    @Cep good to hear the cab is getting there. I’ll be sure to get into the half you sent my way shortly!
  8. Outdoors. We only usually get 6 months of suitable outdoor smoking weather, which makes me appreciate a good cigar in the evening on the deck that much more.
  9. Personally, on occasion I will buy a box of 25 even if I don’t want the whole box. Or maybe better put, I don’t “need” the whole box. Maybe I only want 10-15 to try them out. Sometimes I’ll break the box up and recoup some of my investment. If there’s any profit, most times all it will cover is the fuel I burn on the way to the post office. If every CC’s came in boxes of 10 I would be a happy man. I also live in Canada where cigars are heavily taxed and sometime I can’t afford to buy an entire box.
  10. ComancheKeen

    Most recent box codes for:

    Behike 52 - UAO OCT 17 QD 54 - MSU AGO 17
  11. ComancheKeen

    Cigar shops in Canada

    I spoke with the fellow in the crazy coat (Jeff?) at RMS 16’ who told me to check out the West location which was just opening at that time. He was very excited about the owners passion and how everything was shaping up. Still have yet to see it for myself as I live 2hrs NE of the city and rarely make it to that area anymore. But the reminder is appreciated and I’ll make a point to get there this summer. Also did I see a possible new Spruce Grove location on your website at one time or did that fall through? I’m up there a lot. Also, any plans for Drumheller?
  12. ComancheKeen

    Cigar shops in Canada

    You shouldn’t, Cheap Smokes has some great stuff and solid prices. I have only been to the Airdrie and Red Deer locations so I personally couldn’t vouch for the Calgary stores.
  13. ComancheKeen

    Gibson Guitars

    Sad to see such an iconic brand going downhill. Me and my Les Paul. Fitting for this forum that the colour is Tobacco Burst.
  14. ComancheKeen

    Cigar shops in Canada

    For sure check out Zigarren if your in Calgary. I wouldn’t bother buying full boxes of regular production within Canada though. You would be crazy to do that. Canadian RE’s though are worth a look if you want to bring back something nice. Some B&M’s still have some of the older releases kicking around. I’d recommend looking for the 2010 Ramon Allones Gordito and 2012 Vegas Robaina XV Aniversario if you can find them. They come in 10 count boxes and are priced somewhat “reasonable”. The Bolivar Simones and VR Petit Robaina were also excellent releases but are a little harder to find now. There are a few other smaller shops in Calgary you could try depending on how much time you have to look around and what area of the city you will be in. PM me if your interested and I can fill you in.

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