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  1. SticksAndSticks

    durian. yes? no?

    There's something ethereal about durian. Mango custard manages to entwine itself with a rot and putridness that is revolting and beguiling simultaneously. It's sublime, repulsive, delicious, and corrupted all at the same time. What's not to love?
  2. SticksAndSticks

    LAX Monday 5th of November

    I'm in for 1.
  3. Wow you definitely just sold me on the Vigia. I have a box of excellent Reyes and they're some of my absolute favorites.
  4. R&J Exhibition 4 - Fruits, Florals, Cedar Monte 4 - Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Cream, Spice Party Short - Spice, Earth, Sourdough, Musk BRC - Leather, Citrus, Wood HUHC - Espresso, Nuts
  5. SticksAndSticks

    Petit Robusto V Corona

    I really like Corona/Corona Gorda/Petit Corona, but it doesn't surprise me that the petit robusto is getting so popular. Even if they take the same amount of time to smoke it just feels like the Petit Robusto is a shorter format cigar. Also they're good with less work, its hard to smoke a PR too fast and turn it bitter. Recently i've been ditching Robusto's in general though and looking for the 46 and under formats.
  6. SticksAndSticks

    this week's genius...

    Unless that ATV has suspension longer than the diameter of the wheel (and it definitely doesn't) they are done. They'd probably be done anyway though. Someone learned an expensive lesson.
  7. SticksAndSticks

    Question to the board

    I care about the age but not about the code being on the box. As long as the age is in the listing on 24:24 I don't care at all if its stamped on the box.
  8. SticksAndSticks

    LAX Monday 5th of November

    This will be a blast!
  9. I'd go for the Connie 1. They both have a similarly textured, luxurious, smooth smoke but where the Epi 2 leads you towards a sort of milky cream flavor, the Connie 1 steers more towards almond and not too sweet cake. Both are delicious but i'm partial to the Connie 1, its just got a bit more going on in my experience.
  10. I much prefer LGC here. The unique fresh hay flavor from them is something else, backed by great richness, sweetness, and complexity. MC's I find inconsistent but mostly offering just rich tobacco and a touch of caramel. PLPC does it better in my opinion when I want those flavors.
  11. I asked a pilot friend of mine once and his answer was that because of the increased risk during takeoff and landing they don't want people distracted by their phone in the event of an emergency. That said, I usually leave my phone on because if something is happening to the plane during takeoff or landing I'm happy to put my phone down and focus on not dying.
  12. Awesome wine recommendations updated daily.
  13. I think cigars pair better with lighter things that freshen your palate some. My top 2 are Sprite or Champagne personally.
  14. SticksAndSticks

    First pics of the Rafael Gonzalez 88

    $190 USD is my guess. They seem big on the price bumps lately, I can see them trying to push the regionals on price after the general bump.
  15. SticksAndSticks

    suggestions for FOH videos

    Aged vs new tastings would be really cool to see.

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