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  1. Hey. You get a duty free allowance of 1 cigar. Also without a license you can then only bring in up to 400g worth of cigars to actually pay duty on. If you want to do this option, download the [email protected] app and just complete the self declaration and pay on the app. If if you have more than 400g to bring with you. I will try and find the list of companies that can get you a license. Will PM you, The customs office gave me the list and you should be able to get it sorted through one of these companies before you arrivr.
  2. Sunday in a grey HK. catching up on FOH AUM NOV 13 Connie A
  3. Haha every dog has it's day 😂 Although most dogs don't even last 22 years!! Must admit, very good young team.
  4. Isn't this the box you tried to flog to Me??? 😂😂😂 (just messing)
  5. thanks for sharing, can't wait to go back one day!

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