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  1. Very sad news. Seen depression at close hand and the devastating effects it has on the sufferer and those around them. Both now and in the future serving and veteran HM Forces (and other forces) will be exposed to this debilitating condition. Not just ex forces of course. Prodigy, I'm sure you just went off half-cocked.
  2. Not sure what you are thinking canadianbeaver. And what is urban dictionary? If you don't understand the term "double tap" that's ok
  3. 1. People who don't don't get the pints in when it's their turn (don't <moderated> join if you don't want to participate) 2. Political correctness, a real conversation stopper. 3. The attitude of entitlement. 4. "I know my rights" 5. People who give you a blank look when you use the term "double tap" when discussing racist twats. 6. ANY reality tv shows I am definitely getting old and grumpy and quite honestly I'm enjoying it!
  4. Great posts guys Nicole I was 16 when I started in the slaughterhouse. No strict employment law then. After that it was the Army for me. Then you could smoke in the mess. So many good night's with mates in Germany and around the world. What a shock when back in the UK to discover the price of Cuban cigars. Outrageous!
  5. For myself it was whilst working at my first job in a slaughterhouse. The days work was finished and I was cleaning up and the owner came in to pay me (£5 for the day). He was smoking a cigar. The smell was amazing. "what cigar is that then gov". "that my son is a Punch-punch and if you work hard enough tomorrow I'll give you one" That was 42 years ago.
  6. "keep calling Sir, we'll find you..."

  7. Correct Akela3rd For some strange reason I find his work interesting, a tad disturbing though
  8. Good afternoon all Thought I. would introduce myself. I live in Portsmouth (uk). I have always enjoyed Cuban cigars. Having read through some of the post's I am stunned by the amount of knowledge available. Many thanks. I look forward to reading more. If I can contribute I will. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a pleasantly numb New Year

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