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  1. Much agreed! I didn't expect that they use DDP shipping like Amazon 👍. Please let us know your experience with Raching cabinet @Cigarsmoker81 😃
  2. I already informed them that I'll get Spanish Cedar lined C330A when I have enough budget, so I won't grab Canadian Cedar one for sure. I agree that Canadian Cedar is one of aromatic cedar, which is bad for CCs.
  3. Just had a word with guys from Raching on FB Messenger. The prices of C330A cabinet including shipping fee & duties are $1665.00 for Spanish Cedar lined, $1497.00 for Canada Cedar lined. I'm surprised that they are not only helped me to figure out the total price of the cabinet but also introduced me a custom broker to prevent nasty issues 👍. I really like their way to response to customers and can't wait to buy their cigar cabinet soon! BTW, their cabinet has different looks depend on which material will be used for lining their cabinet.
  4. Welcome to the FOH @Soso! Glad that my posts on ajapeople guided you to this wonderful Cuban cigar forum on the web. Feel free to ask me and other FOH members if you have doubts 😃 BTW, those who wonder a user with ID CigarConnoisseur, it's my forum handle on Korean website called ajapeople and I'm the head of the cigar forum section on that website. 😄
  5. Super cool Lonsdale indeed! I really like the flavor profile of this Montecristo buddy 😃
  6. Sorry to hear that this ER didn't deliver flavor to you @Sir Diggamus. Had the exact same experience with Partagas EL17 Series No. 1 and it was one of the worst CC I've ever had! 😥
  7. Welcoem to the FOH! Can't wait to see ya on FOH Zoom sessions soon!
  8. Received Templeton Tonics Templeton Tonic - Aeventus a day ago. Its smell was absolutely great and fitted with Lockhart's Goon Grease pomade. It has great ingredients and various uses, so I can't wait to try this hair tonic when I have pomade buildup 😄😃.
  9. This the moment which makes me worried when the CCs are seized by the customs without notice...
  10. Siglo II is my first CC when I was 20 yrs old. Super great Mareva PC indeed @Bijan 😄👍
  11. Leyenda and Lusitania are the greatest CCs I've ever had buddy! It's the best of Linea 1935 IMHO.
  12. One of my fav CC Robusto indeed! Reminds me a cup of coffee buddy 😄👍
  13. They're great CCs especially when you only have a short time for puffing CCs. 😃

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