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  1. Welcome to the FOH! 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  2. They look tasty CCs [emoji1][emoji3] 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  3. Ready for even goofier cigar reviews! We need more folks to do epic hillarious CC reviews [emoji1][emoji23] 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  4. Thanks dude! I thought its max RG is 54, since many websites claimed it can cut up to 54 RG sticks. I'll definitely buy this all round cigar scissors for straight cut [emoji2]
  5. Dat XIKAR Scissors! Is it works on any ring gauge even on 60+ Cuban Custom rolls? I'm choosing between XIKAR MTX Scissors and XIKAR M8 Cutter for straight cut.
  6. Much agreed! I think it would be even goofier than ever with more big cigar jokes, etc if I'm on FOH Video Reviews. So, I'm really looking forward to be on FOH Video Reviews 🤣 I just typed Howard Stern on Google to see who he is. I'm surprised that his humor styles are quite similar to that of mine 😂
  7. Thanks Frank! I wish I have 898 to compare with Mantua, since Dalia is one of my favorite CC sizes. The positive reviews of 898 made me want to buy stockpile of these. 😃
  8. Thanks Daniel! Never had Punch Punch too, but always wanted to get 6er of these at least. How ironic that Mantua Italy ER is my first Punch experience. For Monte 1 Virtual Herf Review, I couldn't pop in today since my sis has stye eye problem. Will let you know when I do the Monte 1 Virtual Herf review.
  9. That Punch 48 looks tasty Daniel! Is it good Corona Gorda in your opinion? Punch 48 is on my Punch Review list and I really like Coronas Gordas. 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  10. Thank you for sharing Punch Mantua experience Frank! I have one freebie Mantua in my tupperdor and can't wait to post Mantua review! Do you prefer Punch 898 over Mantua? I never had any Punch, so can't tell a lot about Punch. 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  11. I'd like to pop in FOH Video reviews @El Presidente! 😃🤣
  12. Leyenda has fuller and more flavor notes with intensity than Dumas. Maltes is the only Monte 1935 cigars I've never had so far. I really prefer Leyenda's flavor profile over that of Dumas TBH. I really like to stockpile of Leyendas. 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  13. Much agreed! They tend to be getting better and better as they aged for years. It's one of the cheap and cheerful CCs that I'd like to stock more of these!

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