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  1. I highly recommend to pick Iroda PT-220V torch for tabletop lighter on the deck Rob. It has high fuel capacity of 60ml yet powerful single jet flame (1200C) with brass body. It has air flow control valve which allows you to use soft flame if you.want to 😃.
  2. Sorry to hear that aged RyJ Churchill was a dud @BuzzArd. Even yer smokin cat seems to be unamused with that CC buddy 😂
  3. Thanks @maverickdrinker! Will get that box if I can! 😄
  4. Dat venerable RyJ Churchill buddy! Wish I have such a vintage CC like this 😃
  5. How was this Montecristo Anejados Churchill? I had two Upmann Anejados Robustos a long time ago and they were harsh peppery dog rockets to me. I wish I can see ya on Virtual Herf once again Art!
  6. DCs are absolutely great realexing CC unless you puff them in harsh cold windy weather @JohnS 😂🌪️🌫️🌀❄️☃️!
  7. Dat sick SLR Lonsdale buddy! I really regret that I didn't care for SLR much when I was a CC newbie 😥.
  8. I also created new vulgar language "Eat my donkey d!#k" for fun after seeing this post @BoliDan. That's really hillarious post buddy 🤣! Similar example might be: Holy sheet! 😂
  9. I also bought 6er RyJ Ex No. 4 ABO JUL 19 (PSP HQ Mixed) before price increase. Mine look like between PSP and HQ (more to PSP IMHO) in terms of wrapper shade. Based on your review, I'm really excited to see how will they perform 😄! Note. Had some plume/white mold on caps but managed to remove them without issue 😃.
  10. That's a good way to use Travel Humidor buddy! I also found Pelican R60 Ruck case, which has organizers inside (good for placing cigar tools and Boveda pack). It'll be my small travel humidor for sure!
  11. I wish I can get stockpiles of 24:24 CC boxes mate! Will do that when I get cigar cabinet 😂
  12. Boveda packs can have cedar smells when they're stored in tupperdors with Spanish Cedar sheets for long time. Too bad that I can't get 8g 65RH Boveda packs in my country unlike 60g and 320g packs.
  13. What a large 24:24 haul @Bijan! They're my wishlist CCs mate! 🤣
  14. Oh wow, this makes me just want to pick large Cedar sheets from Sir Winnie box and forget using silicone instead even more mate 😮. It takes way longer than I expected 😶

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