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  1. VPNs will do a trick for online Hold'em and porn websites though @Bijan 😂.
  2. The Korean law prohibits playing games with real money except in the only one domestic casino (doesn't even have Hold'em at all). Other casinos in my country are strictly for foreigners unfortunately 😭.
  3. Thanks, but too bad that it's illegal to play hold'em with real money in Korea and only legal domestic casino doesn't have hold'em at all 😢. Well, I'm suck at math, so I might be the sucker at game LOL 🤣.
  4. Thanks @inter4alia! Saw some pros lost their whole $$$ during the tournament though. Will watch some tournaments buddy 😃! Just noticed that it isn't available on Google Play Korea too 😢. Seems that I'm stuck with PokerStars. Surprised to hear Tournament and Cash Game are totally different experience @La_Tigre. Thank god that I'm focused on FOH Weekly Poker Game for freebie CCs LOL 🤣
  5. Same here buddy! It exactly sounds like how to be a cigar rich (buying master cases of CCs during 24:24 maybe) @Fuzz 😂 Thanks @Fosgate! More games with guides seem to be the answer for hold'em newbie like me. Just noticed that Poker Tournament isn't available in Korea unlike PokerStars 😵 Poker for fun seems to be a good idea if I really want to do hold'em for chillin and vibin (of course with some donkey dick cigars LOL) 🤣 Thanks @Habana Mike! Hopefully FOH Poker Tournament and other free games do a job in terms of practicing.
  6. Texas Hold'em isn't popular as US in Korea, so I'm not only unfamiliar with Texas hold'em but also difficult to find Texas hold'em guides and online practices. I'd be appreciated if you guys let me know some ways to improve Texas Hold'em skill (e.g. online practice).

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