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  1. V-Cut is da best cutter I've ever used! I'm glad that I got Colibri V-Cut cheaper ($39 on Amazon) than local B&M ($64.14 in Korea)! By the way, your Colibri V-Cut's finish is exactly same as mine!
  2. Partagas Lusitania from Kenfession Comp sampler - Cigar of The Year 2020 to me 😆!
  3. Thanks mate! You and I are huge Colibri V-Cut fans! Mine is red finished one, since I have XIKAR Red Executive II Lighter (will get Red Defi Extreme as well). I also found that it's more consistent and satisfying than my previous plastic cheapo double bladed guillotine cutter. It's absolute fool proof with intense flavor as well! 😆
  4. You're using V-Cut like me brother! What's your V-Cutter? Mine is Colibri V-Cut and happily using that cutter since I bought it from Amazon. 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  5. Happy bday Di! 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  6. Monte 1935 Leyenda, LGC MdO4, CORO, Connie A would be great if they come in 50 cab too. 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  7. Another goofy herf with @Jeanff @BuzzArd @Habana Mike @BoliDan ! I coined the term cat rocket for cigars that are worse than dog rocket and donkey [email protected]$k rocket cigars! I'm also use newspaper rolled cigar for cat rockets and dog rockets! 🤣
  8. Sure thing! Thank you for clIcking my IG!
  9. Man, I really want to get these skinnies! 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  10. It needs time to puff and enjoy Lusitania. You can spend 3hrs for Lusi if you puff it to the shortest nub (it was windy when I reviwed Lusi, so I only spent 2hr 30mins for that stogie). Thank you for reading my Lusitania review! 😃😄
  11. More cigars, less trouble for me! Can't wait to see more cigar aficionados around my area! 나의 SM-N950N 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄

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