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  1. Cohiba (love CORO and Siglo II), H. Upmann (Connie A and Mag 46 rocks), Ramon Allones (RASS, the lovely Robusto like CORO), La Gloria Cubana (Mdo 4, the classy Slim Panetela) Montecristo (love aged No. 4, need more samples to evaluate) Partagás (enjoy Shorts but the Series No. 1 EL 17 was absolute dud, need more samples to evaluate)
  2. LonesomeHabanoAficionado


    Indeed, they are smoking so well! Even at young age this cigar tastes like aged cigars which is rare. 나의 SHV-E300S 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  3. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Partagas Series 1 LE 2017

    I keep my cigars in tupperdor with a 65 Boveda pack and always let them have 30 days of resting period. The Partagas Series No. 1 was from weekday pic competition reward by the way. 나의 SHV-E300S 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  4. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Mold? Plume? Water spots?

    To me, it is more to typical natural spots from tobacco leaves rather than mould or plume. They are harmless like plume so you do not have to too much worry about them. Here are the tips for difference between plume and mould: If you see crystallised oil on the surface of the wrapper, then it is certainly the plume. If you see hairy things on the cigar, then it is either blue or white mould.
  5. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Medio Siglo-nice surprise

    Thanks! More cigars to be reviewed with these new school cigars!
  6. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Medio Siglo-nice surprise

    I thought the Medio Siglo is just a pricey gimmick cigar due to its $$$ but not expected to see many positive reviews. Is it worth as CORO?? Also, how is new RyJ Petit Royales going???
  7. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Partagas Series 1 LE 2017

    Seems that I am not the only one who experienced fireproof wrapper and tight draw from this cigar. You must be lucky 😄! How does it compare with Connie A?
  8. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Partagas Series 1 LE 2017

    I must be had a dud one since it had fire-proof wrapper and tight draw. Will get another one in someday...
  9. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Had a H. Upmann Añejados Robustos on the yesterday lunch break and found it was not great as my favourite, Connie A despite the fact that all Añejados are aged for five to eight years before release (I would rather go with aged Montecristo No. 4 instead). But I personally believe that it is still good for those who have never tasted aged cigars before (especially CC newbies) 😉. Total Time Spent: 1hr 10mins P.S. Luckily, the draw and burning of this cigar were way better than Partagas Series No. 1 (still required some relights)! Also, I was able to restore torn Añejados band to its original state with glue although I could not do the same thing with H. Upmann cigar band.
  10. This cigar is one of the Añejados cigars that are aged for five to eight years before release. It delivers strong and dominant almond, hay, nut, pepper and tobacco notes at first, followed by subtle cedar, cream, leather, milk chocolate, toast, vanilla and wood flavours without much change till the end. I am surprised that this cigar has both smoothness and sharpness of young and aged cigars but failed to evolve further. Still, I highly recommend this cigar for those who wonder how do aged cigars actually taste like. -Mr. Knight Brand: H. Upmann Size: 50 x 124 (Robusto) Country: Cuba Box Code: N/A Price: N/A Score: 93
  11. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Veni, Vidi, Vici!

    Final Update: Added ageing and cigar problem (Cigar Beetle, Mold and Plume) tips on Storage section. Corrected Grammar and Better Wording. Resources That I Added as Links for Demonstration on Cigar Wiki (CC Newbies Friendly): I hope that this will help CC newbies' CC journey 😄!
  12. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Veni, Vidi, Vici!

    Thanks! Will have a break with a nice CC 😄
  13. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Veni, Vidi, Vici!

    I tried to explain how to cut and light and smoke cigars in details so CC newbies will not be overwhelmed ☺️. I'm currently working on ageing and cigar pest problems (Beetles, Mold and Plume) although beetles and molds are actually not that common (JohnS told me they are rare problems) it is still better to mention them to CC newbies so that they can have awareness on these problems (and ageing tips too) 😄! Of course there are more cigar problems like Draw and Dry cigar issues. However, they are mostly occurred by roller problem or left cigars outside too long by accident (or sometimes sealing problem but rare unless using mediocre humidification system and storage) so I decided to explain beetles, molds and plume only for cigar problem issues.
  14. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Veni, Vidi, Vici!

    Thanks buddy!

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