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  1. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Sad day for cigar smokers - Aristocrat humidors

    Nooooo my ultimate cigar dream has just miserably crushed and faded away from the history!!!! Such a sad news for me since I really want to have a heirloom cigar cabinet like Bob's in some day! I wish that he will enjoy his retirement journey... Still, I can continue with my wineador project which is at least small hope for my cigar career although it is not the nicest looking unlike Bob's.
  2. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Trading Customs : Question for members.

    I concur this and buying cigars from unauthorised vendors like FB is extremely dangerous! It is something like buying PC components from shady vendors that are known for selling fakes, rip off pricing, etc! For verifying Cuban custom rolls, I believe that proof of purchase like factura or actual photo at the shop is compulsory in order to make the deal being safe. However, many BOTLs are unable to receive factura from custom rollers (I saw some posts about factura issue after buying custom rolls in Cuba)... 😱
  3. LonesomeHabanoAficionado


    The box code of this cigar is AEM MAY 14. If I have dozens of these boxes, I will do the same too!
  4. It actually depends on size of the cigar 😄 Petit Corona Marevas: 1 hour 2 minutes-1 hour 5 minutes Minutos: 58-59 minutes Robusto Robustos: 1 hour 15 minutes Grand Corona 1 hour 35 minutes Slim Panetela approximately 1 hour 40 minutes
  5. LonesomeHabanoAficionado


    Thanks mate! It has been more than 2 years for reviewing cigars since 20 😉! I thought Montecristo No. 4 would be meh since it is being panned quite a lot by our members like D4 but tasted really great! Now Montecristo is one of my favourite marcas since then 😄
  6. LonesomeHabanoAficionado


    This Petit Corona is one of the bestselling Cuban cigars in the world according to the Habanos S.A. It is also one of the Che Guevara's go to cigars who was known for involving Cuban Revolution with Fidel Castro. As soon as I cut the cap of the cigar, I can already see the noticeable pleasant flavour from the pre-draw which is not usually present on young cigars other than aged sticks. The flavours are consisted of strong coffee, cocoa, nut, tobacco followed by cream, leather, spice and bitter chocolate with some earthy note. Then, the complexity and cedar scent are added from the middle of cigar and goes smoothly without harshness till the end. I am really impressed with the greatness of aged cigars and can see why it is strongly recommended for beginners. -Mr. Knight Brand: Montecristo Size: 42 x 129 (Petit Corona) Country: Cuba Box Code: AEM MAY 14 Price: Received as a gift from our member, Raksol (ndchow) Score: 94 (Young: 93)
  7. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Fancy Dress?? make a lasting impression!!

    😄😄 I thought the same too!
  8. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    Fancy Dress?? make a lasting impression!!

    The funniest undies I have ever seen in my life ! 😄😄😄😄
  9. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    What Is The Dimensions of Partagás Lusitanias 50 Cab?

    Thanks! I think I actually saw this post before... 😉
  10. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    What Is The Dimensions of Partagás Lusitanias 50 Cab?

    No problem! Much agreed! By the way, the chick on the photo reminds me Marion Cotillard 😄
  11. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    What Is The Dimensions of Partagás Lusitanias 50 Cab?

    Thanks 😆😆!
  12. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    What Is The Dimensions of Partagás Lusitanias 50 Cab?

    For exterior dimension (and is unit in mm or inch? mm is easier for me)? Much appreciated! 😊
  13. LonesomeHabanoAficionado

    What Is The Dimensions of Partagás Lusitanias 50 Cab?

    Yes for sure ! I am considering putting it in my travel humidor plan as backup storage (custom rolls)
  14. Can you please tell me the dimensions (internal & external) of Partagás Lusitanias 50 Cab?
  15. LonesomeHabanoAficionado


    The first gift of that day was the Layrite Superhold Pomade which I placed an order on 28th of December. It actually supposed to be arrived to my house but the postal service did not arrive to my house and put it to the locker typed mailbox called Ezibox on second of January (tried to ask customer service centre for attempting delivery to my house once again but rejected). So I had to go to the nearest Ezibox location (Shell gas station) in order to receive that parcel 😠. After acquiring pomade, me and my mum went to local B&M which was located to the nearest shopping centre (Cigars Lounge) in order to buy XIKAR Executive II Red torch lighter. I was really happy that I finally no longer had to use soft flame to light a cigar (had a painful finger burning experience with soft flames), immediately tested it with RASS while sitting on the pool-chair under the starry night. The lighter itself had a sleek design and side squeeze mechanism as well as single jet flame that allowed me to light a cigar accurately without getting my fingers being too close to the flame (thanks to Raksol's hearty recommendation) ☺️. However, it seemed prone to the windy areas like poolside (more suitable for indoor smoking) which was the only con IMHO. Too bad that I accidentally fell this awesome lighter which caused some scratches on it 😢. Such a functional yet sexy and sublime single jet flame torch lighter! Note. The only bummer of the day was after enjoying RASS, I suddenly felt some dizziness when I was in the lavatory and threw a puke which made me feeling embarrassment 😓. I had never experienced such awkwardness before and wonder why it happened without notice (no inhale). Maybe, I was forgot to bring some sweet drinks like coke and had a big meal (I only had mostly noodle and some rice meals during that day) that seemed to be the causes of nicotine sickness (I was also being a bit stressful due to incoming results day). This was the reason why I could not post anything on my birthday (third of January)...

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