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  1. HSA, please stop using the same old Montesco on ERs since it has been used too many times for ERs! Also, we already have a winner Montesco, RyJ Wide Churchill, and so we really want to see other classic vitolas such as Dalias and Lanceros or creative sizes being used on ERs!
  2. The old Cohiba band on that cigar looks really weird and bad in my eyes (choppy square, etc). Also, Cohiba released EL on 2006 but Pyramids not this cigar like others said. Because of this, it is definitely typical Faxuhiba 😐!
  3. Thanks! Whoa, XIKAR must have serious problem in terms of QC and Warranty! Now I'm convinced to buy Colibri V-Cut!
  4. Thank you for letting me know about this serious news. I didn't expect to see XIKAR suddenly go so low... I'm thinking about having Colibri V-Cut (currently using cheapo plastic Guillotine which is a bit flimsy). Surprised to hear that you didn't like Cuban Crafters Dos Chabetas Perfect Cutter!
  5. Hope that it will be great as Partagas Serie E No 2! Thanks for sharing info about Rio Seco!
  6. I'm surprised that many BOTLs upset about recent XIKAR's warranty and QC after being purchased by Quality Importers. What happened to XIKAR? I currently have their Executive II and it works really well like FOH lighter so far. If XIKAR still has dodgy QC and Warranty issues, I definitely buy others like Colibri V-Cut... Thanks! Now I get what you mean, JohnS 😄! V-Cut has fool proof feature like Punch Cutters but it can cut any cigar!
  7. HdM Rio Seco seems like to be one of the popular cigars in 2019! Is it better than San Juan or Especial?
  8. Interesting! Should I get Colibri V-Cut instead of XIKAR VX2? Thanks! What makes V-Cut great for Piramides and Belicosos cigars?
  9. Thanks! For Guillotine Cutters, I'm thinking about buying XIKAR Xi1 or Enso (will be released on this year). Note. I might consider Cuban Crafter's Perfect Cutter Dos Chabetas for Guillotine Cutter but it doesn't ship internationally so I have to use freight forwarding logistics which can be complicated and expensive.
  10. As we know, XIKAR's first V-Cutter, VX received huge amount of negative reviews compared to Colibri V-Cut as VX couldn't cut deeply. Now, XIKAR's brand new V-Cutter, VX2 seems to be successful and popular as Colibri V-Cut since VX2 can cut deep like Colibri's. Because of this, I really like to know which V-Cutter is good for all sizes of cigars (Thin-Thick RG, Figurados like Pyramid). XIKAR VX2 or Colibri V-Cut?
  11. I really enjoyed Connie A. Now, I should try Connie B since it gets many love as Connie A!
  12. Cigars: Super Thick RG Cigars and $$$$ Gimmick Cigars Other: Folks who blindly give $$$$ gimmick cigars such as Gurkhas and Davidoff special, etc 10 out 10
  13. My Favorite Short Smokes (need to get more short smokes like Minutos) H. Upmann Half Corona Partagas Shorts Cohiba Shorts (for extreme quickie)

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