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  1. I already applied brand new CC marca classification to my Cigar Wiki as soon as I saw HSA's official change of CC marca classification. I'm really appreciated that CCW did the same thing too! Now, the description CC marcas on CCW is the only thing which needs to be changed (e.g. Bolivar used to be Multi Local Brand, but now it became Value Brand like Ramon Allones) 😄.
  2. For Cohiba, I had Siglo II and CORO only so far. I picked CORO since it is one of the best CC Robustos IMHO.
  3. I only had RASS for RA so I just chose RASS for represente of RA 😄. I'm also big fan of RASS!
  4. I usually remove cigar bands first for collection. However, if the band is stubborn to be removed, then I take it off at almost 3rd of cigars to prevent wrapper damage.
  5. Thanks! I didn't know that Palio has better blade than XIKAR! I don't know why many folks angry about Palio's QC and Warranty problem.. Those who have Palio and Lotus Jaws Cutter? Which one do you prefer?
  6. Thanks! I'll look into it! Many BOTLs say Palio also went the same path of XIKAR after being purchased by Quality Importers. Please share XIKAR and Palio Warranty reports to us
  7. Thanks! More CC reviews on the way! I really like JL2 for 'Cigarpresso' experience! 😄
  8. Thanks buddy! As a Korean, I'm surprised that you and your family really like Asian cuisine so much 😃! These Korean food are super tasty ones 😄!
  9. I haven't tried any Churchill sizes yet! This one is definitely one of my list, and I really need that RyJ Churchill 😄!
  10. Dat Korean BBQ and Korean Cuisine!😄 I'm sure you enjoyed Korean BBQ! What's the name of Korean BBQ restaurant?
  11. Much agreed! The Dumas is good but not more superior than similar sized CCs such as RASS and JL2. On the other hand, the Leyenda is the Deus ex Machina CC I've ever tried! Really like Leyenda so much! I tried the Dumas and Leyenda before. Between them, I really prefer the Leyenda over Dumas since the Leyenda has a more complex flavour profile than the Dumas. I rated the Leyenda 100 points while I rated the Dumas just 96 points. You can read my Dumas and Leyenda reviews if you wonder about Leyenda profile.
  12. Like others said, Andy04 might be in Malaysia since these Diplomaticos cigars are priced in RM. I lived in Malaysia for almost 10 yrs, and I've never seen CCs being wrapped in cellophane like NCs!

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