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  1. I agree that colder temperature can kill all annoying Cigar Beetles! Too bad that it is not well known in my country... Thanks for providing simplified freezing cigar process! I'm surprised that you put cigars in room temperature straight away after freezing (I personally believe putting cigars in fridge is unnecessary for freezing cigars)! Hope this will help all BOTLs!
  2. That's spooky to hear that! I'd also like to agree that fridge process actually can allow cigar beetles to be acclimatised in cold environment. I don't see a reason to put cigars into fridge... Seems that opinions on fridge after freezing vary. I saw someone said cigars are more resilient than we thought. Thanks for recommending Vacuum Sealer!
  3. I agree that -18C and -20C is cold enough to kill all cigar beetles! Thanks to advance of technology (Korean refrigerator has temp control ability for freezer and fridge so I assure that other refrigerators also have that feature)!
  4. Thanks! What is the purpose of fridge after freezing cigars? Someone put cigars to fridge after freezing while others just leave cigars in room temperature after freezing... Yeah the modern refrigerator has ability to reduce freezer temperature to -20C. Same goes on fridge.
  5. Thanks! I found that fridge step seems unnecessary as I read more posts about freezing cigars. Is it okay to freeze cigars for 4~12hrs when freezer is at -18C to -20C (I saw Freezing Cigar Beetles Article)?
  6. After freezing cigars, is it okay to put them in room temperature without fridge process? I wonder if this works same as freeze cigars straight away without fridge process. Also, how long do you leave cigars in room temp after freezing them??
  7. I really agree with you! It also reduces steps for freezing cigars which is good for everyone! Since modern refrigerators have temperature control for freezer and fridge unlike older ones, is it okay to freeze cigars for 4-12hrs (at -20C)? I found freeze cigars for 3-4 days is too long.
  8. I think this is a good candidate for FOHrensics! Definitely one of the topics that should be shown in FOHrensics!
  9. Yeah there are others who support freezing cigars straight away can crack foot of cigars (humidity spike).
  10. Most of BOTLS putting Ziplock with cigars and then move to fridge before freezing to prevent unexpected damage. However, I found that someone freeze cigars and then put them into fridge instead of putting cigars to fridge first. So, I wonder is it okay to freeze cigars like this: Put Cigars into Ziplock or Vaccum Seal ⇒ Freeze Cigars Straight Away for 3 days at -20C ⇒ Move Cigars to Fridge for 24hrs ⇒ Leave Them at Room Temperature for 24hrs ⇒ Move Cigars to The Stash
  11. I had Dumas before, and to be honest, I prefer Leyenda over Dumas. Also, I think Leyenda is the best of Montecristo 1935 cigars in my opinion.
  12. Had the same experience from EL which was totally plugged and dull. However, I'll give an another chance by getting better ones except Anejados cigars. Anjeados cigars are the cigars that I'd rather pick regular productions since they are nothing special from regular productions.
  13. Seems that you got a dud one since flavour was totally mute in my opinion (fuller than other Montecristo cigars). I had Leyenda from FOH and it was the greatest cigar I've ever tried! I think you should try this cigar again from our host.
  14. For cigar related fear, cigar beetles and mold are the main fears since they literally can destroy my cigar collection within a day. Other than that, exam is the worst enemy IMHO (even surgery is not that stressful as exam). P.S. Missing 24:24 offerings also terrifies me!
  15. Whoa! What a great change for CC marcas! I hope that HSA will do the proper job (no more same old army of Robustos please).
  16. Personally, I've always never liked any random cigar group pages like FB Cigar Group due to lack of details and trust unlike FOH. However, I agree that FOH just got even more important role than before (I definitely buy CCs from FOH)! ☺️
  17. +1 for JohnS's idea! Mine will be Pros and Cons for each alternative cigar storage such as Tupperdor, Coolidor and Wineador, as well as how to build Coolidor and Wineador (or Cigar Cabinet) without using Spanish Cedar for those who have difficulty to source Spanish Cedar like me.
  18. HSA, please stop using the same old Montesco on ERs since it has been used too many times for ERs! Also, we already have a winner Montesco, RyJ Wide Churchill, and so we really want to see other classic vitolas such as Dalias and Lanceros or creative sizes being used on ERs!
  19. The old Cohiba band on that cigar looks really weird and bad in my eyes (choppy square, etc). Also, Cohiba released EL on 2006 but Pyramids not this cigar like others said. Because of this, it is definitely typical Faxuhiba 😐!
  20. Thanks! Whoa, XIKAR must have serious problem in terms of QC and Warranty! Now I'm convinced to buy Colibri V-Cut!
  21. Thank you for letting me know about this serious news. I didn't expect to see XIKAR suddenly go so low... I'm thinking about having Colibri V-Cut (currently using cheapo plastic Guillotine which is a bit flimsy). Surprised to hear that you didn't like Cuban Crafters Dos Chabetas Perfect Cutter!
  22. Hope that it will be great as Partagas Serie E No 2! Thanks for sharing info about Rio Seco!
  23. I'm surprised that many BOTLs upset about recent XIKAR's warranty and QC after being purchased by Quality Importers. What happened to XIKAR? I currently have their Executive II and it works really well like FOH lighter so far. If XIKAR still has dodgy QC and Warranty issues, I definitely buy others like Colibri V-Cut... Thanks! Now I get what you mean, JohnS 😄! V-Cut has fool proof feature like Punch Cutters but it can cut any cigar!
  24. HdM Rio Seco seems like to be one of the popular cigars in 2019! Is it better than San Juan or Especial?

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