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  1. Partagas Shorts. Arrived yesterday from a recent 24/24. They smell as amazing as they look.
  2. Hilarious how everyone is compelled to shit on the packaging AND the cigars. the cigars are fine, they actually have a nice sheen, construction looks good. Must be the pic.
  3. Monte 4s Bar code authentication works. no box date no original bands
  4. Hey folks here's a damn good anytime meal. i cobbled this recipe together from a bunch of different things. Enjoy:
  5. Hemingway Short Story monte jacopo 2
  6. Not sure if anyone has suggested a box of Ramon Allones Specially Selected. IMHO the best robusto available today. And the price is right!
  7. 116 kilos.... This is a great idea...hope we all lose a bit, get healthier and have fun doing it! btw my toes win ugliest by a mile. can we set up a prize for most improved toes?
  8. I didn't believe all the talk about letting your cigars rest. My first trip to Cuba I brought back a box of RASS. They were good, but about 6 months into the box they took on a flavour that jumped out at me. And it wasn't just a single or a few. The entire remainder of the box really shined. I'm experiencing the exact same thing today. Box of RASS, this time from Rob, good smokes for the first 3 months and then BOOM I'm getting that unbelievable distinctive RASS flavour. It's a very mysterious thing.
  9. Montecristo #4 Ramon Allones Small Club Corona These are the most consistent Cuban pcs IMHO. For Non-cuban, and my favorite small cigar this year, the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story. VERY consistent, cameroon or maduro...both are just great little perfectos.
  10. RASS is, IMHO, what all cigars should aspire to. Simple, elegant, consistent, and relatively affordable. Thanks for the great read...happy holidays!
  11. hi di xmas in nyc...so exciting! not sure if this is open xmas day...but this is a classic nyc diner not to be missed...near times square http://evergreendinernyc.com/food-delivery-TW/mobile/evergreen-diner/7531/categories.m

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