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  1. Frakenpost. Can’t help you man, still have not touched them.
  2. I have an older version of the Mr Heater. Would you mind sharing the link to the hose you use for a propane tank?
  3. Hot lava thru my nostrils vs aroma. 9 times out of 10 I go with a Cuban. I can retrohale some non Cubans. Curivari comes to mind first.
  4. I had a cigar with beetles. Perfectly round hole and a beetle in it to boot. Yours looks more like wrapper damage to me.
  5. Just got these in (Curivari) last week. Lots of pepper but the resting aroma is very nice. If these are like the other vitolas they will settle down into a great cigar. Waiting on the wife to get home off work from the island. The little one is in Fl with here Nana so just maybe we can go out to eat and not hear complaining. Enjoying the weather and treating this weekend like it's my last!
  6. It's been several days since I could find some time. And after a day like today, much appreciated.
  7. They smell great; wrappers on few are a little rough. Good news is I'll be at sea for a few months so there is no way I can smoke them. Best way to let them rest!
  8. Been there, mind racing and awake. Good way to start the day for sure.
  9. I have a box of cosacos on the way. I'm looking for a light cigar that is nuanced. Hopefully they aren't to light.
  10. PC goodness. They all have a bit of ammonia smell to them so I'll bury them for a while. Illusione Epernay and 3 offerings from Curivari.

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