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  1. I’m a man of few words? Maybe cause I don’t know anything about the cigar. Was not bad, was good. Light to medium body. Some spice in the beginning, twang, fruity in the last 3rd.
  2. This thing. Got it in a trade a few years ago. It’s ok.
  3. It had some age on it so I’m not qualified to say.
  4. “Power Ranger” or xXx or whatever. Think it’s from 2011 or so. Ever had fruit stripe gum? Amazing flavor for 15 seconds, then you are tasting the inside of your cheeks? That’s it. That’s my review. You’re welcome haha.
  5. Sonar Technician Submarines Senior Chief Petty Officer or STSCS. About 20 boxes in varying degrees of reduction through consumption. Yar.
  6. Like Olor tobacco? Has that mushroom like taste.
  7. I think the complaint is about the lack of planning last minute and nothing else.
  8. POL NOV 10 This box has been good to go this year. Still packs a punch on the retrohale as my eyes are watering, but that has calmed down about 5 mins in with the other ones. I get it.
  9. Was not impressed at all with the “Lost City”. Halfway through I lost it in the ditty bin.
  10. Cazadores. 20 years ago to this day I jumped on a plane, left behind my life in Kentucky and went to boot camp in Great Lakes. 2 weeks prior to that I walked into a recruiters office tired of living the life I was. I’m forever grateful of everything the Navy has done for me. I’ve come such a long way because of the opportunities and tools it has given me and to be able to serve for everyone in this country no matter who. I give back everyday, but a changed life is something that can’t be repaid.
  11. Never for me and I could guess most on here. Now, other people that just don’t know, probably quite high. I’m talking your occasional smoker, wife’s, or friends of cigar smokers that want to do a good deed but want to also do it cheap or on impulse.

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