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  1. Brooks - 15+ years worth of them. Always liked the Ghost model.
  2. no order- but as they came into my mind... Cohiba Genios '15 Cohiba Siglo VI '15 Monte Especial '12 Parti Lusi '16 CoRo '15 HDm des Dieux '10 Trin Topes '16 Monte 80th Punch SS No 1 '08 Punch Punch '15
  3. Hawaii, Big Island. Get lost in the green of a jungle hike, play golf along the ocean. On the same day.
  4. RyJ, and Cohiba is what I recall. Davidhoff to a larger degree.
  5. Your contest was inspiring. I took the challenge from afar. Lost 18 lbs (247 to 229). I have nothing to prove it to the FoH community, but pants feel looser and the comments from friends and family were welcomed. Thanks for starting the contest, and providing the inspiration. Next stop: 220 lbs and then 215lbs.
  6. Southern Comfort. High School nightmare that lives on 35 years later.
  7. MEL 2008 CoLa - 2009 Trin RobT (24). I tell myself had the Trin been a box of 12, I'd have burned them already. The price of the CoLA 08 box that went for auction in London last month has caused greater pause. I understand one auction price does not make a market, but it was noteworthy to an owner.
  8. Bring your umbrella and rain gear. We have had an extremely wet January for this region. I live an hour from PS.
  9. Just received two (2) boxes with these nasty stickers? Leave them on or try and take them off? What do you guys do?
  10. He won't be able to provide adequate storage conditions.
  11. May I ask what is the safest way to ship CCs from Mexico to Calf? Have a long time friend that is on a 6 month project down there, and can buy the new Mex RE 2016. I fear confiscation if we were to use UPS or FedEx. Inexperience breeds fear.
  12. +1 for Maui Jim. Living in So Cal, they make the world a better place. Light on the nose too Like FOH, Maui Jim has outstanding customer service. Been a customer for at least 15+ years.

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