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  1. Perdomo Cigars has had these in their offering for several years: Special Craft Series — PERDOMO CIGARS
  2. Golf at least 3 times a week. Bourbon and cigars in the backyard. Spending one day a week with my grandkids.
  3. Flat iron in a marinade. Olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, worchesteshire sauce, minced garlic, couple sprigs of rosemary. Let sit overnight. Grill to medium rare.
  4. Punch 48 LGR Jul 19 Dip 2 LGR Jun 17 Rio Seco SOR Dec 19 Principe LGR Nov 17 Epi Esp RUM Mar 19
  5. For the past couple of weeks I no longer get any FOH email notifications. I used to get an email for the 24:24 sales and the other "water hole" posts. I'm using Microsoft Edge for my browser on my laptop. It's like I've been deleted from those email lists.
  6. For this test I preferred the dry RG PC's flavor characteristics to those of the wet one. However, the burn on the wet cigar was better than on the dry one. I have used the water method on a number of cigars in the past and have always enjoyed them. It definitely seemed to improve the burn of most of them. Not smoking a dry sample right after the wet ones, I wasn't able to discern the muting of the flavors as easily as I was during this test. I will continue to occasionally wet a cigar I think might give me burn problems.

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