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  1. btort910

    Boveda smart sensor

    Just bought 2 of them. Looking forward to linking them to an old tablet so I can keep track while traveling.
  2. The first of these from a 24:24 purchase earlier this year. Great aroma on the cold draw...very earthy and woody. The first few puffs after lighting were filled with unbelievably thick and creamy smoke and coated my tongue with distinct nuts and leather flavors. On the retro I noticed a feint floral note with no harshness whatsoever. The burn was a little problematic at times but nothing really terrible. To my unrefined palate the flavors seemed to remain pretty much unchanged throughout the smoke. Nonetheless, this cigar was about an hour and 40 minutes of pure enjoyment and I am looking forward to see how they develop over time. By the way, if anyone could explain why my photos rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise when I post them, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. btort910

    Mold or not?

    Definitely mold.
  4. btort910

    fix your team...

    Chicago Bears- get rid of the McCaskey ownership!!
  5. btort910

    Deck "Shark Tank" ideas

    I assume you googled "Mobile cigar lounge" already. A surprising number of them operating in various parts of the U.S. Can't imagine how they can make any money catering to the wedding/ bachelor party or other type of celebration market segments.
  6. Cigars: HUPC HdM Le Hoyo de San Juan Booze: Macallan 18 Blanton's bourbon
  7. btort910

    Cigar Induced Insomnia?

    Nope. Never experienced that. Now caffiene in the evening is another story.
  8. btort910

    Your first ever box buy?

    Mag 46 was the first box. A friend gave me one at a cigar lounge and I was hooked.
  9. I smoked my first cigar in 1976 and haven't tired of this hobby (obsession) yet. And there is no doubt about the inverse relationship between cigars and sex! The more cigars the less sex.
  10. btort910

    H. Upmann - Connies A

    It sure is! You need to go almost to the bottom of the Upmann section. But it's there.
  11. Wondered when someone was going to notice.

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