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  1. 1. Red Rock 2. Homeland 3. Breaking Bad 4. Seinfeld 5. Caddyshack/Tin Cup/Happy Gilmore
  2. Why is Vegas Robaina listed twice on the left side of the table?
  3. This would work for me. Interested in seeing what others don't care for and how that compares to my tastes.
  4. This cigar was a 24:24 purchase a while back. Unfortunately it was only a quarter box purchase. I've smoked 2 of these and they are tremendous. This one was paired with a dram of McKenna 10 yr BIB and was fantastic. The draw was firm but not a problem with lots of creamy smoke. The retro was very floral with lots of Cuban twang.The first third was mostly cedar, cocoa and leather. The second third continued the cocoa and cedar and added some floral notes. The retro reminded me of dark chocolate with a hint of cayenne. The last third got a little hot but remained smokeable. The floral notes and earthy tones dominated with hints of leather. My only regret with this cigar was that it wasn't from a box purchase. I don't think I've ever had any Boli that disappointed. This was a solid medium full that was a delight to smoke to smoke. Definitely a 91-92.
  5. I'm not sure why this would be considered great news...certainly not for cigar manufacturers or cigar smokers.
  6. These are still pretty young but they seem to be smoking just fine right now. The wrapper was a milk chocolatey brown and the cold draw aroma was a very faint hay and earth. The draw was perfect. This cigar started out very mild as most Hoyos tend to with a lot of creaminess on the tongue. Initial flavor was a toasted tobacco with a bit of leather and nuts. The further along I smoked I started getting a nice floral taste in addition to the initial flavors. Around the halfway point I started noticing a little stone fruit (nectarine?) while the floral notes got a little more prominent. As I progressed through the final half of the cigar, it moved up to more medium bodied. The creaminess and stone fruit was joined by the toasted tobacco flavor while the floral notes disappeared. By the end, it was mostly toasted tobacco and leather. All in all, very enjoyable smoke. 89 points.
  7. For today's review, I'm going back to a cigar I haven't had in over a year. I'm not sure how this happened because I do like the Edmundos a lot. The cold aroma on this cigar was very light but I was getting some earth and wood (cedar?). The draw was slightly tight but not really a problem. Upon lighting I immediately tasted some leather, toasted tobacco and earth. There was some saltiness on the lips with a very heavy creamy smoke. While the burn line wasn't perfect, it never really strayed far and the cigar didn't require any touch-ups during the hour and 15 minute smoke. The first half of the smoke continued with the woody characteristic but was joined by leather, coffee and nutty components. The chewy, creamy smoke continued as well. I didn't detect too much of a change in the second half of the cigar except that the leather and coffee components were a little more prominent. The cigar really smoked like a dream and I didn't put it down until it started to burn my fingertips. I definitely need to smoke these more often. Very enjoyable indeed. I'd give it an 89-90.
  8. You are lucky. It does not work with my S7. They claim they soon will be coming out with an update that will "address the problems" many android users are experiencing. We are still waiting.
  9. The Boveda Butler is basically useless if you plan to use it with the android app. There is no way to get it to give you the history via the app. Also, the calibration took a couple of tries with the help of tech support to get my two to finally work.
  10. I don't think that is correct. The online manual states that you can use a second compatible device within bluetooth range to get the data from the sensor and transmit to the app. Then you can remotely check the data from the device you are travelling with by logging into the app.
  11. Just bought 2 of them. Looking forward to linking them to an old tablet so I can keep track while traveling.
  12. The first of these from a 24:24 purchase earlier this year. Great aroma on the cold draw...very earthy and woody. The first few puffs after lighting were filled with unbelievably thick and creamy smoke and coated my tongue with distinct nuts and leather flavors. On the retro I noticed a feint floral note with no harshness whatsoever. The burn was a little problematic at times but nothing really terrible. To my unrefined palate the flavors seemed to remain pretty much unchanged throughout the smoke. Nonetheless, this cigar was about an hour and 40 minutes of pure enjoyment and I am looking forward to see how they develop over time. By the way, if anyone could explain why my photos rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise when I post them, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Chicago Bears- get rid of the McCaskey ownership!!
  14. I assume you googled "Mobile cigar lounge" already. A surprising number of them operating in various parts of the U.S. Can't imagine how they can make any money catering to the wedding/ bachelor party or other type of celebration market segments.
  15. Cigars: HUPC HdM Le Hoyo de San Juan Booze: Macallan 18 Blanton's bourbon

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