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  1. Nope. Never experienced that. Now caffiene in the evening is another story.
  2. Mag 46 was the first box. A friend gave me one at a cigar lounge and I was hooked.
  3. I smoked my first cigar in 1976 and haven't tired of this hobby (obsession) yet. And there is no doubt about the inverse relationship between cigars and sex! The more cigars the less sex.
  4. It sure is! You need to go almost to the bottom of the Upmann section. But it's there.
  5. Emphasis on "astonishingly". Your money will go farther in Spain.
  6. This is being repeated throughout the Carribean.
  7. Had my first one yesterday. Loved it! Only 2 yrs of age on it so I'm going to let the others rest. Going to be even better down the road.
  8. Haven't heard that rumor and don't think it's likely to be true.
  9. The variance is more likely due to the hygrometers than the actual difference in humidity on that 3" shelf space.
  10. cigar- Mag 46s music- jazz reading/TV/cinema- Narcos beverage- bourbon, red wine hobby- golf, travel
  11. I thought compressor (as opposed to thermoelectric) fridges were problematic because they pulled humidity from the units?

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