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  1. D6 and Medio Siglo...price vs. similar sized cigars in their marcas.
  2. I'm enjoying my box of #1s
  3. not really relevant since they are both intended for the production of cigarettes.
  4. I did enjoy it. This marca was new to me as well, until a friend suggested I give the JL1 a try. Lucky me...I'm enjoying them.
  5. This JL1 is from a UME Jun 14 box I opened recently. Like the others I've smoked already, this one smoked like a dream. Had it in the morning with a cup of coffee. The cigar was well constructed with a perfect draw. It produced a ton of thick creamy smoke, with a pretty sharp burn line and no relights required. Initially I tasted quite a bit of nutmeg and maybe some other baking spices along with some sweetness. About half way through I started getting a more woodsy and floral note but some of the spices lingered. By the end it was a lot more earthy but that nutmeg really hung in there till the very end. No harshness so I was able to nub it. Took 1hour 31minutes and 34 seconds to put it down for the final time.
  6. El Prez, you should run a contest...anyone who buys one of the humi's, smokes one of those sticks and posts a review could be in a drawing for a nice 3-cigar sampler!!
  7. Was thinking of having a JL1 this afternoon anyway.
  8. Can't comment on Cuba vs. back home, but I'm never really surprised when my enjoyment of a cigar varies from place to place or from time to time. Way too many variables involved in the smoking experience for me to expect the "same" one every time I smoke a particular cigar.
  9. Don't do anything without consulting a lawyer first. Depending on the state in which this took place you could end up with all sorts of legal problems if you terminate either of these employees without some good legal advice.
  10. Haven't had a box of D4s yet that wasn't good. No experience with that code though.

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