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  1. Pretty much same thing here. Although I have a few in the humi that I'm trying to forget they're there. Maybe I can put a few more years on them and check out the differences.
  2. Interesting that the ones out of the humidor outperformed the dry boxed cigars. 10 days too long?
  3. Wow! Will those really recover from that pressing?
  4. Thanks prez. 5 or 6 hours with a couple of mates works, but my front porch will work just fine.
  5. I'm already on the coffee, whiskey and cigars diet. Unfortunately, I don't think the genetics are on my side.
  6. Prayers for your son and your family, for a successful surgery and complete recovery. Boli RCs smoking well now.
  7. That's fine...just don't feed them any meat, don't let them have pets and make them walk everywhere.
  8. pretty intricate locking mechanism on the one that looks like a row of books!
  9. Must've been a perfecto...a robusto wouldn't have been aerodynamic enough.
  10. If it's true that all cigars exported outside of Cuba are frozen first, why would there be a beetle infestation?
  11. RIP Glen. He will be missed but we will still have his music.
  12. Well done gentlemen. Looks like it was great fun. Just enjoyed seeing everyone's picks and reactions to the reveals.
  13. Cohiba +10%...moving farther and farther out of reach!
  14. Was wondering the same thing. Thanks for asking.

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