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  1. There's many a cult that has started with fewer followers...
  2. There are three stages to sport in England. 1. Invent the sport. 2. Export the sport to the rest of the world. 3. Lose.
  3. Clearly another bid by Bill Gates for total control of humanity.....
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. I have sent off an email to enquire about temperature regulation as well as humidification (their website wasn't too clear). Shipping, IME, is actually the easy part because I can always make my own arrangements and have things picked up directly from the factory/workshop. The difference between my own shipping costs and the discount form a manufacturer isn't too painful.
  5. Whiskey with ginger ale .... could be worse. Could have been diet Coke. Or Mountain Dew.
  6. This does not only apply to children -- my mother once made several jugs of sangria using bottles of 1970 Chateau Palmer ...
  7. Thanks for the advice; I think I may have to revisit this option. I had discounted it before because of a few horror stories by people who went down that path and found out the hard (and expensive) way that humidity and temperature requirements can be fatal for "normal" cabinetry. But I know a guy .... As for alternatives, that is one big rabbit hole! When I googled "temperature and humidity cabinet", I found all sorts of stuff, from lab equipment to cabinets for ageing cheese and sausages (yum) to cabs for photographic equipment and even one guy who builds these things to store his gu
  8. So after a year and a half of doing the home reno/extension the hard way during COVID, I have finally been given the green light by She Who Must Be Obeyed (or at least consulted) to splurge on a Forever Home for my cigars. At the moment, my long-term storage is six 50l tupperdors stacked in my Kennards wine locker -- not a satisfactory solution because of access and it limits my wine storage (another vice) -- so I am looking for a large cabinet of 400l/3,000 cigar size. This has thrown up a few issues.... 1. I'm in Australia, and nobody seems to to sell these here, or even do conver
  9. Cuban beans in a dark roast were always my favourite beans for making espresso! Maybe not the smoothest flavours in the world, but tons of character!
  10. That. Governments cannot win. If they spend money on crisis supplies in good times, they get hammered by the press (and public) for wasting money. If they instead spend the money on something else -- schools, nurses, whatever -- they get lashed by the media (and public) for their failure when disaster does strike. And if they do prepare but for the wrong sort of disaster, there will be an ear-splitting cacophony from all the armchair oracles blaming them for their failure to foresee the unforeseeable. IMHO, if there is one big lesson to be learned from this mess, it is
  11. Is it hypocrisy? IMHO, it has more to do with perception bias. As a species, we tend to get very upset and run around screaming loudly "something needs to be done NOW" about sudden events that intrude heavily into our awareness, rather than ongoing processes and developments which sort of fade into background noise. For instance, we all remember 9/11 and the 3,000 people who died on that awful day ... but how many of us are even aware that more people than that die every month on American roads? The same with the virus: last year in Australia, more than 310,000 people wen
  12. I am now at the stage where I actively avoid reading most stuff on the pandemic. There is simply too little actual information, too little verified scientific data and too much scope for experts (both genuine and self-appointed), politicians and social media pundits to speculate to their hearts' content ... not even mentioning the paddlers of outright fake news and conspiracy theorists. We just don't know enough.

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