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  1. Cep

    Bond 25

    I liked casino royale, but jeeez the poker scenes were laughable at best (unforgivable at worst).
  2. Cep

    24:24 TUESDAY

    Bloody hell!!
  3. i very much look forward to the day when I have the time and space to devote 2+ hours to a cigar. I have a 10 count in my humidor that will be waiting for me. (might be a long wait :P) Nice job Ken!
  4. Can I ask a silly question? What is it about this topic that leads to bans? What could possibly be said that is so problematic?
  5. Cep

    Super Bowl Wrap-up

    Yet the rams almost won if not for a dropped pass for a TD
  6. Cep

    Super Bowl Wrap-up

    Heh, I enjoyed my evening watching the game. Could do without halftime and Commercials and umpteen anthems. I can't wait until sport does away with all this singing.
  7. Once I'm gone none of this matters. (To me). So I say let's wait and see.
  8. Gotta admit the lighter wrappers do it for me also. .
  9. My little ninja 250r I've had 1 season on 2 wheels so far. Hope to get a 600 this year. We shall see
  10. Wow some people really are having the life aren't they :P sad world. nice pics.
  11. Cep

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    First RASS from a SOM MAR-16 box Faith in cigars restored! Burn was perfect to the end. (I had a horrible time with a UTE Feb-16 box of RASCC they would not burn properly, underfilled)
  12. Cep

    Final Check Before Making a Purchase

    "Appreciated! I would definitely consider dual zone if future wife allows me to enjoy cigars" I cringed slightly there haha.
  13. Yep 10 draws to start is insane lol What is it only 2 classical games left and if still tied they go into more rapid games to decide it? I love dynasties in sports generally, so i was rooting for Magnus to win. But seems like Caruana can steal this and become champ. Would be nuts!!!

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