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  1. Happy Birthday, Fuzz! Have a good one, mate.
  2. We're pretty sure the good ol' Dad joke would've surfaced during Thanksgiving more than a few times... and, let's face it, is basically an ever-present force globally... After all, nothing beats a good Dad joke, right? So, bust em out! Pop em in the thread below. Give us your best... or worst... depending on how you see it. We'll run this for a week. All entrants go into the draw for a Customised FOH Cap from Cigar Merchenaries! Personalise it as you see fit... Use your initials and Month/Year of Birth... or just a special box code to you... or something totally different... sample
  3. Poker is back after the Thanksgiving break! Today's game is open for registration now... Who's in?
  4. FOH Xmas-New Year Review Champion Series!! 🎄🎁 Over the coming weeks, we'll be running a Review Champion Series, every review will be up for usual weekly prizes - samplers, merch, etc - with a Grand Prize draw at the end of the series (after we're back from NY's break) for all participating reviewers... A superb Box (10) 2016 Montecristo Dantes!! TOS NOV 16 The more reviews you do, the better your chances of claiming the Grand Prize and Review Champion title! All Review Weeks will be Freestyle: Any cigar, Cuban or non-Cuban. BUT... there will
  5. Fantastic gallery of Thanksgiving pics, well done to all! The random draw sampler goes to @Nevrknow !! and the Merch bundle goes to @Chibearsv !! Congrats!! Please PM me your details (name, address, phone and email), and we'll arrange dispatch of your prize. @Chibearsv I will need your colour preference for the cap and your choice/colour/size for the hoodie or shirt. Thanks! Thanks to all who participated, hope it was a great Thanksgiving for everyone!
  6. I will recover by looking forward to our next project of equal or lesser morally questionable value.
  7. Poker postponed this week to make way for thanksgiving festivities. Back next week. Enjoy!
  8. How gung-ho are you during Thanksgiving? That's what we want to know and see evidence of... anything from feet-up on the couch watching sport-flying solo-on the precipice of divorce-barely creates a blip on my radar ... to... General Patton in the kitchen-Clark Griswold house decorator-all out champion of the festivities... Food...Drinks...Cigars...Sport...Family...Festivities... However you roll... Take photos. Post em up! All entries into the draw for a Premium Sampler. And an FOH Merch Bundle (Cap, Hoodie or Shirt, Coffee Mug) for the post with the most reactions (likes, laughs,
  9. Great little round of reviews, good fun - well done! The draw for the Sampler, FOH Hoodie & Cap went to @Edicion !! And the draw for the coffee mugs went to: @karp, @B44, and @oneizzzz !! Congrats to all! Please PM your details (name, address, and email) to me, and we'll arrange dispatch of your prize. Thanks again to all who participated. Next comp details will be up soon - stay tuned!

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