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  1. MoeFOH

    doug walters

    "We didn’t count the ones we had on ground. We only called those practice sessions..." Ha ha... Classic stuff from a golden (ale) era for cricket. Don't really remember much of Walters at all. I was born in the year he made that tonne. I think he played his last test in '81. Always comes to mind as a great character though.
  2. You survive on the basis that Bill Nighy's role/performance in this should not be missed and is always well worth a revisit. As is the whole movie... ok, yes, I'm a fan, too. Kick me out as well.
  3. Trading Places is an old fave of mine, too... It sticks in the memory for a particularly fine cameo appearance by a certain duo...
  4. If Brisbane's weather is not AHAB (as hot as balls), then it won't be far off, so the air-con and a good movie line-up will no doubt receive good patronage at mine over the Xmas/NY festivities. Thus, a list is in order. Tenuously linked to Xmas theme, I'm going with a top 5 of: 5. Scrooged Link: Obvious. And just Bill Murray. 4. Die Hard Link: "Now I have a machine-gun. Ho - Ho - Ho". For me, the original and best crime/action/thriller. Xmas necessity. 3. The Life Of Brian Link: "Why do you want to be a woman, Stan?" "I wanna have babies". Xmas is the time of miracles. 2. In Bruges Link: "Two manky hookers and a racist dwarf. I think I'm heading home." Haven't we all said that at one Xmas or another? So much gold in this film: Colin Farrell, Brendon Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes... great performances; Another cracker writing & directing effort from Martin McDonagh... "It's like a fairytale, isn't it?" 1. Bad Santa Link: Obvious. And Billy-Bob's hilarious performance. Impossible to oust from the #1 spot. What's your top 5 for the break, Xmas-themed or otherwise?
  5. MoeFOH

    MLB Hot Stove

    Eovaldi re-signs with Red Sox... YES!! A good bit of business, methinks. He was lights-out against the Yankees every time. And that's reason enough alone to shell out for a $67m/4-year deal... Long may that sort of Yankee-killing stuff continue! Seems we will likely lose Kimbrel, though. However, I think other good closer options are out there. Maybe bring Miller back. And I think Kelly might stay, so he could be an option. Interesting times... Keen to see where Harper and Machado end up. Honestly, I wouldn't trade either one of them for any of the current Red Sox first-choice roster. Machado seems a no-brainer to end up at the Yanks, what with Didi out for 2019. His numbers will make the Yanks' offence even scarier, but they're welcome to him. Can't stomach the guy, the way he plays, to be honest. And, speaking of my stomach, my gut says Harper might stay put with the Nats. Unless Philly unloads a bomb of a deal to snare him. The Nats getting Corbin might be enough to sway him to stay, if the deal's right. Strong starting rotation, and that young kid Soto killing it... Nats could be a force if he stays. The other possible trade I'm very interested in is Mad Bum. That guy is off the charts brilliant. I know he's under a bit of a cloud with declining numbers, etc., but he'd be a bet I'd be willing to take on as a GM. You can't trade lock, stock, and barrel for him, but if you had the right offerings to dangle...
  6. It's difficult to keep count, as you can imagine. : )
  7. Oscar Wilde said "Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken." I think I've found a loophole in that.
  8. I'm happy with our working relationship, Rob. Let's leave it there, thanks anyway.
  9. oh, and a Petit Edmundo with a Moa Espresso Milk Chocolate Stout. Beautiful combo... Post your own cigar & craft beer pairing, review and photos (or video if you feel energetic), and go into the draw for an El Pres selected sampler. Start your post title: "6:2:1 Comp: ... (your cigar x your beer)" and post it up by Jan 7th to be in the draw. Enjoy!
  10. I wouldn't expect Seibold to perform any miracles with the present Bronco's line-up either... Might take a couple of years... Have they added anyone significant to the roster for next year? I can't recall.

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