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  1. Thanks, Joe. Yeah, you guys add a couple of key pieces and you're seriously dangerous. More so than you are now, which is pretty scary. I was quite surprised we were able to get both those games at Yankee Stadium. I almost had a heart attack in the 9th! And thanks for holding back on that luck, we could have done with some today! Ugly loss, doubt we could have played worse. Oh, well... Turn the page, hope we can do better tomorrow. Need to split these first two!
  2. A combination of having been away and then getting crook has delayed the next episode of 6:2:1... and many might well be thankful for that... That said, there's another few in the pipeline, so don't celebrate fully just yet. ; ) Also, I'm drawing the winner of the El Pres sampler pack for contributions to this and the 1st episode (combined)... and the winner is @Stump89 Congrats! Please email Lisa at with your address details so we can ship your prize. Thanks to all for your contributions. Keep 'em coming in! Cheers, Steve.
  3. Aaron Judge might think twice about playing "New York, New York" as he walks by the Sox clubhouse at Fenway next time... : ) #DirtyWater
  4. Have been doing some research today, and it seems that the two lanes we can go down are either going to require some form of registration/log-in credentials, or we can host a new out-of-the-box/bespoke solution--bypassing this. As per below... Thanks for the offer @pdxcigarguy . I'll discuss with Ben and Rob and let you know. : )
  5. MoeFOH

    Maduro class is in.

    Great thread! Drawing the winner for an El Pres Sampler Pack for contributions here, and the winner is... @Jal154 Congrats! Please email Lisa at with your details so we can ship your prize. : ) Thanks to all.
  6. Fuzz, try the Ugly Dog Saloon in New Orleans if you like good BBQ. Cheap and delicious. Well, I hope it's still the same quality. One of the best meals I've ever had, but that was many years ago. Seems to be still getting good reviews on Trip Advisor. Very close to the WWII museum as well, which is worth a visit. Regardless, have a great trip! : )
  7. Nice work. I feel like if they're going to turn out as gangstas it's already in their DNA, so why not assist their education early. ; )
  8. I don't know. He told me he didn't go into Burger King. : )
  9. My 12yo boy went to Paris recently. Pictured below is the gift he brought me back. I raised the kids on Tarantino, Monty Python, and Billy Connolly. It was an immensely proud moment for me. I see it as good parenting... Am I wrong?
  10. John, I'll run the gauntlet with posting and risk putting the kibosh on what has been an amazing regular season for the Red Sox. You owe me if this tanks our season! ; ) 1-1 in the ALDS. I really thought we needed to bag the first two in Boston to survive this series, as putting it all on the line for two games at Yankee Stadium is a daunting task for any team. That said, we've had some success there this year, and these two teams have been able to blow out results on each other at times. We just need the split, any way we can get it, an ugly 1-run scrap, whatever, and then head back to Boston with a rested Chris Sale on the mound for G5. No doubt, though, the Yankees have shifted the pressure squarely onto our shoulders. If Boston is the team their 108-win season points to, then this series will bear it out. Beyond that, World Series-wise, I don't see an NL team seriously threatening any of the AL candidates. Do you? The Red Sox, Astros (who have routed and eliminated the Indians this morning!), and Yankees will be too strong for the Dodgers, Braves, or Brewers. The latter I see as potentially the best of those three. Though the Dodgers star-studded cast may yet play a role, I just don't think they're a "team" like the Brewers are. Anyhow, I nervously await G3, less than two hours away (it'll be on in the background while I work). If it all goes pear-shaped in these two games, can you please make enquiries about off-loading David Price while you're over there in the States? Seriously, for $20m a year (or whatever it is), I could find a way to cough up fewer runs to the Yanks. Also, I didn't get the chance to catch up with Joe @gcman68 while I was in NY this year, but I know he's a Yankee fan and seriously licking his lips at the prospect of bundling the Sox out at Yankee Stadium. If you catch this, let me know if you're at the game, mate! I'm backing MVP Mookie and Nate Eovaldi to carry us through today. And look out for a Raffy Devers' bomb at some stage. Keep the Yankees in the park! Go Sox!
  11. Hi All, If you don't know about the FOHnies, our monthly content awards, then all is explained here. Here are the September winners!... NOTE: if you're a winner tagged below, then please email Lisa via with your address details so she can take care of the paperwork and despatch your prize--2 x premium cigars selected by El Pres! Thank you to everyone, and keep the great content rolling in! The Oxfords For the informational/educational content this post prompted, the FOHnie goes to @throberto for the post Regional Releases The Boots For the great meat & potatoes content here, the FOHnie goes to @RyviaUSA for the post Why are most non-CC cigars terrible? The Uggies We thought the great community support and advice in this thread kinda exemplified the Ugg Boots philosophy round these here parts. So the FOHnie goes to @Jequan_sparxxx for the post Must Pick Up Cuban Cigars in Cuba The Golden Flip Flops The FOHnie goes to @JoeyBones777 for the post Cohiba! I don't get it... because, well, to win a prize for not getting Cohiba is the ultimate way to fail upwards! ; )
  12. Cracker summary, Ben. Well done! And as for the storm brewing here... Well, "just remember what ol’ Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big ol’ storm right square in the eye and he says, 'Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it.'"
  13. Nice one. Enjoy the trip, mate. : )
  14. Great stuff, a fantastic bunch of reviews. WINNERS ARE... Box Prize - Random Draw Winner: @MooseAMuffin for the review... And Sampler Prize - Most Likes Winners: @MrGlass for the review... Lisa is away, so PM me or @El Presidente your details for shipment and we'll see to it. Thanks and well done to all. Great reads across the board!

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