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  1. I know. I think it all comes down to Fredo: in #1 he's bangin' cocktail waitresses two at a time, in #2 he's breaking Michael's heart. He's definitely the key. And, yes, #3 does not exist for me.
  2. A classic film is the subject matter being hoist up the flag poll, this week... All about 50/50... 50/50 is a weekly poll where we find out whether or not some serious bones of contention questions can be finally be buried or will instead remain above ground as a fleshy 50/50 debate... you know, such weighty issues as these... If given no other option: are you a Cohiba or Monte person? do you prefer Hunnicutt or Trapper in M*A*S*H? Connery or Moore as Bond? Apple or PC? Smooth or Crunchy peanut butter? do you prefer wearing men's or women's underwear? Sacrificing chickens or virgins? ...that sort of standard fare. Vote in the poll and further bolster your standpoint in the thread below if you wish. Poll Votes are public and there's a couple of sticks up for grabs for participants. Also, PM me Polls that you'd like me to conduct on 50/50 and there'll be a prize for those we decide to use.
  3. Loved the debate and flow-on this one sparked. I'm a sucker for a good conspiracy theory. And so it's been decided, in 50/50 context, we landed on the moon. Not even close on this one: 122 to 16. To the winner of the randomly drawn sampler! That goes to @Chucko8 !! Congrats!! Please PM your details to @First Lady so Lisa can dispatch your prize. Thanks for all who participated. Next 50/50 poll will be up today.
  4. I'm quite partial to the RyJ marque, so loved this round of reviews. And a great response, given the Easter break. Well done to all! Anyhow, to the randomly drawn winner of the hand-selected box of RyJ... the winner is @FatPete !! Congrats!! Please PM your details to @First Lady so Lisa can dispatch your prize. Thanks again to all who entered! Stay tuned for another comp soon.
  5. I need a selection worse than the top one. I own a toolset but it's in disrepair, too.
  6. Rob's been working through the marques each weekend with a review comp, and we have another one for Easter - RyJ! Review your favourite RyJ this weekend to go into the draw for a cracker hand selected box of RyJ! Start a new thread in the Waterhole. Use this format: Romeo y Julieta Churchill TEO OCT 18 (RyJRW) * Add a photo or two A detailed review + score it in your own way. If you don't have a date code, give us a year. To be drawn Wednesday local time! Enjoy your Easter, folks! *RyJRW = Romeo y Julieta Review Weekend
  7. A lot of you who live in far colder climates would mock us Brisbanites for our thin skins when it comes to even mentioning winter (though we really cop it bad, you know... average overnight lows of 9C (48F)... it's pretty rough ) but despite that, I'm still going to say we all should have one of these this chilly season... it's kind of a laugh, cry, rejoice moment all rolled into one, knowing this exists.
  8. Week 5 Round-Up I've gone to a version of Hemingway's six-word story to format this summary. Call it lazy, if you will; I call it efficiency-based practices. Broncos v Tigers. Broncos need new halves combo. Now. Titans v Panthers. Who was worse? Hard to know. Cowboys v Storm. When does Jason Taumalolo get back? Rabbitohs v Warriors. Can Walker score four per week? Knights v Sea Eagles. Nathan Brown still has a job? Sharks v Roosters. The Keary and Latrell Trickshot Show. Dragons v Bulldogs. Round One Bulldogs show up again. Raiders v Eels. Canberra's a cold place. 19 blot. To the table... Golf Dude and Ben are starting to sneak away from the pack. The rest of us need to lift. I need to stop tipping the Broncos. I'm off them this week. They'll probably win by 40.
  9. MoeFOH

    Notre-Dame Cathedral

    Careful with that cigar...
  10. Kind of the same here. But I voted for "faked it" just because it's possible... And I wanted to see the results. : )
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