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  1. Apologies for the delay on drawing this one, folks... my amnesia flaring up again. The draw has been done and the winner is... @dobbs (please email lisa via with your details so she can dispatch your prize) Congrats! And thanks to all - some absolute gold submissions!
  2. This goes directly to my point. Astounding as it is, to me, part of me thinks you might be right.
  3. Highest payroll in baseball. Agreed. In the same breath, that doesn't guarantee anything. And, if I'm not mistaken, we are lumbered with some big useless deals we're still paying for: Panda, Castillo... And I'd argue that we won the whole thing in no small part to some of the smaller moves Dombrowski made: he stayed away from a big deal for Hosmer and went for Moreland (All-Star season) and Pearce (WS MVP), Eovaldi and Brasier. Plus, Mookie, Benny, JBJ, Xander, have come through the ranks. JD, big signing, yes, the big bat that was needed to replace Papi. Would much rather have JD than Stanton. Disagree about Harper. I'd rather have Machado, if you could have him with the grub-factor removed. In any case, looking forward to the rivalry again this year! : )
  4. Became a baseball and a Sox fan after my first visit to the States in Nov 2002. We were in San Francisco, and we walked around the outer, where you could see into the stadium, of what was then PacBell Park. The season was over, of course, but I was really taken by the notion of eventually going to a ball game. Decided to pick a team to follow, and, I guess, more than anything, Boston's history and Irish link appealed to me. Only took me another 16 years to finally get to a game at Fenway! Been very fortunate with WS wins in that time though, so I'm not complaining. : ) Re Machado: totally agree. And good to hear it from an Orioles fan. To me, it's a real shame. He's so talented, and there's no need for the garbage in his game/attitude. Re Padres: you might be right. Anything can happen and they could come from the clouds to be a contender in the next few years. Who knows. My main point was, much to my chagrin, that the Yankees are knocking on the door right now. Didn't get to Camden Yards last year, but would have loved to. Looks like a great ballpark.
  5. Lol. Who are you trying to kid, Joe? : ) Good to hear from you, mate. It's a been a while. You went quiet in early Oct for some reason. 🤔
  6. Moved this into "From The Sports Desk" as it'll probably just be you and me commenting. He'll need to get some serious NRL minutes to wind up on the NSW bench this year. This suspension won't help. Still, anything is possible. I agree overall. My initial assessment was that it might take Seibold 2-3 years to achieve a GF appearance/victory at Brisbane. The more I look at this season, the more I think it wouldn't surprise for it to happen this year. In theory, the Broncos and the Knights should improve leaps and bounds this year. Though I think Nathan Brown is a dud as a coach, their roster is seriously impressive this year. David Fifita on QLD bench. Absolutely. Re halves, what do you know about young Clifford at NQ? I'm hoping he gets the full-time gig this year, see what he can do. Big shoes to fill, of course.
  7. Good point, but I still think the Yankees machine would be worth more. Agreed! As much as I hate to admit it, it's a hellishly scary line-up to navigate already... Adding Machado would have been straight up nasty. And, yep, we've got a real challenge to hold the current Sox team together. I wouldn't want to lose any of them. Especially hoping for a massive year for Raffy Devers this year.
  8. Nice one. I didn't know he was a Blue. Hopefully, your "massive superstar" assessment of him will be bang on!
  9. Exactly my point from above. I think it would be quite a considerable difference. Especially in a big market like NY.
  10. Young Brisbane Broncos prospect Payne Haas, who was due to see some NRL game time this year, has been fined $20k and suspended for the first four games of the season for failing to comply with the NRL Integrity Unit (a contradiction in terms in itself?). No blockbuster story here, I just wanted to get that pun out there. I'll be desperately disappointed if no Aussie sports journo uses it, today.$20000-suspended-for-four-nrl-games-by-broncos/
  11. MoeFOH


    Happy Birthday, Lise! : )
  12. The other part of the conversation, would it really be that much left on the table? What value is the brand of Manny Machado the WS winner in the NY market vs. Manny Machado the postseason absentee in the San Diego market?
  13. I agree. In part. I think Machado has a shot to end up in the HOF, especially if he smartens up his act. So I don't think he'll be forgotten. But, yeah, you play the game for that dream of winning it all at the highest level. I think I could happily sacrifice $5m a year (when still getting $25m!) to have a much better shot at a WS.
  14. Lol. Of course. I can't believe I failed to consider that. : )

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