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  1. I would agree... up till the last episode.
  2. Are you a breakfast person? What's your go-to breakfast? For me, breakfast runs the full gamut--I can happily have basically nothing, a cup of coffee on its own, maybe a piece of toast & vegemite, or I can go the full breakfast fry-up or a big arse burrito or get into something swanky that inevitably involves some new way of smashing avocado up and pretending it's novel. I love changing it up, especially when someone recommends something I haven't tried, be it a recipe or breakfast cafe/restaurant. So, we thought we'd run a comp to see what's what out there. Get some ideas for all to share, etc. Simple stuff: 1. Take a snap of either your go-to breakfast or whatever's currently doing it for you (and it can be as basic or as complex as you like - up to you). Maybe it's a breakfast place you want to recommend, or just a coffee & bagel, or maybe it's half a roast pig and some macadamia nuts... whatever. 2. Post up some pics of the dish and a recipe in the thread below (recipe optional). 3. If you happen to be a breakfast cigar person, then chuck that into the mix too! Two prizes of an El Pres sampler up for grabs each week. One for most likes, one for a random draw. Winners announced every Monday (Bris time). Bon Appetit! I'm kicking things off with one of my faves... mushrooms (fried up in butter) on toast... so good!
  3. True Detective S1. Great show till the last couple of episodes. Especially the last episode. Awful. Just pathetic writing. Completely in contrast to the rest of the season. Ruined it. Can't think of the whole series now without getting annoyed.
  4. Sorry, should be listed as a 44-46 so we stick to the rules. But save it for next week. Hint hint.
  5. 44 – 46 Ring Gauge Review Weekend This weekend's review category is the 44 – 46 Ring Gauge Pick any cigar from the above range and review it this weekend to go into the draw for a box (or mix) of cigars from that range. Start a new thread in the Waterhole. Use this format: Hoyo De Monterrey - Epi #1 XYZNOV 18 (RGRW) * Add a photo or two A detailed review + score it in your own way. If you don't have a date code, give us a year. To be drawn Tuesday local time! *RGRW = Ring Gauge Review Weekend. Have a great weekend!
  6. Yeah. There's a guy on YouTube who opens it outdoors, submerged in a bucket of water... and he's saying he's a bit of a veteran and that once you get used to the smell it's not that bad... 🤔
  7. It's meant to be godawful. The smell in particular. There are many annoying, over the top videos on YouTube about it. Some watchable ones, too. Regardless, both handle the food like it's a bomb or something worse. Which it may well be... A mate was meant to order a can ages ago so we could attempt it... never happened. Probably dodged a bullet. That said, for some stupid reason, I have a lingering need to try it. Perhaps set-up an FOH Challenge... Plenty of takers, I'm sure... 🤔 Who knows of it? Who has tried it? Thoughts?...
  8. Great one! One of the best series ever. Cleese so good, hilarious, maddening. Great cast, too.
  9. Totally agree. Fantastic, wasn't it. I really respected the writer's decision to not do any more, but I still bloody wish he had! I think it could have safely had another season or two in it without going too far--as most tv series tend to do.
  10. It's time to say goodbye, farewell, and amen to another off the 50/50 classic list this week - Trapper or BJ? (BJ Hunnicutt, that is. Not Trapper or a Blow Job, as I'd suggest that doesn't need a 50/50 poll to sort out.) You know the drill: read the question, vote on the poll, elaborate in the thread if you so desire. Voting participants go into the draw for an El Pres sampler! - Drawn next Wednesday (Aus local time). Two new things! 1. Next week will be 50/50 Member's Choice week. And it will be a regular feature for the end of each month. 2. For this, I'll start another poll with about 5 options to choose from. These options will be member suggestions that have been PM'd to me or suggested on the forum. We'll do the one with the most votes, the others will go back into the mix for a later poll. All about 50/50... 50/50 is a weekly poll where we find out whether or not some serious bones of contention questions can be finally be buried or will instead remain above ground as a fleshy 50/50 debate... you know, such weighty issues as these... If given no other option: are you a Cohiba or Monte person? do you prefer Hunnicutt or Trapper in M*A*S*H? Connery or Moore as Bond? Apple or PC? Smooth or Crunchy peanut butter? do you prefer wearing men's or women's underwear? Sacrificing chickens or virgins? ...that sort of standard fare. Vote in the poll and further bolster your standpoint in the thread below if you wish. Poll Votes are public and there's a couple of sticks up for grabs for participants. Also, PM me Polls that you'd like me to conduct on 50/50 and there'll be a prize for those we decide to use.
  11. Detectorists. Pardon the pun, but there was just so much more gold to mine than 3 seasons worth.
  12. Connery romps in. I actually thought there might have been a bit more love for the others as a collective, bringing the result closer than it ended up... but no, twasn't to be, laddy. To the winner of the sampler... that goes to @FatherOfPugs !! Congrats! Thanks to all who participated. Next 50/50 Poll will be up later today!

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