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  1. At the risk of getting punished..... I think I just wet myself.
  2. I use kitty litter in an old nylon. Give it a few sprays of dw from time to time. A couple of tiny fans for circulating and it holds at 65rh. No problem. I also have the sensor push in all my humis.
  3. The movie will bomb. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Would you cast Tom Cruise as "wonder woman" ????
  4. Makes me want to go through all my humis and do an inspection.......
  5. While you're waiting the 30 days... order more.
  6. Cigars: Sancho panza - for some reason, I just don't like the taste.... Others: facebook (social media) and peanut butter are the top two.
  7. Umm.... I sure hope not! I'm even going to now double check my plane seats before sitting down on my next flight!
  8. On a related note - I've heard that laundry pods don't taste as good as the ones for dishwashers. Is that true? .
  9. Funny things your butler says? You gonna mow the lawn or just watch it grow?

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