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  1. Onlline? heck I wouldn't buy OFFline! Was recently in Columbia / costa rica / panama....... PLENTY of fakes to go around! Most amusing was the guys in Columbia walking around is VERY humid 30C+ weather with boxes of "real Cubans". You know the cones, those cohibas in the fancy glass covered cases? LOLOL I did buy in Cayman Islands though..... (oh yeah - and I have been scammed early in my cigar hobby)
  2. Difficult to say.... it really boiled down to which had my favourite vitolas (IMO): Trinidad Cohiba Partagas Montecristo Upmann
  3. GrouchoMarx

    coffee. how anal can you be?

    Certainly not "anal" about my coffee. I only drink espresso, but I do have a good quality machine AND a burr grinder. So, I guess instead of anal, I'm just "half assed" ??
  4. I take my water mixed with hops and barley malt, fermented, then filtered and chilled.
  5. These people have obviously not seen penn n teller's show "bullshit"
  6. A bullshit response if there ever was one. My question would be what happens to cigars shipped from overseas to a person?
  7. GrouchoMarx

    Friday funny 😁

    Amazingly accurate!!! LOLOL
  8. Terrible news. My most humble condolences.
  9. GrouchoMarx

    H.Upmann Sir Winston

    I have about 2/3 of my ONE box left. Yes, the are fantastic! One does need to sit, and take the time to savour one of these!
  10. GrouchoMarx

    more fun for tourists to Oz.

    Just trying to figure out what species my ex-wife would have been.......
  11. GrouchoMarx

    FOHrensics: Beverages and CIgars

    Rum Whisky Coffee Stout
  12. I have one every couple of weeks in my rotation. When they're on, they're great!
  13. GrouchoMarx

    Back to Back Cigars

    I generally have a lighter, longer stick for my daily "unwinder" - I'll have a fuller bodied one a bit later. I typically take about 20 min - 1/2 hour minimum between the two. I don't understand people who smoke stick after stick after stick after stick in succession.
  14. GrouchoMarx

    Travel case?

    I have a cigar caddy 40 - for when I got on trips (cruises) - and a 15 for those long weekenders.
  15. Only ones brought home from Cuba. The rest are just plunked into one of my humis (Arnold, JFK, Winston, or Groucho)

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