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  1. GrouchoMarx

    Box of the Day

    box split out of the question?
  2. survivor bachelor/bachelorette big brother Oh crap - that's three! LOL
  3. I'd have to say its a toss up.... either gillgan's island.... or green acres.
  4. GrouchoMarx

    Current Fitness Routines?

    I stopped jogging. The ice cubes kept popping out of my drink.
  5. GrouchoMarx

    Cruise Ship Cigar Lounges

    I've been on several princess cruises, all had a "Churchill's". Some are quite small, poor ventilation, and were normally filled up with chain smoking cigarette smokers in which case I'd smoke on deck. Now, the SAPPIRE Princess has a beautiful Churchills! More of a bar / lounge atmosphere with TVs. Only a couple cigarette smokers. Very very nice. As for smoking on deck - on some of the ships cigarette smoking (in the smoking areas) is "ok", but cigars is a no-no. I was confronted by a staff member on one ship. I was happily enjoying a martini and a stick in the "smoking area". I was told cigars aren't allowed. Go figure - I'm outside, its breezy, people are chain smoking cigarettes and I can't have a cigar??? ANYWAYS - I told the staff member to get their manager. I told the manager that if he went down and kicked out all the chain smoking cigarette smokers out of the cigar lounge, I would go there. Then I asked "what harm am I doing?". He had no answer, but we came to an agreement that I could smoke in that area, but if anyone complained I'd have to move. ALL of the cigarette smokers who heard our chat came over and said they had no problem with me and my cigars and I made some friends. Some people just don't get it - the pleasure of a fine cigar.
  6. GrouchoMarx

    Current Fitness Routines?

    I'm on that new whiskey diet. I've lost 3 days already
  7. GrouchoMarx

    Current Fitness Routines?

    Walk the dog daily.. Booze and cigars. Hasn't failed me yet.
  8. GrouchoMarx

    Trinidad feedback please

    Funds rule.
  9. On the internet, no one knows you're a dog.
  10. Only 5 ????? I was on a 12 DAY cruise in the Mediterranean, and I took almost 40 ! Fundy's, RyJ churchills, coros, HUHC, PSD4
  11. Let's see now.... Staring at scarlet (whom I have no hope of "doing" ) while listening to a baby cry while shoe-horned into economy...... OR Drinking with bill and watching (probably) porn..... Tough choice
  12. GrouchoMarx

    Weird Interview Questions

    How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a tootsie pop? One (lick) Two (lick) Three (lick) CRUNCH (bite) Then answer is three.
  13. Siglo IV. Tight as a frog's arse.
  14. GrouchoMarx

    Choose a super power

    Ability to see the future - so you can pick those winning lottery numbers and not need a job.
  15. GrouchoMarx

    Happy Birthday Di

    Happy birthday to the "warrior" !! I hope @El Presidente got you something special!

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