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  1. In no particular order: bloody caesar; guiness, scotch, rum, rye, martini, port, wine........ and sometimes espresso
  2. Oh - I saw so many "14's" I thought it meant something else!
  3. What does "14" mean????????? I must have missed something.........
  4. Regardless - they're not talking to us. Face it, if you were an alien, watching the earth, and you see someone being pulled along by a dog and stopping to pick up its poop - who would YOU think is in charge?
  5. Just under 3000. (plus about 30 NC's lying around).
  6. my office and kitchen (unless I cross over to Quebec and hit the cigar lounge there).
  7. Polo / golf shirt for me !!! (i'd like two - different colours)
  8. I use MS project - but I'm dealing with very large teams.... Try open source for something that may suit your needs?
  9. Cuban crafter perfect cut guillotine. Never tried a V cut.
  10. I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. A place which closely resembles Nazi germany when it comes to tobacco and smoking. In Ontario there is no such thing as a "cigar lounge". Not allowed. No smoking in bars, restaurants, nightclubs or even your own car if you have children under 16 in it. Tobacco products sold in stores are "plain packaged", and kept out of sight. You have to know what you want, and ask for it. Cigars seem to have escaped that - except for the coming plain packaging. You may not smoke on hospital property. So, yes, you see patients with their I-V stands on wheels, walking outside in -30C weather to get off the grounds and have a smoke. In Ottawa, you're not allowed to smoke on any city property. Parks, sidewalks - you name it, although this isn't enforced that I can tell. I thought we WON WW2.
  11. Check out the caves in Gibralter. There's also bus tours for 2 -3 hours. The main square / shopping area has all kinds of cafes and shops. As for cigar shops - I had the terrible misfortune of being there during some "bank holiday" and all the cigar shops were closed.
  12. I'm in Montenegro and Croatia next month - looking forward to sampling their wares!
  13. And I was told we WON WW2 against the Nazis.....
  14. A topic done to death - "plugged cigars". What's the best solution?

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