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  1. I'll hitting that place in less than 3 weeks! Looking forward to it! (our first port on our cruise) What were the selections and prices like?
  2. GrouchoMarx

    Dry boxing questions

    I'm very similar in this approach. Although I store / age at 65%. I use my desktop humi (aka JFK) as my "dry box". I typically do this when I find a stick has a poor draw (unlit). Honestly though, I'm not sure how long I keep them there - let's just say every now and then I just reach into "JFK" for a stick.
  3. GrouchoMarx

    Fact or Fiction

    Box split anyone?
  4. GrouchoMarx


  5. Cuba is stuck until they switch to a single currency that is traded on the open market.
  6. GrouchoMarx

    New regulation for Oz cigar lovers

    Ok - you can mute/moderate/warn/ban me...but... fucking nazis. I thought we won WW2?????
  7. GrouchoMarx

    Green men and squid.

    10 minutes with my EX would convince anyone. 😎
  8. Ud oh..... I have a LIST, and I have no idea how often I've watched them! LOL. Godfather 1&2 Patton Goodfellas Star Wars Star Trek TOS Alien (all of them including those with the predator) Any world war 2 movie Monty Python movies / series Any Mel Brooks Any kids christmas movie (grandkids - aged 3-8) That's not all of course - I love the old movies, plus I just found a channel with the old mission impossible series. Then there's "Hogans Heroes", and the original "lost in space" series.
  9. Stupidest thing.... skull-shaped molds for ice cubes.
  10. GrouchoMarx

    For 2019

    METAL !!!! errrrm.... two please 🙂
  11. GrouchoMarx

    Are you childish?

    My brother and I send fart-themed birthday cards to each other every year!
  12. GrouchoMarx

    Your favourite Ashtray

    No one should be surprised that this one is my fav:

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