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  1. Travel thru Dubai once or twice a year. Like @mt1 said, multiple humidors scattered within the various terminals, my experience is with some in Terminal A and B. Last November, I saw quite a few Bolivar Emirati regional for about $500 as well as Punch EL17. They also had quite a few 5 pack boxes of Parti E2 from 2011. No HTF cigars like HUSW or Cohiba Lancers/ Esplendidos/ BHK but did see quite a few CoRo and CCE. You can bring back max of 100cigars or $800 worth of cigars, whichever is lower but in my personal experience, I have never been checked when I declare a couple of boxes. There is a nice smoking area inside the Emirates First Class lounge but cigars are not free! Good luck on your trek and good hunting!
  2. Great choice! If you like them at a higher proof, the 1920 Prohibition style hits the spot. Being a regular production, I think it is A great option if you cannot find EC BP
  3. Unfortunately I do not have a Costco nearby and in Texas, it is WB liquors who have the liquor store right next to Costco, so the prices are not that great anyway. May have to make a trip to MA with a U Haul!!
  4. WOW! I paid $73 a bottle- great pickup!!
  5. Yes, they are 2015. Did read about 2015 being a great year for the Bordeaux region and good to know about the Winery- Thanks again. Have been getting some 2013 Napa valley wines as well as I heard that was a great year there.
  6. So, Second wine of second growth? No wonder I got them for a steal! Thank you for the info- need to do a better job of learning before buying.
  7. I have two wineadors that I leave unplugged. Have about 2 lbs of Petsmart KL at the bottom in a shallow tray and works great. For aging, I have a freezador with 5 Iris weathertight containers containing about 18 boxes each on average with a Sensor Push and 2 Large Bovedas and so far, so good- about 2 yrs. Use an external temp control for the Freezador.
  8. Shame Bob is not doing the cabinets anymore but did hear very good things about Vigilant as well as Avallo. Congratulations and please post pictures when it arrives.
  9. Iris weathertight containers- available at Amazon or the Container Store in the US, multiple sizes and works very well. Use them in my freezador and the 42 qt size holds about 16 boxes and 2 large Boveda packs and still perfect after 2 yrs
  10. Don’t know anyone else but used Forrest for my drawers and am very happy with them- nothing fancy, just the slatted drawers and shelves
  11. Nice! My unicorn, been on the hunt for a while without any success! Enjoy.

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