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  1. I use the Johnson A419 external temp controller for my freezador and it works great. I use multiple air tight tupperware which hold about 20 boxes each with 2 boveda 65 packs and a sensor push sensor and maintains humidity beautifully.
  2. selpo


    Many Happy returns of the day!
  3. I use these and am very happy with them.
  4. I think the humidity it is stored makes a big difference- the reason I am stating that is I finally figured out that my cigars were stored at 68 Rh and not 61 as I thought due to mscaliberation and I was wondering why the flavors were so muted and I hadca hard time keeping them lit.
  5. selpo

    Hot Laptops right now?

    I second the Dell XPS 13, you will love it small, fast, sleek, SSD and battery life all day long.
  6. Glad you were able to find some!
  7. selpo

    New member from Texas

    Cavalier does have a nice selection of boutique brands but service is hit or miss- I like it when the ?son is there, his ?father is a little too snooty for me. I tried to support the local guys but I get much better service AND prices from online vendors, so hardly ever go there anymore.
  8. selpo

    New member from Texas

    College Station.
  9. selpo

    New member from Texas

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Looking forward to learning and getting to know you all.
  10. New member here. Been smoking for a while and recently started to enjoy cuban cigars, my favorites being Monte 2, BRC and HU 46. Glad to be here and hope to learn a lot. Enjoy my boutique bourbons and single malts as well as my weekly round of golf.
  11. New member here, love to golf but not good at it. Play every weekend with my friends and enjoy my time with them, including smoking a cigar or two. We go on a golf trip every year and this year we are going to Orlando, one of my favorite places. I play left handed, so not too many options from a golf club standpoint.

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