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  1. I gotta say, I was happy to see Mourinho hoisted on his petard tha way, by his former team no less. Mind you, I'm a Hotspurs fan, so neither of these teams matter much to me, win or lose. Well, I'll say one thing - normally I absolutely loathe and dislike a player like Diego Costa, but there's just something about him that fascinates me. He's like a Bond villain tough guy who always seems to win.
  2. Those look NICE... Haven't seen that RE before. At first I thought they were Punch, but is it Juan Lopez? Details!
  3. I think like most Canadians, the Tragically Hip have been heavy on my playlist all summer long. They are essentially "Canada's Band", and the lead singer, Gord Downie, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and the band rushed together one final concert series across Canada. I was fortunate to see them live one last time (and roughly the 20th time I've seen them in concert live) during this tour. And Gord sang my #1 favourite Hip song, one he usually never performs live, as it's about his nephew who died of congenital heart disease at around age of 5: Fiddler's Green. Here's a video of that performance in Vancouver.
  4. Another of my faves (and one of Ralfy's favourite blended scotches)... the Monkey Shoulder. It's made from a blend of 3 or 4 "top Scotches" (rumour has it Balvennie Double Barrel is one of them), and this is just pure... comfort to me. I suggest seeking out Ralfy's review or others on this scotch. It's my current fave. And I have a glass in front of me right now of it.
  5. Produce SOOOOO MUCH stuff at home, I'm a bit of a fanatic. Lessee: canning fruits of all sorts (long term preserving) freeze prep of fruits (strawberries, cherries, blueberries) for winter use canning tomatoes in whole, chopped and sauce format make all our own bread. I have two ongoing sourdough starters, plus make buns, loafs, you name it. make most of my stocks (chicken, vegetable, beef, pork); I do a lot of pressure cooking (Instapot for the win), and always have a lot of bones to use for stock make most of my soups. We have three active raised bed gardens and one way we "preserve" our veg is by making soups out of them and freezing it. Our condo refrigerator currently has at least 35l of frozen soups in it. the most complex thing I make at home is a traditional french cassoulet; old school style. Takes me 3 days. Full duck confit involved, full sausage making, full bean prep, loosen, simmer and flavour stages. I try to live the homesteader lifestyle as much as I can, even in a condo in the middle of a major metropolitan city. Next year's gonna be easier, as we just sold our place and are moving to another city and buying an actual house with land.
  6. I'm not of a fan of heavily peated scotches. I don't actually like peat taste or smell much, so it's a challenge at times to find a nice complex Scotch Whisky that fits my taste profile desires. I tend to stick to Irish Whiskeys or Japanese or Canadian whiskeys. But I have found a few Scotches that hit all the marks for me. One is this one - the Bruitchladdich Classic Laddie Single Malt, Unpeated Whisky. Absolutely love the taste profile. Sweet honey citrus nose. Strong (50%, so knock it down), Super complex, I don't even want to try and describe the flavours; it just goes on and on. Thick, viscous, luscious. Finish goes on forever. Lovely.
  7. Another recent is the HdM Epi #2s, HQ grade that were offered up here a while ago. I plan on "cellaring" these for a year or so, but couldn't help but have one to give them ago. Fantastic creamy cream cream.
  8. My latest is the 2-fer 24 offering of a range of shorties, I picked both the RASC and the Boli Short Corona. Funny how the boxes are identical sized, as are the cigars. Arrived just today. Super happy with them. Fantastic deal.
  9. The RASS and, especially, it's little brother, the RASC, are two of my all time favourite smokes. I prefer the RASC as my "shorty go to", I've been through 4 boxes and lots of 5ers of this over the years, and it's an amazing bang for the buck. Thanks for the review!
  10. The cocoa was very minimal, and only really there at the end of the 2nd third, IIRC; debated even mentioning it. In the little notepad notes I was keeping informally I wrote: "is that cocoa? Is that nut?" and went with cocoa. Cheers on the Craigellachie! The booze expert at the local BCLDB branch told me it was rather limited, as they don't release it every year. I think I might go stock up on another bottle or two, if that's the case!
  11. I can't tell you, as I bought 10 sticks of it from a B&M, from a few boxes; and it was a couple of years ago now when I wasn't recording any dates or numbers - M
  12. My first review posted, so be gentle Also posted to /r/cigars (hope that's okay) Preamble So fellow FoH'er Photo_Rob knows why I smoked this, my last EpiEsp in my collection. Inside story. It'll be interesting to see how he reviews the one I just traded his way. Will I buy another box of EpiEsps down the road? Read on. Pairing Paired this cigar up with an absolutely fantastic, complex Scotch; if you love the browns but don't like peat, I highly recommend you pick up a bottle of Craigellachie 13 Year while it's available (it's a limited release). Super complex, nice underripe (in a good way) wide range of fruits from apple to pear to citrus to red fruits, waves and waves of pleasing smoke (not peat smoke!) awesome oaky dry finish that lasts forever. Light up and First Third I used a large diameter punch on this cigar, cutting about a 9mm hole. Draw was good, slight spice and fresh soil. Toasted the foot with my 3-burner butane jet thingie, one quick draw with a flame, and off we go. Didn't get much spice from the first puffs, but instead got what I'd call spicy vanilla mixed with super rich tobacco. Draw was loose (surprising after the pre-fire draw!) and not much smoke production first 3, 4 draws, then it caught up. Vanilla, vanilla vanilla, tobacco sweet baby tobacco. Taste wise, off to a good start. Burn was uneven and needed one correction (here it is corrected). That kinda sucked. But I made myself feel better with a few sips on the Craigellachie, which in its massive complexity, fruity notes and smokey texture was a match made in heaven with the EpiEsp. Second Third You know, everyone goes "graham crackers" when talking about the HdM Epi sticks, esp. the EpiEsp. Do you guys ever eat honey crackers? Is a graham cracker a honey cracker? Because I tasted distinct honey crackers in the second third. Vanilla kind of floated away. Tobacco rich stayed around to say hi to my initial palate, but it too faded a bit. As I enjoyed the Craigellachie, I thought maybe I tasted a bit of red / stone fruit too from the cigar, but that could have been the "sum is greater than the parts" from the whiskey and cigar. Also got a bit of cocoa at this point, the first time I tasted anything resembling chocolate in this particular cigar. Burn was still a bit uneven. One more correction. Draw was okay at this point, not great, not bad, though at one point I thought I had a bit of a plug, but by next puff, it had corrected itself. Final Third (and Final Half of Final Third) Well hello tobacco! You decided to come back for some more taste giving, huh? And dude! (yes, I called the HdM a dude), you're giving me coffee!!?!! Weak as tea coffee, but it's still there and still tastes great. The honey cracker's there. Tobacco sweet made a comeback, and you're giving me weak tea coffee? Merci mon ami! Seriously, the final third -- or at least the first half of the final third -- was the best part of this cigar, taste wise. Complex, pleasing, good times. The complexity of the paired scotch made it super good. But then it kind of all ended too quick, and probably my fault. Because I was digging the tastes in the final third so much, I was drawing a lot on the stick and cooked it. Overheated, nicotine build up, quickly turned from heaven mana to meh this is fucking up my taste buds. One day I'll learn. Here it is just before I removed the 2nd band. Conclusion and Score A really good (not great, not earth shattering, not pillar of what a cigar could be) cigar. Middle and last third were best parts. I did take super brief tasting notes when I had this cigar (24 hours ago), and am relying part on memory, so if I missed any notable flavours, oops. Considering what I paid for them (local YVR B&M prices) I would not buy them again. However, at usual Intl' pricing, heck even First Nations reserve pricing, yes, I will buy these again. I only give numerical scores to coffee - I'm a fucking snob - but I will score the Hoyo de Monterrey on my "what kind of car is it" scoring scale. If a cheapo Don Tomas is a Yugo, and a Cohiba Behike 56 is a, erm, huh... Bentley? I'd score the HdM Epicure Especial I had last night as a... 2005 (when new) BMW 3 series, middle of the road edition. Nice, fast, well appointed, good styling (pre tiny side windows edition), decent value for the price.
  13. My advice: buy a shitload of Ghurkas seconds, rejects, whatever discounts you can get. Sell said Ghurkas to idiotic billionaires (what they used to look like) for an insane, 2000% markup. Tell them the seconds and rejects are "rare, unreleased Ghurkas!" Pass along some savings to FoH'ers in their purchases; call it the "Ghurka Discount" Everyone wins!
  14. I almost always agree with JV (grin) and I love the guy (and his Dad before him, RIP Gilles), but really appreciate you posting this interview segment. I totally agree with him on where F1 is these days too. Mind you, the upcoming Azerbaijan F1 looks to be very, very interesting.

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